Mama's Abundance Tea


Mama's Abundance Tea is a delicious blend of herbs & artisanal hemp designed to support healthy milk production, tone the uterus, calm the nerves & supply vital nutrients to replenish a new mama's stressed & tired body. Sipping this tea regularly revitalizes the mind, body & spirit! 


  • Hemp Stems: The greatest need a Mama has is the restoration of vital nutrients that were used to sustain her through pregnancy and then breastfeeding the aerial parts of the hemp plant are actually a powerhouse of these nutrients!
  • Red Raspberry Leaf: Commonly used by nurse-midwives to ease labor & delivery. This herb is considered a "tonic" herb, toning the uterus during & after pregnancy and also used for menstrual pain. It also supplies vitamins A, C, E; and several minerals such as calcium & magnesium. * Suggested use in 3rd trimester.
  • Nettles & Oat Straw: Two more herbs that are toning & nutritional! Nettle is a source of iron in addition to other minerals and oat straw is a source of b-vitamins, calcium, and magnesium.
  • Rosehips & Orange Peel: Both are natural sources of vitamin C which will restore the integrity of the skin & support a healthy immune system.

Check out this awesome review!

"This magical blend is exactly what I needed. Between work and caring for 4 kids- the tension is palpable. This loose leaf tea is ideal for nursing mamas as it has herbs that support lactation. It’s calming and soothing and tastes great! I love supporting family-owned businesses and especially like-minded mama’s! I HIGHLY recommend picking up a bag of tea today!"

Customer Reviews

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Nydia ZT
Magic Tea

This tea is magic. Very simple. I first tried it when the creator herself brewed it for me while I was experiencing a cycle. Not only did it calm my craps down immediately but it was like a hug from the inside out. Every single ingredient helps soothe my cells and bring relief to me, practically immediately.

I am so grateful to have this in my personal tea arsenal now. I honestly might be greedy with it just because its so good.

Dont think about it any longer. Get it. It’s worth it.

Jealousy Arnett

Yummy. Drink it all day long!

Reilly Douglas
Very good

I loved this tea! I will definitely be buying more.

Loving the abundance

This CBD tea is the perfect calming blend. I love the reusable muslin bag that comes with the loose leaf tea!

Erin Colvin
Delicious and nutritious

Tastes yummy and helped with milk supply. I am 6 months postpartum and decided to do a modified Whole30. This tea helped keep the milk coming while not eating as many carbs. Would definitely recommend!

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