Can you smoke CBD? Society's Smokable Hemp Guide

Society’s Plant Guide to Smokable Hemp Flower & High CBD Strains 

We want to make it EASY for you to smoke CBD and do it with intention so that the high CBD hemp flower plant can be most effective for helping YOU!

Many people are familiar with smoking CBD’s closely related cousin, THC. But a lot of people do not realize that a great method of consumption of CBD is from smoking it!

Can you SMOKE CBD Hemp Flower?

YES, you can smoke CBD and it is an awesome way to help you to chill out!

If you are ok with smoking herbs, then you should find that smoking CBD hemp flower is delightful, as it helps to calm you down through the most stressful of days while also allowing you to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level.

Let’s dive into this guide to learn more about smokable hemp flower. 

History of Hemp Flower, 2018 Farm Bill & Smoking CBD

Introduced in North America in 1606, Hemp was used in the creation of essentials such as paper, lamp fuel, rope, and clothing.  The hemp plant was such a necessity that in the 1700s farmers were legally required to grow hemp as a staple crop. George Washington believed hemp could bring in more profit than tobacco, due to its wider variety of uses and the USDA even published findings that showed that hemp produced 4X more paper per acre than trees. However, a hiccup in the history of the hemp plant, led to The Marijuana Tax Act in 1937, which discouraged farmers from growing hemp through the heavy taxing of the crop. It is believed this tax was in the interest of the emerging plastic and nylon industries. 

Despite this, the expansion of hemp awareness continued with Popular Mechanics magazine writing an article in 1938 about how the hemp plant could be used in 25,000 different products. In 1942 Henry Ford built an experimental car body made with hemp fiber, which was 10x stronger than steel. 

The same year as Ford’s experiment the USDA initiated the “Hemp for Victory” program – this led to more than 150,000 acres of hemp production, but by 1957 the last commercial hemp farms were being planted and there was another hidden agenda at play: The Controlled Substances Act, which classified hemp as an illegal Schedule I drug was enacted in 1970. 

Fast forward to this century, where there were substantial strides made in 2004, 2007, and 2014 to revitalize the hemp market.  We landed at a pivotal year for the hemp flower industry, in 2018, when President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, which removed hemp grown with less than 0.03% THC from the list of illegal substances. It was this one adjustment in the legality of hemp that led to the boom of the CBD industry as we know it now. 

Maybe the government thought that hemp growers would focus on textiles, but that was certainly not the case for the hemp industry. Early adopters in the industry were already aware of the benefits of cannabidiol (also known as CBD) and that even with extremely low levels of THC, the consumption of hemp flower in a variety of forms had benefits that were still undiscovered. Additionally, the taste, smell, and look of an artisan-grown hemp flower created nostalgia for the cannabis flowers of the past. 

In the late 20th century, most of the marijuana was illegally imported from Mexico. The imported cannabis product was primarily cultivated outdoors, and it looked much different (dingier and filled with seeds) than the high THC crystal glistening marijuana flower buds sold in dispensaries today. If you ever consumed marijuana in the 1960s-1980s - that cannabis buds only had about 5-10% THC. Compare that to the THC cultivated now which is significantly stronger, containing over 20% THC, and commonly cannabis flower can be found with 25% THC.  The effects are much different in terms of how high or stoned you will feel from smoking weed that is 5-10% THC vs 25%+ THC. 

The experience of smoking high CBD hemp flower can be very similar to those experiences of smoking marijuana in the late 1900s. Let’s discuss the options and how to best use smokable CBD hemp flower. 

How can high CBD smokable Hemp Flower be used?

In 2022 CBD sales continue to get higher and higher as consumers of CBD hemp products get healthier and healthier. However, much of the population is still unaware of the multiple ways High-CBD Hemp Flower can be consumed.  This means there are many ways to take advantage of the benefits this hemp plant has to offer. 

Our goal is to create a guide that expands your knowledge and awareness of how to use High-CBD Hemp flower, starting with the various ways it can be consumed. The most common CBD hemp consumption method is via tinctures.  CBD hemp is also very popular in capsules, then edibles & topicals.  One of the lesser utilized consumption methods of CBD hemp is the inhalation of the plant through either vaping, smoking, or dabbing. One of the most under- consumed areas of smoking cannabis is the high CBD flower that is a mix with THC. This is over the legal limit defined by the Farm Bill, so it is sold through a dispensary. The industry has pushed forward the cultivation of marijuana through breeding to create strains that are very high in THC. However, the breeding and cultivation of hemp have not had the same time and energy to catch up. Due to the lack of availability of high CBD marijuana strains, some people like to mix SOCIETY CBD hemp flower with their THC flower to create a more balanced mix of cannabinoids. 

