Terpene You Need to Know: Beta-Caryophyllene.

Terpene Beta-Caryophyllene in Smokable CBD Hemp Flower

The future of smokable cannabis is no longer found in defining if a strain is Indica or Sativa. Now, CBD hemp flower strains are being examined more closely to look at the make up of the terpenes found in the smokable strain's hemp buds. We have covered all the major terpenes, but today we will learn about the benefits of Beta-Caryophyllene. 

Beta-Caryophyllene is a great terpene for inflammation

Despite being one of the hardest words to pronounce beta-caryophyllene is likely one of the most commonly used food additives that you use on a daily basis. If you salt and pepper your food regularly, then you're sprinkling on a tiny dose of caryophyllene.

If you're a chai lover then you would definitely be familiar with the aromatic herbaceous-ness of this naturally occurring compound. This terpene is common in so many foods from countries that indulge in flavor such as Mexico and India and this plant compound spices up our palates in addition to enhancing our smoke sessions! 

What is Beta-Caryophyllene? 

Caryophyllene is one of over 20,000 discovered terpenes! Terpenes are the “essential oils” of the plant that create the aromatic and flavor profile as well as contribute physical and emotional benefits to our bodies. Caryophyllene is approved by the FDA as a food additive as well as a recognized dietary cannabinoid. This terpene/cannabinoid is likely in many plants you eat every day such as black pepper, cinnamon, oregano, and fresh peppers. Caryophyllene actually boosts the absorption of other beneficial chemicals such as curcuminoids in turmeric. This synergy of black pepper and turmeric is used in Society’s Plant’s PositiviTea Herbal Loose-Leaf Rooibos & Hemp Tea. In this tea you can also enjoy the benefits of CBDA as well as a good dose of CBD, so you can sip your cannabinoids, instead of smoking hemp flower!

Where is the terpene - Caryophyllene found? 

Much like limonene, this terpene is commonly found as a food additive, in cosmetics, creams, toothpaste, and other commercial products. This list of food sources of this terpene is plentiful including: 

  • Allspice 
  • Arugula 
  • Asparagus 
  • Bell peppers
  • Blood oranges 
  • Carrots 
  • Cayenne 
  • Celery 
  • Chamomile 
  • Cloves 
  • Elderberry 
  • Oats 
  • Nutmeg 
  • Papaya

What is Caryophyllene Terpene Good for? 

In combination with other terpenes in many CBD hemp flower strains, caryophyllene can be used to calm inflammation and decrease pain. If you consider how clove oil is commonly used, then it shouldn’t be a surprise to know that it has antimicrobial and analgesic benefits that are especially helpful in dental health.

In one study, mice treated with 50mg/kg of this terpene, showed decreased numbers on tests measuring anxiety, depression, and compulsive activity. So, if you want to comfort a sour mood indulge in something luscious like a calming golden milk latte with a bit of cinnamon and a few drops of Society's Plant Raw Hemp CBDA Oil.

 Society's Plant Raw Hemp CBDA Oil

Since this terpene also doubles as a cannabinoid and recent research has shown that it has benefits on a group of chronic diseases called inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) because your endocannabinoid system actually connects your gut and your brain. In fact, some scientists believe it is the main communication channel between your gut and your brain. This role could also explain how this terpene can be helpful for anxiety and depression. 

Terpene / Cannabinoid: Caryophyllene, CBD, Anxiety

Caryophyllene is capable of interacting with some of the receptor sites that comprise the endocannabinoid system. The main cannabinoid pathways within the endocannabinoid system are the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Caryophyllene only acts on the CB2 receptors rather than the CB1 receptor that the cannabinoid THC acts on which causes the psychoactive effects, in this way caryophyllene can alter the ECS without the “high” of THC. Studies done on mice show CB2 receptors are involved in the regulation of emotional behavior and could be a potential therapeutic target when it comes to anxiety and depression. 

How does smokable Beta-caryophyllene smell & taste?

Caryophyllene has a strong sinus-clearing aroma that is often woodsy, earthy, spicy, and peppery in flavor. The flavor profile of this terpene pairs well with other spicy herbs in its family such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, turmeric, and hops. If you have ever taken in the aroma and taste of a diesel strain such as SOCIETY Hemp Flower: Blueberry Diesel, then you have experienced this terpene’s muskiness in cannabis, as that is where these strains get their name from. 

What Cannabis (CBD) Strains Contain Caryophyllene? 

Blueberry Diesel Smokable Hemp CBD Flower:

This potent CBD hemp flower is a cross between famed Blueberry and Sour Diesel strains. Creating an uplifting and tranquil buzz, this strain is great for daytime creativity or soothing relaxation. The hybrid has a lineage of indica Blueberry and Sativa Sour Diesel. Making it a perfect middle-of-the-road smoke for anytime relief. The name explains it well, with a sweet berry fruit nose followed by diesel undertones

Bubba Kush Smokable Hemp CBD Flower:

Bubba Kush CBD has a terpene profile of caryophyllene, and other terpenes bisabolol and humulene, this CBD strain opens up with a citrus and pine aroma reminiscent of sweet hashish that settles into coffee and chocolate. Bubba Kush CBD hemp flowerinspires a peaceful, calm experience, partially due to the bisabolol terpene which is also found in chamomile but also from the caryophyllene. Humulene is currently being studied for its weight-loss potential because of its ability to decrease hunger, making Bubba Kush CBD strain an ideal hemp flower strain to add to your weight loss regimen or even to your THC dominant flower to offset the munchies.

Hempress Smokable Hemp CBD Flower

The strain, Hempress, is a powerhouse CBD strain, full of flavor! Taking Purple Urkle and crossing it with OG delivers a combination of earthy, fruity, and grassy aroma and ends with a sweet floral taste. It's perfect for after a long day and needs the feel of a calm and relaxing effect. This strain is a popular cultivar and is said to help soothes anxiety, relieve pain, boost mood, increase creativity, combat nausea, and induce peaceful sleep.

Jet Fuel Smokable Hemp CBD Flower

While Bubba Kush can bring you down, Jet Fuel does the heavy lifting with almost instant cognitive effects, decreasing racing thoughts but potentially increasing appetite which can be a benefit if you’re medicating to offset the side effects of medications that make food unappealing. With over 15% CBD profile and the inclusion of caryophyllene, this is a knockout strain for relieving pain and inflammation. 

Suver Haze Smokable Hemp CBD Flower: 

This strain, Suver Haze, has a flavor that is a mix between spicy black pepper from the terpene caryophyllene and sour green apple from Farnesene, Suver Haze offers a tasty and powerful smoke. With CBD levels ranging between 18% to 20%. The most dominant terpenes found in this strain include caryophyllene, farnesene, and myrcene. The terpenes and cannabinoids synergize, creating a wave of relaxation that will take away any stress, tension, or anxiety.  

Tangie Delta8 THC Hemp Vape Carts

This terpene blend has a sweet tangerine flavored Delta-8 vape cartridge is perfect for daytime use and is so discreet with our 510-battery pen and a fruity aroma you exhale out into the dreamy universe. After inhaling the vapor, you will start to feel more creative, happy, and stress-free. It also boasts a great deal of energy, but you will feel very relaxed and focused concurrently. This strain is an effective antidote to mood disorders such as depression. Tangie is also a great stress reliever, and its energetic effect helps patients who are struggling with fatigue however it is not the best for pain relief.

All hemp flower contains terpenes as well as CBD

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