SOCIETY's Mission:  

We bring to market artisanal products that elevate humanity. We pour love into our field, strive to work in harmony with mother earth and value collaborating as a community to bring SOCIETY the best in craft and sustainable cultivation.

Society's Vision:

We envision a future where society...
  • heals from clean, craft plant medicine.
  • knows who their grower is and appreciates the art of how they work with the plant.
  • thrives from the cannabis industry working together to learn and improve.
  • chooses businesses that prioritize their purpose over profits.
  • values companies that leave a negative carbon footprint.
  • has access to high quality and diverse offerings of plant medicine.
  • rebuilds a connection to our one and only home, Earth. 
We create that future by sharing these values with our customers and collaborating with businesses that share in that vision, so we can create it together.

THIS IS, JUST A PLANT. But not just any plant. Cannabis is society’s plant.

Religious or spiritual use dates back more than 5500 years, where early discoveries of in the Ukraine region indicate ceremonial burning of the herb in a cave. Asia is considered by experts to be the place of origin of undomesticated cannabis; hemp use dates back in to the stone age. Hemp fiber imprints over 10,000 years old have been found in pottery shards in modern day Taiwan. When Pharaoh Ramesses was uncovered in Egypt, traces of cannabis were found in the remains. Humanity’s relationship with the plant is one of a symbiotic nature, each species helping the other evolve over millennia. Today,

2 out of 3 Americans are in favor of cannabis legalization. Throughout its long history, the plant has no history of causing overdose or death. Despite the acceptance of cannabis for legalization, there is still the process of normalizing the plant beyond the absurd stigma created in the last 80 years or so. We overcome this through compassionate use, awareness, and education. We feel all of Society should have the freedom to safely and mindfully use the plant in a positive way, or make the educated choice not to. At the top of the list of myriad benefits of cannabis, we believe the most profound is the ability of cannabis to enlighten the populace to the healing power of plants in general, while deepening our connection to mother nature.

This is Bianca Snyder, the founder of High Society Mama, a mother, movement lover, and advocate for natural wellness and plant medicine.

Bianca Snyder Founder of High Society Mama

This is Tad Snyder, or High Society Papa. He is a certified permaculture designer, innovator for sustainability, and voice for living harmoniously with Mother Earth.Tad Snyder Founder of High Society Papa

Tad and Bianca have a mission to spread the power of the plant as a tool to open society to the possibilities of abundant healing with plants. In 2012, they purchased their farm and began the journey of growing their own food and plant medicine. Through all the successes and failures in tinkering with boutique farm life and restoring the condition of the soil on the farm, their passion and love for the plant has continued to flourish. They enjoy exploring the planet (including 10 trips to Burning Man), experiencing the wonders of nature, and experimenting with biodynamic and regenerative methods for cultivation at their farm in Southwest Michigan.

Tad and Bianca Founder of Society's Plant

The 4 C’s that comprise the foundation of SOCIETY:

  • Craft Cultivation
  • Clean-Living
  • Community
  • Compassion

These are SOCIETY'S Plant CORE Values:


The definition of "Artisanal" is to make (a product, especially food or drink) in a traditional or non-mechanized way. We take pride in the love and care that we pour into our plants and do not align with large scale agricultural practices.

We believe that how we treat mother earth, mirrors our relationships with ourselves and with others. So, we choose cultivation methods for our plants that restore soil fertility & create balance between the ecology & humankind.  Utilizing a holistic approach that recognizes how each element contributes not only to its own growth, but also as part of the whole, we realize one can not thrive without the other. Through this spirit, we connect our work on Society's Plant, as a medium to serve all of society's people.

Our purpose is to assist in growing the plants that society wants and needs, while spreading knowledge to empower others to thrive with the help of this plant, inspires us everyday. Mother Earth is the life-giving source for societies near and far; we intend to act as her ally in the cultivation of the plants and people that help society bloom.
CBDA Softgels


We want everyone in society to thrive, so we are dedicated to growing 100% Naturally Cultivated CBD Rich Artisanal Hemp Flower. Just like buying locally grown produce from a farmer, sourcing your hemp flower from a "local" farmer ensures you know that you will get the toxin-free hemp flower to support your specific needs.....


We see Society's plant as an earth medicine that has the power to bring together all people and manifest supernatural healing within communities. Just as hemp has many uses, we acknowledge that our work with this plant, "the plant" is simply a piece of the whole in the paradigm shift.


Our goal is to support all members of society in their personal plant journeys! No matter where you are on your journey we are here to empower you with knowledge & provide you with the highest quality, small-batch, artisanal hemp flower. We aim to release cannabis from the stigma of its use & replace it with normalization.