Cannabis use During Pregnancy

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This is High Society Mama, (also the owner of Society's Plant) here to discuss Cannabis Use During Pregnancy. The use of cannabis (including CBD) during pregnancy is a very controversial topic, but @highsocietymama I am trying to demystify the topic, so women can make an educated decision in their choice to consume the plant.

Vaporizing CBD Flower, is the most effective method to get the entourage effect of using whole plant cannabinoid-rich, plant medicine.  CBD has been known to reduce nausea and so, we are going to examine the need to normalize the use of CBD for reducing nausea in pregnant women and also for assisting with mental and emotional wellbeing.

This article by looks at the rise in cannabis use disorder during pregnancy and found from a recent study that there is a need for more support of mothers’ mental health during pregnancy. More mothers are choosing to turn to cannabis as a replacement for pharmaceuticals during pregnancy due to the thought that this is a safer alternative to many medications. Every woman's pregnancy is different; therefore, it is challenging to nail down what is the right choice for any individual. Everyone should be weighing the pros and cons of any medication and do additional research, in order to make an educated decision.

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Deciphering what is safe to put in our bodies takes RESEARCH. Here are some VERY interesting findings from cannabis and pregnancy studies this year that I want to highlight:

📖April ‘21 rolled out findings from a study for 2001-2012 that found mothers using cannabis had a higher risk of baby death. This study included ALL women diagnosed with CANNABlS Use Disorder (CUD) which is defined as the continued use of cannabis despite clinically significant impairment. (This study is NOT helpful, because it does not distinguish if the mother is ONLY using cannabis or if they have used other substances!)

📖November ‘21 study showed a 150% increase in CANNABIS use during pregnancy in prenatal hospitalizations. This was the LARGEST study of prenatal CANNABIS use.

What’s unique here is they further segmented into 3 groups:
  1. those with cannabis use disorder ONLY. 
  2. those with use disorders for cannabis & other substances, including at least one controlled substance;
  3. those with CUD and other substances (alcohol, tobacco).

Patients’ records were analyzed for depression, anxiety, trauma, and ADHD, and a broader category of mood-related disorders. Medical conditions measured included chronic pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, nausea, and vomiting.  Patients with CUD ONLY had levels of depression and anxiety three times higher than patients with no use conditions. Mood-related disorders affected 58% of cannabis disorder patients, but only 5% of others.

“The least other substance use you have, the more that cannabis use makes a difference,” Lugo-Candelas said. “That’s really striking.”

Most studies on cannabis use and pregnancy are inconclusive due to the reduced sample sizes, limitations in the screening methods for the detection of substance use, variations in dose, and of the time of exposure during pregnancy; and the variability of the type and composition of the marijuana that was used, as well as the simultaneous use of other substances, including alcohol and nicotine.

The most important finding from this article is that the authors of this study recognize the need for better prenatal mental health and nausea support. Recognizing this is a big advancement!

Speaking out about Prenatal Cannabis Use:

I understand the decision to use cannabis during pregnancy does not come lightly. The desire to research to figure out what is best for baby, only to be left with unanswered questions and even more uncertainly, is common for many women who start digging into prenatal cannabis use!

My personal advice is IF you choose to consume then:
  1. know WHAT you are using the plant medicine for
  2. use cannabis in the minimal dose needed to attain the necessary effects.
  3. use cannabis with intention: ask for what you need from the medicine.
  4. ensure the products you are consuming are clean and free from any harmful toxins or chemicals. You can view the lab tests of Society's Plant products and know that our growth process is all organic in nature and trust our products are free of any harmful chemicals or toxins.

High Society Mama created a REEL highlighting a number of incredible mothers who used cannabis during pregnancy and are open to speaking of their use:

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