Society's Plant CBD Tools & Breastfeeding

CBD and Breastfeeding: Your Essential Guide to SOCIETY’s Plant Hemp Tools to Help You Thrive at Motherhood. 

There is not a more stressful and anxiety-ridden time in a woman's life than after the birth of a baby. The transition into the realm of motherhood is a big shift. But, regardless of whether it is the first, fourth, or sixth child, the feelings of wanting to love them as much as they deserve and take care of them to the best of your ability, still rings true.   We have seen that many moms lack the community support needed to thrive during this time, and the messages of how important & necessary breastfeeding is, compound into anxiety when things don’t go as smoothly as you might like. 

Stress & Anxiety of Motherhood and Breastfeeding

The worst part about the stress and anxiety of breastfeeding and becoming a new mother is that those factors actually reduce the production of breast milk and even flood the breast milk with potentially harmful (to the baby) hormones. We regularly discuss the benefits of hemp and CBD for handling stress and anxiety, so this is one of the most essential times to ensure that a mother’s mental health is being cared for. High Society Mama has created many products with MOTHERS in mind and cultivated a community of CannaMoms, called High Society of Mamas, that encourages one another to make their own educated decisions on what methods to use to balance their levels of stress during every season of motherhood. 

SOCIETY Supports 4th Trimester and Breastfeeding Moms

The mounting pressure put on mothers in addition to the desire to meet our own expectations, can be too much for some to take on. This can lead to PPD (postpartum depression) and other mental health issues from the stress of the journey into motherhood. With the help of some notable cannabis and breastfeeding advocates, we will equip you with our best recommendations for tools to support your mental wellness and your motherhood journey. 

Breastfeeding advocate: Boobe Life talks about Normalizing Breastfeeding, consuming CBD, and Breaking the Stigma.

Christina Lopez, founder of @boobelife - says, “Being a breastfeeding CannaMom has taught me that you truly have to shut everyone and everything out sometimes to listen to YOU, that mama soul, inside.  The kind of Mom I am far different from your typical and that's OK. I hold the power to listen to and trust my spirit, heart, and soul more and be more assertive when it comes to what I need and want for my family and myself, even if it differs from the popular opinion.”  Christina is a voice for encouraging extended breastfeeding and being an example of not following the norms.

“There are some pretty badass, revolutionary, moms out there who will do whatever it takes to support each other, create change and break the stigmas! SOCIETY’s Plant has provided an added layer of calm to my motherhood journey. I love mixing THC flower with SOCIETY’s Plant Ready to Roll CBD Flower to find the right mix to match the needs of my body and mind. As a solo mom of 2, I understand the challenges faced by mothers. I love having great products like Mama’s Abundance Tea, to recommend for mothers to assist in establishing their milk supply while also keeping them relaxed and present!” 

Studies show that the cannabinoid, "CBD" that is abundant in most hemp flowers decreases the feelings of stress & anxiety.

Ready to Roll Pre-Ground CBD Flower

SOCIETY’s Plant Ready to Roll Hemp Flower is a highly convenient option for the breastfeeding mom. The last thing you need is one more thing to do while tending to the needs of a newborn and potentially other children. At SOCIETY we want to give Mom a break and do the grinding for you to ensure you have easy access to the benefits of high-potency CBD flower. Some mothers like to mix our CBD-dominant flower with a smidge of THC flower for a balanced approach to cannabinoids. This is a preference as CBD on its own decreases stress, anxiety, and pain on its own. 

CBD & CBDA Infused Tea for CannaMoms 

The female body seeks to maintain a delicate balance and there are certain seasons in life when our hormones are particularly out of whack. During the 3rd & 4th trimesters, breastfeeding, and our moon cycle, there are unique physical and emotional ups and downs. SOCIETY’s Plant Mama’s Abundance Tea is wonderful to support the healing of your womb and as part of a holistic wellness practice.  Christina recommends this tea as the herbs were crafted to create an herbal tea blend that helps the body to boost milk production. 

