Inspiring Women in Cannabis

Female Leaders in the Cannabis Industry

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Each woman has carved out her own unique space in the cannabis industry.

This is a sign of the future, as women from all over will have the opportunity to take their skills and use them towards being movers and shakers in the evolving cannabis space.

There are many different areas in the cannabis industry from Travel agents that book 420 friendly voyages (checkout Front Row Travel), chefs that fill our bellies with infused edibles, and farmers that supply us with quality cannabis flower. 

So, without further ado let us tell you about some of our absolutely favorite Cannabis entrepreneurs and advocates! 

Entrepreneur - Advocate - CannaMom

Whitney Beatty, Josephine & Billies, Supernova Women

Successful entertainment industry executive turned cannabis storage designer, Whitney Beatty of @thehighmommylife is the CEO of Apothecarry Brands and “Josephine and Billies”, the new retail establishment curated especially for WOC.  In addition to those two innovative companies, Beatty serves on the board of Supernova Women. 

Beatty was inspired to create Apothecarry designs by the lack of stylish and safe cannabis storage systems and a disdain for storing medicine in a shoebox. After confirming her belief with other like-minded cannabis smokers, that there was a gap in storage solutions for their cannabis stash, she designed the first sleek and sexy storage and humidity system designed to safely keep cannabis at its freshest, most optimum quality while providing luxury tools and humidity control for the discerning connoisseur. 

Josephine and Billies is her most recent endeavor and is the nation's first dispensary designed by and for women of color. Located in LA, J&B is, “a callback to the Jazz Age, to the pearls of Josephine Baker and the poetry of Billie Holiday. It’s a trip back to the “Teapads” in Black communities of the 20s and 30s where folx would commune to enjoy jazz and cannabis while feeling connected, relaxed, valued, and safe.” 

Whitney’s overarching goal to empower and create safe spaces for people of color is weaved throughout her work in the cannabis industry. As a board member for Supernova Women, she advocates, educates, and creates networking opportunities that break the stigma of plant medicine use and spearheads programs that empower Black and Brown people to become self-sufficient shareholders in cannabis.

It should be no surprise that we think that Whitney Beatty is one of THE MOST inspiring entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry!

Cannabis Educator -  CannaMom - Edibles Master - Cannabinoid Lover

Corinne Tobias, Cannabis Coaching Institute, Wake and Bake

Corinne is the creator and writer behind one of the best and most popular educational and cannabis-infused recipe sites, Wake and Bake.Co

During a tumultuous time with her own personal health, Corinne started consuming cannabis recreationally before discovering that the plant was serving her medicinally too! This sent her on a path of utilizing cannabis as a wellness tool to heal her chronic pain and anxiety, lose over 60 lbs., avoid a life bound to a wheelchair from being in a chronically diseased state.

 Since beginning this journey over 10 years ago, Corinne has written several healthy cannabis cookbooks, created a signature online 30-day Healthy Cannabis Makeover to educate clients around the world, and she now trains students at the Cannabis Coaching Institute, so they can replicate these results.

As program director at the Cannabis Coaching Institute, Corinne transforms lives through knowledge that has a ripple effect through the coaches she trains, supports, and builds a positive community.  She empowers women with knowledge of terpenes, cannabinoids, and the steps to run their own coaching business, to become advocates in the cannabis industry. We sincerely love Corinne Tobias and appreciate ALL the work she does for the canna-community!

Cannabis Sensuality Coach

Carli Jo Writer, Advocate, Sensuality Educator

Carli Jo was led to cannabis as a tool to enhance life…particularly to enhance what happens in the bedroom. As a wife who unexpectedly became the partner with the most sexual desire, this led her to learn more about how to support their intimacy differences. This deep dive into the world of ecstasy led her to create a holistic approach to better sex. 

Carli has been featured in well-known publications such as NY Times, Cosmo and Merry Jane. She is the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller “Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Guide to Cannabis and Sex”.

