CHILL Mushroom Enhanced CBD Tincture


Feeling freaking frazzled? This blend of adaptogenic and anxiety-reducing herbs will help you get through bouts of social anxiety or those days of parenting hell. This Mushroom Enhanced Tincture is formulated to aid in stress relief and letting that shiitake go! Made with 1,000mg 99%+ Pure CBD hemp extract, in an alcohol & coconut oil base with a variety of calming herbs you’ll want to carry this bottle with you for any time you need to chill the F out! Flavor: Citrus Berry 

Herb Profile: 

  • Lion’s Mane: supports brain health and regrows nerve cells, powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory 
  • Shiitake: excellent defense against free radicals and oxidative stress throughout the body. 
  • Passion Flower: calms anxiety, increases sociability, and decreases racing thoughts 
  • Ashwagandha: considered an adaptogen, helping the body to “adapt” to internal and external stress
  • Lavender: induces an immediate calming effect. 
  • Bacopa: an Ayurvedic herb that is thought to support cognition and memory recall. 

Made with organic USA-grown fruiting body mushrooms. 

Customer Reviews

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I love the mushrooms

Perfect combo

Mushroom and chill

I Love this blend of herbs to help me to chill when I need it most. Quick and easy dropper bottle. I think it is great to combine mushrooms with my wellness regimen and CBD!

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