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Speaking with breastfeeding advocate: @boobelife about CBD, breaking the stigma and most importantly, normalizing breastfeeding. Christina says, “Being a Breastfeeding Canna Mom has taught me that you truly have to shut everyone and everything out sometimes to listen to YOU. That mama soul inside. - The kind of Mom I am is far different from your typical and that's OK. - I hold the power to listen to and trust my spirit heart and soul more and be more assertive when it comes what I need and want for my family and myself even if it differs from popular opinion. - There are some pretty badass, revolutionary, moms out there who will do whatever it takes to support each other, create change and break the stigmas! “Society’s Plant has provided an added layer of calm to my motherhood journey. I love mixing THC.flower with Society CBD.flower to find the right mix to match the needs of my body and mind. “As a solo mom of 2, I understand the challenges faced by mothers and I love having great products like Mama’s Abundance tea to assist mothers in establishing their milk supply while also keep them relaxed and present! “In honor of our God given #Chesticles and #plantmedicine, Happy #WorldBreastfeedingWeek to the incredible canna mamas out there! Proud to be a part of this circle.” - #Boobelife Visit the Society Blog for two extensive posts on breastfeeding including @highsocietymama ‘s Breastfeeding & CANNABlS survey report.


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     There is no more of a stressful and anxiety-ridden time in a woman's life than the birth of a new baby. Rather it is the first, fourth, or sixth child the fear of loving them as much as they deserve and especially feeding them fully through your own body is overwhelming.
     We have seen that many moms lack the community support needed to thrive during this time, and the messages of how important & necessary breastfeeding is contribute to anxiety when things don’t go as smoothly as they’d like. What's even worse is the effect of that stress lessens the production of breast milk and even floods it with potentially harmful (to baby) hormones.

     We regularly discuss the benefits of CBD flower for handling your stress and anxiety, and High Society Mama has also cultivated a community of women that encourages one another to make their own educated decisions on what methods to use to balance their levels of stress during every season of motherhood. 

Stress and breastfeeding just don’t mix well. That’s why Society has created tools for women to feel less stress while boosting their milk supply! Our CBD and Mama's Abundance tea are great additions to every Mother’s Arsenal to provide that support when she needs it most. And since it’s #internationalbreastfeedingweek we wanted to offer a discount to all the Mamas to help bring these amazing tools in to their lives so they can feel more calm, happy and connected, allowing space in their body and mind to focus on what matters most!

Society's "Mamas Abundance Tea is an herbal-hemp tea created with all Mamas and the female body in mind! Check out the breakdown & all the benefits below.

  • Hemp Stems: The greatest need a Mama has is the restoration of vital nutrients that were used to sustain her through pregnancy and then breastfeeding the aerial parts of the hemp plant are actually a powerhouse of these nutrients!
  • Red Raspberry Leaf: Commonly used by nurse-midwives to ease labor & delivery. This herb is considered a "tonic" herb, toning the uterus during & after pregnancy and also used for menstrual pain. It also supplies vitamins A, C, E; and several minerals such as calcium & magnesium. *Suggested use in 3rd & 4th trimester.
  • Nettles & Oat Straw: Two more herbs that are toning & nutritional! Nettle is a source of iron in addition to other minerals and oat straw is a source of b-vitamins, calcium, and magnesium.
  • Rosehips & Orange Peel: Both are natural sources of vitamin C which will restore the integrity of the skin & support a healthy immune system.

Janelle Johngrass from @knowmommy shares her experience using Society Plant's products while breastfeeding..

“As a Mom of 4 having natural tools like cannabis, herbs, and essential oils I can attest firsthand the power they hold in supporting the body, mind, and soul. Having natural tools to turn to has helped me feel more grounded, present, and capable of not only have successful breastfeeding relationships with my children but also manage the day-to-day needs of caring for my family and myself. I have suffered from D-MER, anxiety, and postpartum depression which I recently elaborated on my page; the extreme emotions I felt have been largely helped by my use of plant medicine. When I discovered smoking Society’s CBD flower, in addition to using calming essential oils and grounding techniques I found that I could better manage my anxious feelings and not need to use THC flower leaving me more clear-headed. I am so thankful for natural tools they have allowed me to feel more empowered in managing my self-care so that I can show up and be present for my family.”

Have you become part of a "Canna-Mom" Community? If not we would love to invite you into the conversations around cannabis, motherhood/womanhood and how we can all work together to normalize cannabis use by mothers. Join the CannaMom High Society every Sunday morning on Clubhouse at 11 am est. or 8am pst.

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