Hemp Flower - Strain: Boax Spectrum


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Boax is a fast-acting, hybrid strain with a solid combination of effects that make it unique for the most seasoned CBD users. Many notice the strong scent of sandalwood. 

Also available in our PreRoll Smokes and our Ready to Roll, "ground perfectly for you" flower!

Terpenes: Pinene, Myrcene, Farnesene and the rare Ocimene

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Kelsey S
So good!

This is one of my top two favorite strains from Society! Calming without putting me to sleep!

Boax Spectrum

Really loving this strain. I make my own tinctures/infused oils and Boax is great either by itself or blended with a moderately potent Indica strain - think Kosher Kush for example. So glad I found Society - you guys are awesome!

andrew galvan
Boax Spectrum

Awesome strain! Very happy with my purchase.

Kait Caridi
I need more!

I already went through this 1/8 - so good! Bianca, one of the cofounders of Society’s Plant strongly suggested I give this flower a try and I’m so glad I listened!

Heather A
The Powerhouse of CBD

Currently my favorite CBD flower! Boax Spectrum has a lovely berry scent and smokes with notes of tobacco and leather. It hits almost instantly with a euphoric, upbeat and energizing lift. I noticed that my racing thoughts about my To Do list etc. had faded to a whisper if not disappeared. What a release! I felt a marked drop in inflammation and irritation in the joints, what a gift.The best part was I could stay focused on my work without the feeling of pressure or mind wandering. A lovely example of CBD’s ability to support wellness on many different levels.

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Organically Grown

We control every aspect of the growing process, from seed to flower, ensuring the highest quality. Our hemp flower is grown naturally with no chemicals.

Calming Scent

Many of our users attribute to this product having a strong sandalwood scent. 

3rd Party Tested

All our products are tested and verified by a 3rd party to meet quality standards.


Start a stressful day with a our calming Boax Spectrum strain.  Or use it to fully relax at the end of the day.