Carli Jo combines sacred sex & cannabis in her signature course, “Queen of Pleasure”, which is 12-week course empowering women in relationships and is designed to help women discover, connect and love their bodies, pleasure, and sexuality. 

Carli Jo’s mission on this planet is for every woman to experience sexual freedom. This shines through in all of the content she creates @cannabissensualitycoach on Instagram. Her videos and posts are quirky, fun, and educational, while she shines as the unashamedly divine goddess she was born to be! 

Oh! And did we mention she offers an Erotic Blueprint Quiz?!?!? Access it below! 

Get your Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Report! 

Ganja Yoga Instructor - Cannabis Educator

Dee Dussault, Author, Advocate, Entrepreneur 

Dee Dussault is the pioneer of the internationally recognized, Ganja Yoga movement and the acclaimed author of Ganja Yoga: A Practical Guide to Conscious Relaxation, Soothing Pain Relief, and Enlightened Self-Discovery. 

Ten years ago, Dee became the first person to offer public cannabis-enhanced yoga classes. Now, Ganja Yoga is offered internationally or from the comfort and safety of your own home, taught by founder Dee Dussault or certified Ganja Yoga Teachers that she has trained in her popular method. Featured on Vice, Buzzfeed, and CBS News, Ganja Yoga combines yoga and cannabis for spiritual growth or the journey toward enlightenment. 

Cannabis is a Plant Medicine to enhance Yoga Movement.

The combination of these two divine gifts offers enhanced relaxation, deeper embodiment, elevates creativity, and expands consciousness. Dee offers these classes (without the actual weed) through her monthly membership to Ganja Yoga online. A seasoned yoga practitioner of twenty-five years, Dee’s focuses on helping people of all ages, body sizes, races, and experience levels find deep relaxation and a rad community. 

Follow this link sign up for a 7-day free trial to Ganja Yoga! Dee also offers private virtual lessons! 

Ganja Yoga Full Spectrum Organic CBD Wellness products

In addition to her powerhouse yoga brand, Dee is the entrepreneur behind a CBD line under the same name, “Ganja Yoga CBD”. Her wellness line includes CBD tinctures and balm. Having shared the health benefits of cannabis with thousands of people, the next stage in the evolution of Ganja Yoga is to educate people on the benefits of full-spectrum, organic CBD with easy-to-use supplements that fit in perfectly with a yogic lifestyle. 

CBD Cocktails - Advocate - Goddess

Sailene Oasman, founder of a new Cannabinoid Elixir Tea Lounge

Sailene Ossman is the author of “CBD Cocktails”, a book filled with over 100 recipes created with CBD to take the edge off. This book is so beautiful it can sit perfectly on your coffee table or cocktail table. Sailene is an OG from the Los Angeles cannabis scene, emerging out of the green closet as one of cannabis’ most trusted advocates once legalization and normalization progressed in California.

Cannabis Hostess with the Most-est

Never losing sight of her sense of mission and love for the plant, she branched out in a variety of ventures. The web series, Smoke in the Kitchen with Mama Sailene, introduced her love of food, cannabis, and entertaining, to an international audience. Her upscale pop-up events and private parties for cannabis lovers, such as P. Diddy, proved that cannabis-enhanced social gatherings could be as elegant as they were fun.

Her support of charitable and political organizations such as the Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force, California Cannabis Advocates, and disaster relief in both California and Mexico, has increased her popularity at community meetings and demonstrations.

Additionally, her work with the exploding Glowing Goddess Getaways, a series of women’s empowerment retreats, has become the coveted golden ticket of highly sought-after events in cannabis circles.

We are very excited for the debut of her new Cannabinoid Elixir Lounge opening soon in Palm Desert, CA. 