At SOCIETY, we work to normalize plant medicine and help society to heal with plants beyond just the craft hemp that we cultivate. Therefore, we are in favor of any method that fits well with your lifestyle. In this guide, our main focus will be on smoking or the inhalation of plant cannabinoids from CBD-rich hemp flower.

What is Smokable High-CBD Hemp Flower?

To avoid confusion, we want to clarify that there are a few different types of hemp. Some industrial hemp is grown on 100’s of acres at a time and is generally grown for hemp fiber, hemp hearts, or as hemp biomass that is used for extraction that is used in CBD products containing CBD isolate or CBD distillate. This is NOT the CBD hemp flower that is grown for smoking. The cultivation of smokable hemp flower should be done in an all organically grown way (as we do at SOCIETY) and have an acute attention to detail to ensure the plant is properly cared for in order to produce a high CBD flower that is perfect for smoking.

High-CBD hemp flower that is smokable fits into two categories: 

  1. High-CBD cannabis is grown without the restrictions of staying under the .3% THC limit, in states where marijuana is legal. This flower is often referred to as “marijuana”, “reefer”, “weed” and “pot”, but it is only slightly different than what we call hemp flower with that main difference being the percentage of THC in the plant. These plants can still be bred to have a high amount of CBD for the added health benefits. Strains in this family might include Harlequin, Cannatonic, Sour Tsunami, and Charlotte's Web. Check with your local dispensary to see what high CBD marijuana flower they carry, and you will have a much more level and less intense high. 
  2. The Farm Bill made all CBD hemp legal as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. With this, the doors were open for those in non-legal states to access the healing potentials of cannabis by producing hemp that is prevalent with CBD and only having traces of THC. While much of the hemp grown is not meant for smokable CBD consumption, the least adulterated way to consume CBD is the pure hemp flower that can absolutely be smoked. Smokable CBD hemp flower can be rolled in papers as a joint, placed in a bong or pipe, and also vaporized in vaporizers.

Ways to Smoke CBD Hemp Flower

As discussed above there are many ways to consume CBD, but when it comes to smoking it there are a few ways, but still, plenty of options that we will outline for you here. 

Pre-Rolls with CBD Hemp Flower

CBD Hemp Flower in the form of pre-rolls like the ones available through Society’s Plant are one of the most convenient ways to begin your smokable CBD flower regimen without needing to purchase anything else at all (except matches or a lighter to light the preroll). SOCIETY makes prerolls in CBD Flower and also CBD Flower infused with Delta 8 that are handcrafted with love.

Rolls your own Joint with CBD Hemp Flower

One of the most economical and ritually infused ways to consume smokable hemp flower is to purchase SOCIETY CBD nugs of craft hemp flower by the ounce and roll your own joint. This is easy to learn to roll your own CBD joints and it is even more exciting now that we have a huge variety of papers and even hemp papers to use in addition to the cones available, which relieve you from the actual rolling if it’s simply not your thing. Rolling your own CBD joint also increases the variety of different High-CBD Hemp Flower strains you can have access to and allows you to interchange your ratios of CBD to THC from toke to toke. 

Smoking CBD Hemp Flower in a Pipe or Bong 

Pipes and bongs are extremely popular in the cannabis smoking community. Newcomers to smoking hemp flower may try smoking from a pipe first because cannabis pipes are easy to pack and can be carried anywhere. However, they don’t have the water filtration benefit that a bong does.  If you are looking for a pipe to get you started, the SOCIETY No Break Honeycomb Pipe is a perfect starter piece for a beginner smoking consumer.  

Smoking hemp flower through a bong is one of the best methods to saving yourself some time since you don’t need to break the flower down too much or roll it into a joint. Additionally, this option will deliver the smoke much faster to your lungs. To learn more about pipes, vs. bongs we recommend visiting The Glasswarehouse website and reading the blog post titled PIPE OR BUBBLER - HOW THEY'RE DIFFERENT. The Glasswarehouse is a family-run business that includes a super fun and educational IG page @matinee.medicate.

