Moms that use SOCIETY's Plant CBD & Hemp Products

Motherhood is not easy. There are expectations (many self-imposed) to be the best parent we can be. Many moms have not explored cannabis before, and it can seem quite daunting if one is not educated on the benefits and uses for this fine plant. We spoke with a bunch of mothers that LOVE SOCIETY’s Plant products to find out which products they use and why?

CannaMoms that use SOCIETY’s Plant CBD

The founder and owner of SOCIETY’s Plant is Bianca Snyder, better known on social media as High Society Mama.  She has the mission to inspire mothers to confidently consume cannabis and cultivated a community that helps to amplify the message of other moms through @highsocietyofmamas on Instagram.  The community of the High Society of Mamas also meet on Clubhouse every week to discuss all things motherhood and cannabis. This includes sharing in the struggles of motherhood, the glory of parenting with cannabis and coming together to encourage and support one another like no other. A couple things they share in common is the belief that plant medicine DOES WORK and they love their children so much that they always want to show up in the best way possible, while also advocating and educating. 

Moms Consume CBD Hemp products, Mushrooms and Delta8

Here at SOCIETY’s Plant we are proud to offer a wide range of products that mothers are raving about. We often want to shout from the rooftops when we hear stories of how cannabis helps Moms, so we couldn’t be more excited to share these stories. Find out how and why moms are using SOCIETY’s Plant to elevate their motherhood journey!

This Mother’s Day we wanted to share a bit about several moms that continue to inspire and support Society’s Plant because they love the high quality we offer in our products. 

Alana A, Army Vet & Epilepsy Warrior using CBD and Mushrooms for PTSD

Alana served in the US Army and is currently a single mom navigating the complexities of motherhood while healing from epilepsy and PTSD which she was diagnosed with as a result of serving in the military.

She uses SOCIETY’s MUSHROOM ENHANCED CBD TINCTURES and our small batch artisanal CBD hemp flower for better sleep, to decrease anxiety, and to help manage the symptoms of PTSD.*  Alana can be found on Instagram at @MissAlana33.

In her own words Alana says...“Plant medicine allows me to be present for my child. It allows me to relax, and to sleep better at night, helping me be the best me and mom I can be. It allows me to take a pause and recognize when I need to utilize coping skills and also when I need to apologize. I’m still healing and learning and there is nothing more important to me than for my kiddo to see that it’s ok to find alternative ways of healing that work for you!”

Danielle Simone Brand, Author of Weed Mom and Motherhood & Cannabis Advocate

Danielle is the author of Weed Mom, The Canna-Curious Woman's Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out. As a cannabis entrepreneur and busy mom, she uses Society’s Plant products nearly every day, and here is what she has to say about them: 

“SOCIETY’S Plant products have helped me dial down my anxiety and dial up my productivity and mood—especially as a busy, often overstretched, working mama. Different products help me at different moments of my day to sleep better, work better, have more fun, and parent to the best of my ability. And the community! SOCIETY’s Plant, High Society Mama, and High Society of Mamas are all connectors & community builders for us cannamoms… thank you for being here for us—showing the world that cannabis IS for moms. I love everything you’re about!!”

“I love Society’s CBDA capsules for keeping my baseline calm and elevated (but not high, lol), and for helping me manage migraines… and a super low dose of DELTA-8 GUMMY is my current parenting secret weapon—hello calm, chill, focused mama! I also love mixing Society’s High-CBD flower with some THC flower for a balanced vibe without the anxiety. And the cannamama merch is fun & expressive… our tribe is Cannamom AF…. every day!!” 

Georgia Marinkovich, CannaMom & Cannabis for Cancer Advocate 

Georgia uses her IG platform at @georgia.marinkovich to share about her and her husband’s experience in the cannabis industry and how cannabis has improved the quality of their lives since her husband was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. She is one of our favorite content creators advocating for cannabis! This is Georgia’s testimony: 

“I have very bad anxiety when I have to drive. My husband was diagnosed with brain cancer and lost his license when he had a seizure so until he gets it back, I am the only one that can drive. The CBD Chill tincture helps calm the anxiety symptoms in my body, but keeps my mind sharp and focused. My heart rate slows down, my body stops shaking and my thoughts are focused on the driving instead of the fear. It has been a game-changer for me.” 

Boax Spectrum high-CBD Flower and Blueberry Diesel high-CBD Flower are her favorite SOCIETY’s Plant hemp strains and she says, “she's OBSESSED with the CHILL MUSHROOM ENHANCED CBD TINCTURE.” It was the first CBD product that she used that allowed her to truly feel the bodily calm CBD can bring on. 

