Myrcene: The Foundational Terpene of Cannabis

Benefits of Terpene Myrcene in CBD Hemp & Cannabis

We will explore this terpene in depth to learn about some of the benefits and some aspects that you might not be looking for in certain situation. There is also an extra special nug-get at the end for you to enjoy!

What effects happen from the terpene Myrcene in Hemp and CBD Flower?

Have you ever wondered why some cannabis causes couchlock? We discovered the magic combination of terpenes and cannabinoids that cause the "couchlock" effect.

We explore what other plants have been used in similar ways as our favorite cannabis strains.

We cover, how to identify a dominant terpene in a strain by sniffing for aromatic notes?

We're going deep into the benefits of myrcene, and FULL DISCLAIMER: it might cause a craving for mangoes while toking on some kush! 

Read this before smoking a high myrcene strain! 

What is the terpene Myrcene? 

Named after a medicinal shrub from Brazil by the name of myrcia sphaerocarpa, myrcene is a terpene found in several different plants, herbs, and fruits. Terpenes are the “essential oils” of the plant that create the aromatic and flavor profile as well as contribute physical and emotional benefits to our bodies. Myrcene is believed to be the most abundant terpenes found in cannabis cultivars. The terpene profiles of some Indica strains are often made up of at least 50% of this terpene. Terpenes, like myrcene, work synergistically with the other terpenes found in the cannabis strain, as well as with the various plant cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBN & CBG - to create what is referred to as the entourage effect

What is the entourage effect?

The entourage effect is the phenomenon when a group of compounds works in unison to produce a synergy of sorts. When it pertains to the cannabis plant the compounds include, cannabinoids and terpenes. 

What is the terpene Myrcene found in? 

Myrcene is found in other herbs such as hops, basil, cloves, lemongrass, and ylang-ylang. It’s also a popular flavoring and aroma agent (food additive) used in the manufacturing of food and beverages. Other foods with myrcene include carrots, pomegranates, and guava melons, mangoes are the most popular source of myrcene. A typical strain of cannabis contains 2 mg of myrcene per quarter gram, while an entire mango contains approximately 0.086 mg. It should be no surprise that Mango Kush is a myrcene heavy strain. 

How Does Terpene - Myrcene Taste & Smell? 

This terpene is responsible for earthy, musky, and even slightly fruity aromas reminiscent of cloves with a touch of grape-ness. You may notice savory & herbaceous notes when myrcene is prominent in your product. Myrcene actually lends its flavor profile to beer through the fermentation of hops. It tastes sweet and citrusy and has become a popular flavoring. 

What are the Effects & Benefits of Myrcene?

Myrcene is sometimes referred to as “the mother of all terpenes” because of its wide array of health benefits.

Myrcene: Sleep Benefits for Insomniacs 

Traditionally the folk remedies that contained myrcene were used as sleep aids.  For example, in Mexico, myrcene-rich lemongrass tea was used as a sedative & muscle relaxant.  In Germany, hops has been widely used to reach a deeper sleep state.
If the goal is to use myrcene for sleep, then consuming a strain with myrcene and linalool could be the best remedy for your insomniac soul.

Myrcene with CBD for Pain and Inflammation 

Dr Ethan Russo, led a study which came to the conclusion that Myrcene works with CBD to reduce pain and inflammation in patients. CBD and myrcene also has the ability to block cancer-causing effects of aflatoxins. When this terpene is used in combination with cannabinoids, it was found to reduced pain, and act as an effective muscle relaxant and while also showing sedative properties. 

Other Benefits of Myrcene in Hemp Flower

Some additional benefits that the terpene, Myrcene is known for include:
  • slowing bacterial growth to improve digestive health
  • mitigate the consequences of diabetes
  • relieve symptoms of psychosis 
  • shows promise for cancer fighting benefits

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of CBD Hemp with Terpene - Myrcene

Studies have shown Myrcene to have anti-inflammatory benefits and when combined with the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD,  it is even more powerful. Myrcene in combination with CBD and other terpenes such as limonene and pinene can decrease daytime pain and allow you to stay grounded and focused.  This terpene-cannabinoid combo also is known for muscle relaxant effects.

Myrcene Dominant CBD Hemp Strains

Here at SOCIETY, we have a plethora of hemp products, but what really makes us special is the artisanal hemp flower that we grow on our family run farm in Southwest Michigan. Here we will highlight our favorite strains that are dominant in the terpene Myrcene.

Boax Spectrum Craft CBD Hemp Flower: 

Boax Spectrum is a fast-acting CBD Hemp Flower that is a hybrid strain with a solid combination of effects that make it unique for the most seasoned CBD users. Many notice the strong scent of sandalwood. This strain is popular for its great entourage effect. Boax Spectrum is known for relaxation and to help relieve both physical and cognitive nuances. You will notice a sense of Well-being and calm, as well as a heightened level of concentration. This is a favorite for pain relief and to melt your stress away. Available in PreRoll Smokes and, Ready to Roll, "ground perfectly for you" flower and Flower by weight

Myrcene Heavy Strains in Delta 8 Hemp:

Granddaddy Purple is a classic Indica strain that is a great nighttime strain and is available in our convenient Delta 8 Vape Cartridges. No need to light up under the sheets, when a few flame-free puffs can release your muscle tension and decrease pain before you drift off to sleep. Get ready for a night of deep REM sleep and also note, many users tout its ability to replace narcotics and suppress symptoms of PTSD. Our product offering also contains the powerful cannabinoid Delta 8 which like its cousin delta 9, provides a euphoric effect but to a lesser degree, often people like the subtleness of this high over the more impactful high of traditional THC. 

Wedding Cake: All of our Delta 8 Vape Cartridges are awesome but this one really takes the cake! While actually not sweet in flavor, this Wedding Cake may help you realize just how sweet life can be. Wedding Cake in delta8 vape carts contain the terpenes of the indica dominant strain, that’s ready at a moment's notice, to offer a relaxing, calming, euphoric experience. Wedding Cake d8 strain is a rich indulgence, and a sense of calm and ease will transcend both mind and body. This vape cart is an excellent choice when you just need a little peace and quiet. Wedding Cake is a popular medicinal marijuana strain that is often used for musculoskeletal pain such as arthritis, sciatica, and fibromyalgia, and is commonly used for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. 

CBD Hemp Vape Carts High in Myrcene

Forbidden Fruit: From the Society’s Plant CBD Vape Cartridge Collection, Forbidden Fruit’s effects come on strong into the mind and body. Users report Forbidden Fruit’s ability to induce deep physical relaxation and mental ease, making it perfect for nighttime or a rainy day. It’s a delicious cross of Cherry Pie and Tangie. The flavor profile is a perfect mixture of musky, sweet cherry undertones, and Tangie’s loud tropical flavor. While we love all of our smokable flower, vape cartridges are simply so discreet and convenient!

Myrcene and THC 

Myrcene in combination with THC can be used to alleviate pain, especially in combination with the anti-inflammatory benefits of eugenol, another terpene. In this study, researchers injected rats with myrcene from lemongrass tea and discovered an analgesic effect without the drawbacks of the common pain reducer aspirin. The myrcene & THC combination is also believed to be responsible for the couchlock affect many reports having after inhaling the benefits of indica or “in the couch” strains. While sedation is not always ideal for patients experiencing severe pain or side effects of treatments for chronic illness sedation could be a welcome relief allowing the user to rest. Additionally, these benefits are without the harmful drawbacks of many popular prescription drugs.

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