CBD Flower in a Dry Herb Vape Hemp Extract Vape Cartridges

Dry herb vaping may be one of the best ways to preserve the terpenes of hemp flower and be able to taste the delicious flavors of the hemp plant. Consumers really enjoy the pungent terpene taste that they experience when you vaporize dry herb hemp flower. The vaporizer devices heat the flower to a specific temperature that does not burn it, which allows for a tastier and smoother way to smoke that is gentler on the lungs. There are large-sized volcano devices and there are smaller, discreet, pocket-sized devices that store a small amount of hemp flower at a time. 

One of our favorite vaporizer devices is the Zenco Flow - which is an elegant tabletop vaporizer that allows you to sip the vapor from a glass that looks like a stemless wine glass.  It is a beautiful device that also functions fabulously.  Another benefit of vaporizing CBD hemp flower is that, while the exhale of the vapor does smell like cannabis, it does not linger and attach to clothing as traditional cannabis smoke would. 

CBD Hemp Extract Vape Cartridges 

CBD Vape Cartridges may be one of the most popular for consumers who are still not comfortable with the traditional apparatuses of cannabis smoking and the scent that can follow you. Vape carts are filled with CBD hemp oil and often additional terpenes are added to enhance the effect and flavor. The vape cart is attached to a battery pen that you will need to charge to use. But this is also the best option for discreetly smoking or vaping CBD hemp on the go. The hemp Vape Cartridges carried by Society’s Plant, can be described by the strain used to extract the CBD oil and also the terpene profile that was added for the entourage effect. 

Forbidden Fruit: From the Society’s Plant CBD Vape Cartridge Collection, Forbidden Fruit’s effects come on strong into the mind and body. Users report Forbidden Fruit’s ability to induce deep physical relaxation and mental ease, making it perfect for nighttime or a rainy day. It’s a delicious cross of Cherry Pie and Tangie. The flavor profile is a perfect mixture of musky, sweet cherry undertones, and Tangie’s loud tropical flavor. While we love all of our smokable flower, vape cartridges are simply so discreet and convenient!


What does Smoking Hemp Flower feel like?

While taking CBD in the form of a tincture can take up to 1 hour to begin working, the anxiety & stress-reducing benefits of smoking CBD flower can be felt within minutes! Shortly after taking your first puff, you can feel the relaxation and calm move over your entire body. This is incredibly useful for people experiencing panic or anxiety attacks or moms that are experiencing sensory overload from their kid's nonstop energy. It is often said that smoking High-CBD Flower is more about what you don’t feel than what you do, meaning the surge of plant cannabinoids that immediately enter your bloodstream will help make your stress and anxiety melt away, and based on the terpene profile you’ll experience a variety of effects with some strains being best for daytime productivity and focus and some for nighttime rest & relaxation

Finding the Best Brand of Smokable Hemp Flower 

With the rise of hemp farming in the US, the market has been flooded with an excess of CBD products, not to mention the overnight brands that are simply products filled with unknown ingredients often from other countries like China, with a pretty label thrown on it. This is why it is important to be educated on exactly how to pick a quality hemp product. The following is a shortlist of key things to look for when shopping online for CBD products. 

Third-Party Lab Testing to Ensure Quality of CBD Hemp Flower

Do the brand display third-party lab reports that validate the CBD flower’s content? Third-party testing for all CBD products is an absolute must for ensuring that you’re getting what is advertised. We've compiled all of our lab tests in one place as well as placed them on each product listing. 

SOCIETY's Plant has all of their smokable CBD hemp flower tested by ACS Laboratory, the most trusted cannabis and hemp laboratory in the USABased on national compliance regulation criteria you'll know that our product meets the strictest guidelines in the United States and has been tested by the most trusted 3rd party Cannabis and Hemp Laboratory in the industry. Below is an example of what the lab report looks like. 

Know the Craft CBD Hemp Flower Grower or Source

Is the company clear about where & how their Smokable Hemp Flower was grown? Look for flower that is organically grown in the USA, otherwise, there is the danger that the hemp flower could be contaminated with harmful toxins and heavy metals from the soil.