Jessi: a mother smokes CBD and THCo to feel good

Using cannabis and SOCIETY’s Plant products in particular, helps me to feel focused, calm, more fun for my kids, less stressed, and less of that feeling of needing to excel at everything, but most of all - love my babies and care for them. Her favorite products are: High CBD Hemp Pre-Roll Cones, and Boax Spectrum Hemp Strain

Jordana Zabitsky, Intuitive Empowerment Coach & Cannabis Community Leader

Jordana empowers women to heal through plant medicine and energy work, she offers 1-on-1 coaching as well as group coaching Mothers Mary and can be found on IG @mothersmary_Jordana. She says “All the products I use are incredible. SOCIETY’s Plant Loose Leaf tea with CBD is magnificent because it’s caffeine-free and the CBD hemp flower helps me use less THC which I love”.  Her favorite products are SOCIETY’s Plant high-CBD hemp flower, Delta-8 infused CBD flower, and the Hemp & Herbal loose-leaf teas, such as the fan favorite, Positivi-Tea. Be sure to take a peek at the reviews on Positivi-Tea, to see just how much people enjoy this tea!

Kelsey: Mom using Cannabis, Mushrooms and CBD for Sobriety

“I have recently started a journey into sobriety. Being a mother, living substance-free is the way to go. After struggling for almost 20 years with substance abuse, I am proudly almost 10 months sober. Society’s Plant medicine has helped me to kick every single addiction. The CBD Hemp Flower and Mushroom Enhanced Tinctures are Lifesavers. And the Wake and Caffeinate Tea fuel me for the entire day. I can’t thank this company enough or say enough good things about their products. With the help of this medicine, I am able to stay sober and present for my children every single day.
🙏 Thank you!!!” Her favorite products are THRIVE MUSHROOM ENHANCED TINCTURE and Rocket Fuel CBD Hemp Flower.  Kelsey can be found on Instagram at @buttittachelly

Lindsay: Uses CBD Hemp Flower for PMDD- Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Lindsay says, ”I'm able to handle more without so much overwhelm or irritability and keep all the mood swings at bay.”  Her favorite Society’s Plant Hemp Strains are Rocket Fuel and Boax Spectrum Hemp Flower. These strains are helpful for her PMDD and chronic pain. Lindsay can be found on Instagram at @lindsa4201 

Nydia GanjaClergy Cannabis Coach Focused on Plant Medicine Education

Nydia is the mastermind behind several businesses to include; URWellness, Got Terpenes, and Noded. She is one of the most knowledgeable mamas we know, about cannabis. Her passion for the cannabis plant is contagious. She has ingeniously figured out how to fully include her son in the educational t-shirt company Got Terpenes? Check them out!

This is her words regarding her favorite SOCIETY’s Plant products… 

“The womb tea, from SOCIETY called Mama’s Abundance Tea,  has changed my life during my cycle by easing any womb discomfort and providing instant relief.  All the other Hemp & Herbal Loose-Leaf Teas are just as yummy and amazing. The Ready-to-Roll Hemp Flower is Terpy in just the right ways and a great go-to for me to blend with other flower to make just the right ratio of CBD:THC.” 

Renae Skilton: a Mom using CBD Hemp Flower for ADHD

Renae is a co-owner of her family’s business, The Glassware House in California. Use code: CANNAMOMSOCIETY for 15% their incredible selection of glass pipes, bongs and smoking accessories.  Renae and her partner entertain us with their cannabis advocacy through hilarious skits on Instagram @matinee.medicate
They are the type of Canna-Parents you want to be best friends with! Their Reels educate on cannabis with parenthood, ADHD, and how CBD hemp flower decreases social anxiety. Her plant testimony is amazing! 

“Mental health matters. Great quality CBD can help. For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with paying attention. I’m a visual learner and a daydreamer. I sing, dance, and leave a mess everywhere. I try my best to make it on time, but I’m always on the go and most likely running a few minutes late. I lose things and get distracted when I find things. My autopilot is pretty damn good at overcompensating for my running brain, but it’s not a healthy way to live 24/7, especially when you are a mom.

As a child, I was often called an airhead. Now I often look like I don’t care when I’m unmedicated. Truth is that my focus and attention span are much greater when I microdose my favorite citrus strain along with my favorite SOCIETY’s Plant Hemp Flower strain BOAX spectrum. I’m aware that my ADHD comes with the gift of creativity and good intentions, and I personally feel that CBD's full spectrum doesn’t take that gift away from me. The CBD helps me to stay focused on the task at hand. It’s amazing how a toke can put me in control. With the help of CBD flower, I can actually say what my brain is thinking. I can start a project and see it through to the end. I can be more organized and aware of my surroundings. CANNABINOIDS are not a cure-all, but it honestly helps my “mom brain” stay on top of mental hurdles and roadblocks that I have dealt with my whole life.”*

Shannon: Canadian CannaMom Advocate

Shannon Chiarenza is the mastermind behind the blog: (which is amazing)!

She makes cannabis education fun and informative. Holding it down in Canada, Shannon helps moms to learn about ways to use cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms! She demystifies how to best vaporize dry herb and CBD flower. She covers all sorts of educational information on cannabis as well as product reviews on her Cannamom page on Instagram at @Therealweedmama.  Shannon is a mother of 2 and is also into tarot, spirituality and ritual.

