Women's Wellness and High CBD Hemp Flower

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Weed is a Woman, and Her Powers Heal the Female Body & Soul.

"Did you know that flowering cannabis plants are female? Yes, weed is a lady, and she's awesome." Quote from Weed Mom by Danielle Simone Brand.

Cannabis Healing Powers Come from the Female Plant

It is no surprise that the most profound healing powers of the cannabis plant come specifically from the female plants. Lady cannabis mirrors the feminine capacity to nurture, nourish & heal, as so many women do in their homes, jobs, and everyday lives. Egyptian women used it for menstrual issues & childbirth and that ancient plant medicine wisdom has not been lost. The calling to this plant is quite possibly engrained in our DNA, so it’s no wonder why we're so attracted to this Ganja Goddess.

History of Women Healers & the Use of Hemp Flower as Medicine

The history of hemp flower dates back to “before Christ”, when the Egyptians commonly used hemp flower for many genealogical purposes. Historically, women were relegated to the roles of midwives, and herbalists. As they tended to women in the community, they prescribed cannabis in many forms, such as vaginal suppositories for pain including pain associated with childbirth, powdered with honey to create a sort of “pill”, ointments to administer topically for pain, and poultices made of hemp seeds to relieve inflammation and for stings and/or abrasions.

A poultice is a paste made of herbs, plants, and other substances with healing properties. The paste is spread on a warm, moist cloth and applied to the body to relieve inflammation and promote healing.

The OG Female Cannabis Advocate

In the 11th century Hildegard Von Bingen, was a writer, composer, herbalist, mystic, and revolutionary woman by the standards of her time. Hildegard was well known for her knowledge of plant remedies and the use of tinctures created with medicinal herbs including cannabis or “Cannabus”. She cultivated cannabis in her garden and prescribed it for nausea and digestive complaints. Her concept of health was based on the balance of the 4 humors

The four humors theory was developed in ancient Greece and Rome and influenced European medicine until at least the 18th century. The four humors were blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile.

Hildegard recommended herbal remedies, hot baths, proper sleep patterns, a healthy diet, and a positive attitude to keep one in balance or bring a sick person back to a balanced, healthy state.

Queens Love Hemp Flower

From the 19th century, Queen Victoria is one of the most famous women in history to have used medicinal cannabis. The Queen was plagued by menstrual pains throughout her life, so her private physician and cannabis supplier, Sir J. Russell Reynolds, wrote in 1890 that "when pure and carefully administered, [cannabis] is one of the most valuable medicines we possess". However, it is believed that Queen Victoria did not smoke it; Reynolds, likely prescribed a cannabis tincture. The Queen ordered anyone who owned land in Britain to cultivate hemp flower, and even fined those who had over 60 acres of the property but didn’t produce hemp. 

Cannabis Tincture

How does High CBD Hemp Flower help Women’s Health?

Research has shown CBD can alleviate pain & cramping, support mood, decrease nausea, improve bone strength and balance inflammatory responses.

How to consume or apply CBD for Women's Wellness?

CBD can be consumed or applied in various ways such as smokeable hemp flower, CBD/Hemp oil tinctures, edibles such as CBD & Delta-8 gummies, herbal CBD tea blends and topicals including Society's Magical Plant Salve or CBD bath bombs (we recommend Life Elements CBD Bath Bombs). To gain benefits as mentioned above, one can choose one method or combine methods.  For example, imagine a warm bath infused with CBD while sipping a hemp-infused hot tea and smoking a high CBD hemp flower Pre-roll, follow that up with a tincture of Society Plant’s Mushroom Enhanced Dream Tincture to help you drift off into a deep sleep. Talk about a night of pampering! 

Supplement the Endocannabinoid System with CBD Hemp flower

As Hildegard Von Bingen taught, returning to a state of balance and health requires a multi-pronged approach. The emotional and physical health challenges that women face, definitely require a basket of tools comprised of herbal remedies, nutritional support, physical activity, and rest. This belief aligns with what we now know about how the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) flourishes. Supplementing with high-CBD hemp flower will help to nourish your Endocannabinoid System, but you need to do more than just smoke weed to be healthy.  A few ways that you can balance the Endocannabinoid System is through outdoor activity such as hikes or calming the mind with meditation, shocking the system with cold-water plunges, or consuming omega-3 fatty acids such as hemp seeds and safely using essential oils. 

High CBD Hemp Flower for Premenstrual Disorder (PMS)  

It is a fact that female pelvic organs have a very high density of cannabinoid receptors, but there is little to no research done specifically on the use of cannabis for menstrual cramps or other painful disorders of the female reproductive system. However, Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to relieve pain by blocking the signaling pathway for pain.  These two points combined as well as testimonies from the cannamom community would support the use of high-CBD hemp flower or cannabis for menstrual cramps and other pelvic disorders that cause pain. 