Benefits of Mama’s Abundance CBD Tea 

Both breastfeeding moms & menstruating women can benefit from CBD-Rich Mama's Abundance Tea but, this is meant to be utilized for all types of women's wellness needs. This mineral-rich herbal tea blend is lovely to strengthen the uterus, fight fatigue, and increase the supply of breast milk. * 

Herbs to End Period Cramps with CBD

The ingredients in Mama’s abundance tea were selected for their ability to synergistically work with the female body to bring hormones back into balance. While it was created with the breastfeeding mother in mind- all the ingredients work wonders for use during a painful menstrual cycle, postpartum healing, and hormone balancing.* Read more about the ingredients in SOCIETY’s Plants Mama’s Abundance Tea.  The herbs of the tea work synergistically with the added raw hemp flower, which is high in CBDA to reduce inflammation, promote strengthening and healing of the uterus, and most notably reduce pain by 

CBDA is the best cannabinoid for Pain Relief

A study by Rock in Psychopharmacology showed (albeit in a rodent model) that CBDa was a more effective anti-inflammatory than THC (the psychoactive compound found in marijuana) and CBD.  CBDA works in the same effective way that Tylenol does to reduce pain by inhibiting the COX-2 pain receptors. CBD, on the other hand, does not inhibit the COX-2 pain receptor. If you have never heard of CBDa, then you can think of it as the “raw” form of CBD, before the hemp is heated, processed, or extracted.  Considering what we know about the nutritional value of fruits, vegetables, and grains when they are processed or heated, we know that LESS processing is better.

CBDA is the BEST Cannabinoid for Motherhood

At SOCIETY we want to equip you with the best of plant medicine to support your motherhood journey. With that mission in mind, we declare that CBDA or Raw Hemp, is the best cannabinoid to utilize during motherhood. Raw hemp flower with minimal interaction with high heat (under 200 degrees) are a source of acidic cannabinoids, such as CBDA, and CBGA.  And this little-known cannabinoid has a full range of benefits to assist mothers with thriving. 

CBDA for Nausea and during Pregnancy

Aside from the superior mood-boosting effects, research has shown that CBDA is more effective at reducing nausea than CBD or THC. * This can be a great tool to utilize during pregnancy when you might need to reduce nausea symptoms. Read more about Cannabis and Women's Wellness here. 

CBDA is the best cannabinoid to reduce inflammation in the body* 

The benefit of reducing inflammation in the body with CBDA is especially helpful during pregnancy which comes with nausea and body pain.  Other phases of motherhood such as postpartum, breastfeeding, which comes with pain, exhaustion, and mood disorders, and then when menstruation begins again, the benefit of reducing inflammation with CBDA remains. 

CBDA for Mental Health and Postpartum Depression

Many moms use cannabis products, as a natural alternative to SSRIs, to treat PPD, anxiety, and mental health issues. But if you are looking for one product to naturally elevate your mental state, then CBDA is your one-stop shop to consume for smooth sailing on your motherhood journey. * 

SOCIETY’s RAW Hemp Softgels

CBDA is found in all parts of the hemp plant including the seeds, stems, and leaves, so a good way to get in those compounds is by consuming the raw plant by juicing it (which tastes terrible), or steeping the stems in mildly hot water, as a tea or you can consume a product that has preserved the hemp flower, in its raw form, CBDA. Since most people do not have access to fresh hemp plant material, this is when SOCIETY’s  Plant Raw” Hemp Supplements become the perfect solution to get concentrated amounts of CBDA & CBGA without having to grow your own hemp plants to juice every day!

SOCIETY’s Plant Hemp Flower for Breastfeeding Support

Janelle Johngrass is the founder of Know Mommy where she coaches Moms on mindful patenting and creating generational wellness for their family and shared her experience with cannabis and breastfeeding with us. “As a mom of 4 having natural tools like cannabis, herbs, and essential oils, I can attest firsthand to the power they hold in supporting the body, mind, and soul. Having natural tools to turn to has helped me feel more grounded, present, and capable of not only having successful breastfeeding relationships with my children but also managing the day-to-day needs of caring for my family and myself.” 