Cannamom Normalizing Cannabis for all Parents

Jocelyn Harris, Mommies and Mary Jane, Angel Fire

Angel Fire International is an intentional effort to encourage inclusion and diversity within the cannabis industry. Jocelyn was the founder of Angel Fire International and also Mommies and Mary Jane

We are aware that cannabis is a commonality amongst people from different worlds and backgrounds. However, not everyone has had the same experiences and traumas. Angel Fire International created a table that was built to serve communities and individuals adversely impacted by the predatory efforts of government, media, and society as a whole. 

Mommies and Mary Jane has grown to be a valuable resource for cannabis-consuming parents. Prompting important conversations that include access, inclusion and all topics pertaining to cannabis and parenting, Mommies and Mary Jane is a unique organization meant to support and inspire parents. 

CannaMom - Entrepreneur - Cannabis Community Builder

Bianca Snyder, High Society Mama, Society’s Plant

The CEO of Society’s Plant - Bianca Snyder is an exemplary entrepreneur and an influencer is not only a cannamom, but also in the realm of advocacy of plant medicine. Every day, she's on social media demystifying and legitimizing elevated cannabis consumption for moms with active lifestyles. She educates while simultaneously entertaining her fans with posts, videos, and Clubhouse discussions packed with accessible and friendly content. Bianca runs the business side of Society’s Plant, while her husband pours love into the SOCIETY hemp plants on their small family-run hemp farm in Michigan.  Bianca is adamant about selling their delicious, terpy smokable CBD flower as well as other hemp-based products and fun cannamom apparel and accessories through their shop Society's Plant, as a method to get this beautiful plant medicine into more people’s hands. 

Women in Cannabis are Leading the Way

While these women have created empires through their work, we like to remind our community of advocating cannamoms and women, that we are all valuable with a role to play within the cannabis community.  At this point, every bit of advocacy and educational conversation moves us forward as a society to finally break the stigma of cannabis.

Remember the lifted ladies featured above started one step at a time before becoming the influential entrepreneurs they are now. 

How to Be a Woman that Advocates for Cannabis 

Whether you’ve already started your advocacy work or are still deciding how you’ll contribute in your unique way, we want to offer some suggestions of how you can become a kick-ass advocate.

Creating inclusive environments for women to learn the health benefits of cannabis. 

  • When women figure out the secret sauce to thriving, by the use of plant medicine, they tend to want to share it with the world. Some channel that passion into education & 1-on-1 coaching to help others heal. 

Support women in their exploration of cannabis consumption. 

  • Cannabis can be a bit overwhelming when you first approach it. Having someone to hold your hand and guide you can be a huge step in the direction of feeling comfortable exploring the benefits of the plant.  You can encourage people to dive more into cannabis by assisting them in getting started. Oftentimes, CBD is a very approachable starting point, and even smoking CBD can be a good launchpad to get to smoking THC. 

Be an example of cannabis advocacy. 

  • As more women share how cannabis has improved their life, it fuels the courage in others to not only try it but then, also share their results with their community. 

Curate "healing circles" for women to share their stories. 

  • Sometimes you need community. It can be isolating to feel like you are the only mom on the block smoking weed, when the fact is there are millions of women hiding what we should NOT be ashamed of.

Cannabis Education - Cannabinoids and Terpenes. 

Get certified to be a Cannabis Educator with a certification from Cannabis Coaching Institute. The more you know, the more you can educate others on all the benefits of the cannabis plant and so much more!

The Future of Cannabis is Female

We are amazed by the work that these women are doing in the cannabis space. Many have forged their own way into new sectors of the industry that we're not even in existence before. It is no surprise that women can take on multiple projects, tend to a family and also create new areas to innovate and evolve. 

We hope that these women's stories inspire you to take action.

We are stronger by working together and uplifting others including lady Cannabis. 


What a great read! I’m so happy to learn that there are so many power house women leading the way in the industry.

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Thanks for sharing all these Beautiful amazing Women <3 happy Women’s day to all you gorgeous Canna Ladies!!!xoxo

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