Most Popular CBD Hemp Strain for PMS:

Boax Spectrum is one of our most popular hemp strains to help with pain and inflammation. Boax is available as hemp flower by the gram/ounce, CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls and Ready to Roll Pre-Ground flower 

Best Delta8 Hemp Gummies for PMS

Mood swings are a common symptom of PMS disorders. Marked by increased stress and anxiety, PMS often reveals the ups and downs of hormone-related mood disturbances, which for some women can be debilitating. While CBD on its own has been shown to calm stress and anxiety we’ve also received regular feedback from cannamoms that Society Plant’s Delta-8 gummies, often in a low dose hit the spot anytime stress is killing your vibe, but especially during PMS.  Delta8 induces relaxation and calm state of being, that also covers up any pain that PMS might cause. Society's Delta8 gummies are a great option for putting the kibosh on unwanted PMS symptoms. The D8 gummies come in a high dose at 50mg or a medium dose at 25mg. Be sure to start low and go slow, as a full dose can be much more relaxing than you might expect. 

High CBD Hemp Flower during Pregnancy

This article looks at the rise in cannabis use disorder during pregnancy and found from a recent study that there is a need for more support of mothers’ mental health during pregnancy. More mothers are choosing to turn to cannabis as a replacement for pharmaceuticals during pregnancy due to the thought that this is a safer alternative to many medications and the side effects that they come with.

Is CBD Hemp Flower Safe During Pregnancy?

Every woman's pregnancy experience is different; therefore, it is challenging to nail down what is the right choice for any individual. Every woman should weigh the pros and cons of any medication and do additional research beyond what is recommended by their doctor, in order to make an educated decision. While this advice is mostly as it pertains to the THC in cannabis, it should also be a consideration when it comes to Hemp Flower.  Most of the concerns over pregnant women using cannabis is due to the psychoactive compound: THC.  This psychoactive compound of THC is also found in hemp but it is below the legal limit of 0.03% in high-CBD smokable hemp flower

Cannabis & Pregnancy Tips by High Society Mama

The following tips are by Society's Plant CEO, Bianca aka @highsocietymama - on the use of hemp flower during pregnancy: 

  • Know WHAT you are using the plant medicine for! 
  • Use cannabis (THC) in the minimal dose needed to attain the necessary effects.
  • Use cannabis with intention: ask for what you need from the medicine.
  • Ensure the products you are consuming are clean and free from any harmful toxins or chemicals. You can view the lab tests of Society's Plant products and know that our growth process is all organically grown in nature and you can trust our products are free of any harmful chemicals or toxins. 

Postpartum Use of High CBD Hemp Flower 

CBD used for postpartum care can be a lifesaver in many ways! Helping new moms ease the anxiety & worry of motherhood while reducing stress that moms often feel about feeding correctly or following a sleep schedule. Just as you would make responsible choices if you chose to consume alcohol during your postpartum period, the same would apply to the use of hemp flower. 

The following is a list of symptoms of prenatal or postpartum anxiety and how medicinal plants can be supportive: 

  • Constant worry: studies show CBD seems to have an effect on the nervous system, lessening the stress and anxiety associated with worry. 
  • Feeling that something bad is going to happen: these feelings can lead to an instant feeling of panic, using smokeable high-CBD hemp flower can offer immediate relief. 
  • Racing thoughts: Passionflower found in out Chill Mushroom Enhanced CBD Tincture can slow the racing thoughts bringing you to ease. 
  • Disturbances of sleep and appetite: Strains high in the terpene myrcene can offer relief from insomnia and caryophyllene can increase appetite. An increased appetite may be helpful if you are not getting in enough calories to breastfeed well. 
  • Inability to sit still: The terpene myrcene again creates that couch-lock effect that allows you to just take a load off. 
  • Physical symptoms like dizziness, hot flashes, and nausea: Herbal teas with turmeric and ginger like our Positivitea is perfect for reducing digestive discomforts. CBDA found in our Raw Hemp Tincture or Softgels, has been shown to be 10x more effective than CBD for treating nausea. 

We love to share how cannabis has helped Cannamoms in the community to cope with the emotional and physical challenges motherhood brings. The testimony below is an example how cannabis is being used safely and medicinally by a mom. 

“I’ve used it to fight PMDD (Premenstrual dysphoric disorder) for the past ten years. I kept using it because I didn’t want to go on SSRI’s. I was “getting high” because I knew it was helping me, but back then I didn’t know why or any of the science. Now, I clearly see that it helps me balance my hormones and slow the racing thoughts in my head. As a mom and wife, it helps me get to a better place mentally to be a better listener, more patient and understanding. It helps break down my own walls, get out of my head and be more present.”⠀

Herbs other than Hemp Flower for Women’s Health 

Obviously, we love to recommend our High-CBD Hemp products for the many uses it’s beneficial for, but as plant medicine advocates, we also recognize the use of other medicinal herbs. Many of these herbs are incorporated into Society Plant’s Hemp-Infused Teas and Mushroom & Herb Enhanced CBD Tinctures.