Society’s Plant grows High-CBD Hemp Flower on our family farm in Southwest Michigan. We choose to organically cultivate our plants and have utilized many regenerative and permaculture growing techniques to work in harmony with nature and restore soil fertility. We work to create a balance between the ecology of our land & humankind. Utilizing a holistic approach that recognizes how each element contributes not only to its own growth, but also as part of the whole, we realize one cannot thrive without the other. Through this spirit, we connect our work on Society's Plant, as a medium to serve all of society's people with quality plant medicine.

We grow on less than an acre so that we can cultivate the best quality of smokable hemp flower. We take pride in giving adequate time, love and energy to tend to every plant in our hemp field. If you follow our Instagram page, we have lots of videos of our hemp field so you can see what we are up to when growing the smokable CBD flower throughout the year.  

Positive Customer Reviews of Smokable CBD Hemp Flower

Looking at the track record of the company to see if they have good, reliable customer reviews can be a good starting point. Any brand that takes pride in offering a quality product would have its customer reviews on display. Make sure that the reviews are verified and read through to see if other people’s experiences of the smokable hemp CBD products meet your expectations. 

No Bold Health Claims of CBD Curing Illnesses

Currently, it is illegal to make medical claims about CBD, this actually includes all products categorized as health supplements. Stay away from companies claiming that it prevents, treats, or cures any serious disease.

Benefits of Smoking High-CBD Hemp Flower

Although the psychoactive compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is present in every cannabis plant, it is far less prevalent in the hemp variant. Due to hemp flower being much lower in the amount of THC, you won’t experience the same stronger psychoactive effects from smoking High-CBD hemp flower, that you experience from smoking weed. However, you will feel the relaxing effects from the CBD at first puff, because your body doesn’t have to go through the process of digesting it the way you would if you consumed an edible or tincture. 

By smoking artisanal hemp flower, you are able to take advantage of the entourage effect. The entourage effect is the phenomenon when a group of compounds works in unison to produce a synergy of sorts. When it pertains to the cannabis plant the compounds include cannabinoids and terpenes. You can also experience the “entourage effect” with a good quality full-spectrum product. Since these concentrates often require costly extraction, however, they are usually far more expensive than purchasing well-cured hemp flower. Hemp also contains loads of antioxidant-rich properties like flavonoids that might enhance the efficacy of CBD. There may also be low traces of secondary cannabinoids like CBN and CBG that have their own unique effect on the body.

Choosing the Best CBD Hemp Strain for you? 

We know with all the different strains of hemp flower on the market now, that it can be overwhelming to choose the best high-CBD hemp strain that will work for you.  To help you out, we put together the following tips and also a few resources to help you understand better the difference between the strains. 

Understand Terpene Profiles in Hemp Flower

Terpenes are the “essential oils” of the plant that create the aromatic and flavor profile as well as contribute physical and emotional benefits to our bodies. These compounds work in synergy with the CBD and other cannabinoids to create a heightened effect specific to that strain. Some examples of terpenes and their effects include:

Each one of the strains listed in the Society Plant’s Shop will include details on the terpene profile and their benefits! 

Flavor Notes of Artisanal Hemp Flower 

Like fine wine, cannabis also has flavor notes that you will notice upon smoking or vaping, and just like the terpene profile, there will be a description of the hemp flower flavor notes with each CBD hemp flower product listing to entice your senses. 

Smell the hemp flower and trust your nose! 

Many like to say, “the nose, knows” and this is especially helpful in situations where you can get a sniff of the cannabis strain that you are considering trying. Simply, if the scent of the flower turns you off or stimulates you in a good way, then you’ll be able to determine if your body desires that strain. Unfortunately, this is not always practical with shopping online, but in circumstances that it is, take advantage of it! We also offer 1g size of all of our CBD hemp flower. 

Best High-CBD Hemp Flower Strains from Society’s Plant 

Razzmatazz CBD Hemp Flower Strain:

Razzmatazz is a happy and uplifting strain that touts a diverse terpene profile and is sweet and fruity like a raspberry. The vibe of Razzmatazz is productive and happy-making it perf for daytime use and on those days the body needs a little relief and boost. Razzmatazz is from the Granddaddy Purple lineage and Lavender.  It is great for helping the creative part of you shine. This strain will simultaneously ease your mind while stimulating amazing thoughts!

