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Your Trusted Source For Quality Microdose Gummies

SOCIETY’s Plant brings you the best microdose gummies to elevate your game, made from high quality artisanal CBD hemp and clean ingredients. Whether you are dealing with the stress and mental load of life, parenting or just need a healthy way to unwind after a day of work, our microdose THC gummies and full range of wellness focused artisanal hemp products will raise your vibe.

Explore the benefits of a Mushroom Tincture or CBD Gummies for Stress

At SOCIETY’s Plant, we understand that everyday stresses can affect your well-being. That is why we offer a selection of CBD gummies for stress, designed to help you find a sense of calm in your busy life. We also offer the functional benefits of a mushroom tincture combined with CBD to utilize for specific purposes such as: focus, wellness, stress and sleep. The mushroom tinctures provide a wonderful synergy to support your wellness journey.

Weed Moms Love CBD, THC and Delta 9 Gummies

If you are a mom that consumes cannabis products, then YOU are a CANNAMOM and you’ve come to the right place! Many cannamoms love our products because you can discreetly have Delta 9 gummies shipped direct to your door. Our 1:1 “Adult Gummies” with equal parts 12mg of CBD and Delta 9 THC - provides a fun high from the THC with reduced anxiety from the CBD. Many of our microdose gummies are very popular for moms, but if you are just starting out then check out: Weed Mom book - the ultimate guide to cannabis for parents.

Try Sex Gummies, Energy from THCV Gummies or Sleep with CBN Gummies

Offering a unique approach to holistic wellness, we craft artisanal hemp products that target a functional use with cannabinoids. Energizing THCV Weight Loss Gummies offer anti-anxiety and appetite suppression while HHC + THC gummies offer a euphoric high to enhance creativity. When you need a good night's rest, you can rely on our CBN gummies for sleep.

A New Approach to Wellness: CBDA Softgels

Discover the power of nature with SOCIETY’s Plant. Raw hemp containing CBDA, is the most potent cannabinoid for many healing benefits and it comes in CBDA softgels to make consuming CBDA easy. Experience our range of quality, reliable products and transform your life. Contact us to learn more and start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle today.

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We craft products that are 100% naturally cultivated and sun grown. Using only organic fertilizers and a lot of hands on love, we produce an aromatic, small batch hemp flower rich in CBD goodness and perfect for smoking.




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