Mama's Abundance Tea with CBD & Herbs for Women's Wellness

Formulated especially for the Mama or soon to be Mama, Society Plant's Mama's Abundance Tea is a delicious blend of herbs & artisanal hemp designed to support healthy milk production, tone the uterus, calm the nerves & supply vital nutrients to replenish a new mama's stressed & tired body. Sipping this tea regularly revitalizes the mind, body & spirit! 

Mama's Abundance Tea is NOT only for breastfeeding mamas! This tea is excellent for supporting painful period symptoms and should be a staple in any woman's wellness toolbox for handling unwanted pains during menstruation. 

Best Herbs, aside from Hemp, for Women's Wellness:

  • Red Raspberry Leaf: commonly used in women’s formulas, however it is nutritionally beneficial for all. Raspberry Leaf is an astringent herb in the rose family and has an affinity for the uterus, digestive tract & gums, tightening and toning these areas. It even strengthens the muscles of the uterus making it a useful herb during the last trimester of pregnancy to facilitate a swift, easy birth.
  • Nettle Leaf: one of the most super of all the superfoods. High in vitamins, minerals, even protein – Nettle is deeply nourishing. According to the USDA, “Nettle is probably one of the richest sources of minerals among plant foods”. That high-mineral content is one of the reasons that Nettle is beneficial to the kidneys, but of course, it’s also great for bone and teeth health, hair, and even PMS (which is frequently aggravated by mineral depletion). Oftentimes, Nettle alone is sufficient to drastically improve someone’s health – simply because the nutritional value is so high.
  • Ginger: This root is already pretty well known as an anti-nausea herb but it is also a very good anti-inflammatory and has a relaxing effect on the uterus giving it the ability to help with menstrual cramps.
  • Passionflower: is considered a "nervine" herb; meaning it supports the nervous system. It is commonly used for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It has also been shown to improve depression related to menopause and postpartum disorders. 
  • Ashwagandha: Supports the nervous and immune system, promotes healthy thyroid and adrenals, decreases inflammation, boosts libido, decreases chronic pain, relieves anxiety, and increases vitality and strength.

Mushroom Enhanced CBD Tincture to support Women's Wellness

From our newest additions of Mushroom Enhanced CBD Tinctures, Chill contains both ashwagandha & passionflower.  A Women's Wellness powerhouse, Chill is a blend of adaptogen, and anxiety-reducing herbs to help you get through bouts of social anxiety or those days when parenting feels overwhelming. Chill will release you from overthinking, settle your nervous system and remind you that even in the chaos there is peace.

Remember, you're not doing it all wrong, parenting is just that hard. 

CBD & CBDA Raw Hemp Infused Herbal Teas, Tinctures and Soft Gels. 

CBD Tea to Consume large amounts of CBDA

Steeping an herbal tea that is infused with high-CBD hemp allows you to take advantage of the acidic form of cannabidiol. Scientific evidence has established that the acidic forms of all cannabinoids, which are found in steeping hemp flowers, leaves, and even stems in boiled water, have medicinal value. For example, CBD-acid has potent antimicrobial activity, as well as anti-inflammatory effects. THC-acid is found to have a potent effect on the immune system and all acidic cannabinoids show signs to slow the growth of certain cancers. 

While the temperature to decarboxylate cannabis is roughly the same as boiled water, to fully decarboxylate cannabis, the temperature needs to stay consistent over a longer period of time. Check out our guide here!

Society's Raw Hemp CBDA Softgels and Tinctures

Another way to consume the acidic form of cannabinoids, is through raw hemp extracts such as the Raw Hemp products that we sell. This way of utilizing the cannabis plant, along with smokable hemp flower - offers a more holistic approach that only enhances your plant medicine practice. 

The biggest benefit from "raw hemp" is that it still contains the cannabinoid acids.  Society's Plant offers  Raw Hemp Tinctures or Soft Gels. Raw Hemp extracts are processed without heat, which preserves much of the natural plant material. 

Raw Unfiltered Hemp Extract is produced through a critical CO2 process that extracts the oil while still preserving much of the natural plant material such as waxes, chlorophylls, and lipids. Since this oil is less refined, the resulting CBD concentration is lower than a distilled extract. This raw extract is not decarboxylated, thus it contains a significant amount of the beneficial cannabinoid, CBDA.

CBDA is thought to be significantly more effective than CBD in activating a serotonin receptor that reduces nausea and anxiety, it also makes it an excellent anti-inflammatory. Learn more about CBDA & CBGA here! 

Society's Plant Team is Passionate about Your Wellness Utilizing CBD Hemp

At Society's Plant, we are passionate about educating and informing women of the use of Hemp Flower & Cannabis through all seasons of life. We're anxious to get this message out because of the outdated information and laws are causing many women to miss out on the highly medicinal benefits of this plant. Below are a few more articles to help you navigate Cannabis during all phases of motherhood. 

Pregnancy, Autism, and Cannabis by Bianca @highsocietymama 

CBD Products for Pregnancy and Beyond

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Society's Plant CBD Tools & Breastfeeding 

High Society Mama: Cannabis Breastfeeding Survey Report 

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