Boax Spectrum

Boax is a fast-acting CBD Flower that is a hybrid strain with a solid combination of effects that make it unique for the most seasoned CBD users. Many notice the strong scent of sandalwood. This strain is popular for its great entourage effect. Boax Spectrum is known for aiding in relaxation and to help relieve both physical and cognitive nuances; well-being and calm is noticed as well as a heightened level of concentration. This is a favorite for pain relief and to melt your stress away.  Many customers with ADHD and anxiety find that this strain is very helpful for them to find relief. 

Available in PreRoll Smokes and, Ready to Roll, "ground perfectly for you" flower and Hemp Flower by weight. 

Bubba Kush CBD Hemp Flower: 

This high CBD hemp strain is our most popular strain for winding down to sleep. Nestled in between the terpenes bisabolol and humulene, this CBD strain opens up with a citrus and pine aroma reminiscent of sweet hashish that settles into coffee and chocolate. 

Bubba Kush inspires a peaceful, calm experience, partially due to the bisabolol terpene, which is also found in chamomile, and additionally from the caryophyllene. Humulene is currently being studied for its weight-loss potential because of its ability to decrease hunger, making Bubba Kush an ideal strain to add to your weight loss regimen or even to your THC dominant flower to offset the munchies.  Many enjoy this CBD hemp strain for its ability to help you calm down and prepare for a restful slumber. 

Rocket Fuel

The CBD hemp strain, Rocket Fuel, will lift your mood but calm your body. Rocket Fuel is considered a great stress and discomfort alleviator during the day. Some users have reported Rocket Fuel has given them a little extra ammunition in the bedroom and produced a body high that increased sensuality. After some euphoric concentration on whatever may be piquing your interest, this strain lightly sweeps you into a peaceful, deep, and long sleep. It’s an ideal strain if you want to unwind. It also has been recommended for those needing to treat chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, depression, and cramps.

FAQs on CBD Hemp Flower

We know we have covered a lot in this guide to learning about smokable hemp flower. We hope that we shed some light on the subject and help you to decide to try smoking CBD. Here are a few more questions that we get asked. 

How should I store my smokable hemp flower? 

The best method for storage would be in a dark, airtight storage container that can maintain humidity and oxygen. You can store your hemp flower in mason jars or airtight containers like the Boveda CVault, which is made of food-grade stainless steel and impenetrable to light. 

Is hemp legal and can you ship SOCIETY’s Plant CBD to every state? Yes, ever since the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018, which made hemp federally legal in the USA, we can ship CBD to every state. 

Can you cook with high-CBD hemp flower? Yes! Cooking with CBD flower is actually encouraged. Most cannabinoids are activated by a certain level of heat. This process is called decarboxylation and is necessary to receive many of the health benefits of cannabis. Additionally, cannabinoids are Lipophilic meaning they are attracted to fat molecules and those fats offer a means for greater absorption. Common ways to cook with CBD flower is by infusing butter and oils and using that as an ingredient in your dish. 

We even offer a discounted price for a "DIY Infusion Flower", ideal for creating your own infused products at home. This flower is untrimmed however it is not "shake", it is the whole flower with all the benefit cannabinoids and terpenes. DIY Infusion Flower is available in 4 strains: Boax Spectrum, Cherry Blossom, Rocket Fuel and Sour Berry. This high-quality flower can be used to create salves, massage/intimacy oils, edible oils & butters and tinctures! 
Do you have hemp flower tea? Society’s Plant believes in utilizing the whole plant, so we’ve formulated a line of teas with additional herbs such as the raspberry leaf, rooibos, and pu’erh to offer you a unique sipping experience without the high but with the benefits of cannabinoid “acids” from the aerial hemp parts. 


Do you have a Hemp flower subscription box? After many of our customers asked for this option, we finally made it a reality with three monthly options to have our artisanal flower delivered to your door monthly. Our 3 options are as followed, tap on any one of them to learn more! 

Let’s go shop for smokable CBD hemp flower!

We know the questions about Smokeable Hemp Flower can be more challenging to answer than what a blog post might be able to sufficiently cover, so we want to invite you to send in your questions at any time to We love connecting with our customers! Don’t forget to follow us on IG @societysplant to keep up with all the fun happening in the society.

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