 Many Moms that inspire us with their cannabis advocacy work are trying to break the relation between weed and laziness. We love that many moms have learned to consume cannabis consciously and responsibility. It is important to understand how your body reacts to the ways you consume the cannabis plant. Since many moms have a job (or multiple jobs) to do - as Shannon states, “smokable hemp flower is relaxing and perfect for filming (IG videos) when I don't want to get high😄”. She finds that CBD is “very soothing and calming, CBD is great for relaxing the nervous system.”* 

Angela Queen: Herbalist that Loves CBD, Delta8 and Mushrooms 

Angela is an herbalist that educates on the intersections of culture and cannabis as well as other plant remedies. She believes that the attack on cannabis also coincides with an attack on culture and loves to teach the history of plant medicine to anyone that’ll listen. She says.. 

“Society’s Plant hemp flower supports me throughout the day to center my nervous system as I navigate working from home with two kids. As a high-strung person that is super sensitive to external stimuli, I feel that CBD slows the world down so I can respond clearly. I love the CHILL MUSHROOM ENHANCED TINCTURE because it contains passionflower which is one of my favorite herbs and I’ve also never seen such a great quality herbal product that includes medicinal mushrooms, herbs AND CBD. It is like a triple punch of plant awesomeness! The Delta-8 gummies and Society’s Plant Delta-8 vape cartridges almost always come out at night after I put the kids to bed so I can mellow out and eventually drift off to sleep.”  Find more of Angela’s advocacy and education work on Instagram at @reimaginingrhythms.

Tanya: Hawaiian Mother Uses CBD Hemp Flower to Fight Lupus

Tanya, is one of OG customers. She uses her platforms on Instagram @irie_sweety_ advocate for the plant and share snippets of her journey. We keep learning more about Tanya’s story and she inspires us on the regular! Visit her blog to read about her story of surviving, healing and growth at IRIESWEETY.COM.  Here are her comments on SOCIETY’s Plant…

“As a Lupus patient I was on heavy pharmaceutical medicines, which ironically led me to more pills to counteract the first ones. At one point I was taking 15 pills a day! I realized then that I had to find another path to healing because that was not it. Society's Plant has become part of my medicine regimen and allowed me to cut my pharmaceutical pills by 75% within the first year. My favorite Society products are the CBD flowers, especially Boax Spectrum and Rocket Fuel in the Ready to Roll. I also love the Suver Haze Hemp strain.” 

As a mother of 3 living with chronic pain, Tanya tells us about how cannabis helps her in motherhood. This is what she said, “I can thank cannabis for allowing me to be a better mom. It has helped me with my anxieties of the pressure of being a good mom. Cannabis balances my mood so that I'm not snapping at my kids when I'm frustrated anymore. I find I have more energy and motivation to do chores too, which is a small miracle.”*

Janelle: Holistic Mother Coach & CannaMom Support


Janelle Johngrass is a neurodiverse mother of 4, wife, certified health coach, 20+ year cannabis advocate, public speaker, published writer, recovered addict and the founder of Know Mommy. Janelle is dedicated to helping women feel confident in how they care for themselves, their family, and their homes and believes when women have access to community, education, resources and support they can tune into their inner wisdom, identify their values, transform their goals into action and facilitate healthy, sustainable behavior and lifestyle choices; these positive effects set the foundation for generational health. Through her website and coaching business Janelle educates and supports women on their path to healthy pregnancies and healthy families and aims to make healthy living easy, accessible, and enjoyable by putting holistic solutions back in the hands of women who seek healing and support.

Janelle uses Society’s Plant products daily! This is what she had to say:

“Society’s Plant is an incredible company that aligns with my beliefs and philosophies. Not only is it woman owned and family operated, they care about sustainable practices and healthy communities. As a breastfeeding Mom I love using the abundance tea to support a healthy milk production and find great relief from the Chill tincture during times of stress. I also like to mix Society’s Plant boax spectrum and/or rocket fuel with my THC to reduce the “come down” effects and help support a healthy endocannabinoid system.”

You can connect with her through her website or find her on instagram/facebook @knowmommy

Mothers Who Consume Cannabis With Confidence

These are some of our favorite Mothers who consume SOCIETY’s Plant and are also passionate about advocating for cannabis. The intention behind presenting these testimonials of mothers who confidently consume cannabis, is to show the different reasons that a Mom might use SOCIETY’s CBD hemp, Delta8 and Mushroom enhanced products and to possibly spur some ideas as to how our products might contribute to easing your motherhood journey. 

Use the code: MOMSLOVESOCIETY to get 25% off your order from SOCIETY’s Plant!  

If you have any questions about what product might be right for you - then email us at - we are always happy to answer questions and make personalized recommendations! 


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