Cannabis for D-MER, Breastfeeding Anger, and Aversion

Janelle told us about how she utilized cannabis to end her aversion to breastfeeding. “I have suffered from D-MER, anxiety, and postpartum depression.  The extreme emotions I felt have been largely eased by my use of plant medicine. When I discovered the rapid effects of smoking SOCIETY’s Plant Smokable CBD Flower, in addition to using calming essential oils and grounding techniques, I found that I could better manage my anxious feelings and not need to use THC flower, leaving me more clear-headed. I am so thankful for these natural tools that have allowed me to feel more empowered in managing my self-care so that I can show up and be present for my family.” 

Smoking CBD Hemp flower Provides Immediate Relief for Breastfeeding Anxiety

The best benefit of smoking CBD-rich hemp flower is being able to monitor and also experience the immediate effects of CBD for improving your mental state of mind.  When the rush of anxiety or anger comes over you, the need for support is necessary for a mom.  However, many moms do not know where to turn for support. We invite you to try smoking one of SOCIETY’s Plant hemp strains to experience the rapid mood-boosting and calming effects. *  Smoking provides much more rapid results versus CBD gummies or edibles. This allows you to better monitor how much more you need to smoke in order to feel better. When you consume CBD gummies, on the other hand, you will need to wait 30 minutes to an hour for the calming experience to come on. 

CBD Gummies for Breastfeeding

Cannabinoids are a group of active compounds found in the cannabis plant. They interact with the endocannabinoid system in the human body, which plays a role in regulating various physiological processes, including pain, mood, appetite, and immune function. 

Cannabinoids are in breastmilk.

When it comes to breastfeeding and cannabinoids, there are important considerations to keep in mind. Breast milk naturally contains endocannabinoids, which are cannabinoids produced by the human body. These endocannabinoids play a role in the development of the baby's nervous system and help regulate various processes crucial for growth and development.

Exogenous Cannabinoids

Exogenous cannabinoids are cannabinoids that come from outside the body, such as those found in cannabis products. If a breastfeeding mother consumes cannabis or cannabis-derived products, exogenous cannabinoids can enter her breast milk and be passed on to the baby during breastfeeding.

Is it bad to consume weed edibles while breastfeeding?  

Healthcare professionals try to deter mothers away from cannabis (meaning THC) and also any hemp products because there is still limited research on exogenous cannabinoids and breastfeeding. However, this is not uncommon with any herbal supplement that doesn’t yet have studies confirming its safety during breastfeeding. The healthcare industry must tread lightly for legal purposes in this area. There have been some studies that correlate the use of THC with development issues in infants when weed is consumed through breast milk. It is assumed that hemp-derived cannabinoids, also contain this “harmful substance”, but this is a mistake.  There are plenty of products with low THC quantities and even products with NO THC, that can be extremely effective during breastfeeding.  Low THC products, like SOCIETY’s CBD gummies, as an excellent alternative for breastfeeding mothers who wish to continue to use plant medicine, while also minimizing the consumption of THC. 

Some Weed Moms use Cannabis and Breastfeed

While we still hope for larger studies to negate the belief that THC through breastfeeding is harmful, we will continue to share the voices and stories of CannaMoms who came before us.  It is for this reason that High Society Mama conducted a survey of 700 moms who consumed cannabis while breastfeeding.  This shows how many other moms have felt supported by the use of cannabis during their pregnancy and beyond to raise healthy, thriving children. 

Cannabis Products for Breastfeeding 

We hope that we have provided you with a toolbox of cannabis product options to utilize during your breastfeeding journey. But, if you have any further questions about specific product recommendations to assist with your personal needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to

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