Cannabis Mom Gift Guide

The best last minute gift option is to give the gift of choice with a SOCIETY’s Plant Gift Card.

Mother’s Day is coming up QUICKLY!  If you have been searching for the perfect gift for the cannabis-loving Mom in your life, then we have the answer for you in the…

Ultimate 2023 Gift Guide for Cannamoms 

We will review some of the most wanted gifts for a cannabis lover who is also that spectacular MOM that we want to celebrate! 

Do Moms want FLOWERS for Mother’s Day?

Some say MOMS do NOT want flowers for Mother’s Day, but we are here to dispel that MYTH.  All the mothers we know, actually DO want flowers for Mother’s Day! But the moms we are referring to no longer want the standard bouquet of rainbow flowers. Instead, many canna-moms actually desire a terpene-rich (cannabis) flower that has the power to ease the anxiety that comes along with motherhood. *They seek the flower that helps to release the stress that seems to be collected like warts on a frog, throughout the long days of motherhood. 

Moms deserve rainbow bouquet flowers AND the fragrant buds of their favorite strain of hemp flower. A garden contains an array of colors and textures with different herbs and flowers that provide an array of health benefits, so how about gifting mom a variety of blooms and even roots - heck, most moms we know deserve the entire garden and the kitchen sink. 

Let’s normalize giving moms the FLOWERS that help to feel good and add some variety with other herbs for the feel-good effects to flow over for a happier & healthier life. 

Moms Want Functional Mushrooms & High CBD for Health & Wellbeing

Do you know what else her heart desires? Mushrooms! Just as moms have stopped hiding their smoking and toking ways, ‘shrooms have come out of the dark and are the newest stars of the wellness scene!  We love the healing and restorative benefits of functional mushrooms that help our bodies adapt to stressors. We combined the mushrooms with herbs and CBD to concoct the SOCIETY Mushroom Enhanced CBD Tinctures - to boost the healing by synergistically combining the powers of plants and fungi!  

Mushrooms with CBD for the Canna-Curious Mom

Are you shopping for a Mom that has not been introduced to the wonderful benefits of plant medicine yet? This is your chance to make a good impression and we have the perfect assortment of goods to get her hooked!

SOCIETY’s Mushroom Enhanced CBD tinctures taste great and combine the synergistic effects of the mushrooms, herbs and CBD to offer a great way to ease Mom into the benefits of plant medicine. 

We like to think of THRIVE as a mushroom multivitamin because it has 12 mushrooms along with 1,000mg of CBD. CHILL is the tincture that will abolish stress! DREAM will help you swiftly and easily drift off to a deep slumber. 

For the mom that likes to move her body, the fitness or dance queen in your life would love our Magical Plant Salve which is a topical coconut oil-based salve, hemp extract works synergistically with herbs such as arnica, comfrey, and lavender to bring immediate relief from daily aches and pains. With essential oils of lavender and peppermint oil our ache relief balm doesn't smell like old-fashioned Bengay, and it is definitely not your Granny's pain creme. 

High CBD Cannabis Hemp Flower for Cannamoms 

Taking a toke of her favorite cannabis smoke can be the highlight of her day for a busy Mom. Sometimes we hear people say, “I don’t like CBD” or “CBD doesn’t work for me”.  The next question to ask is if they have SMOKED CBD. The experience of smoking CBD is different from taking it in tincture form because of the entourage effect and the feeling you get from smoking is almost immediate. Oftentimes, people feel a relaxation spread gently through their body. CBD does not give the same punch of psychoactive effects that a THC high will give, but it is noticeable. 

Smoke CBD Hemp Flower for a Happy Mother

There are a few ways to indulge in the ritual of smoking hemp flower for self-care! You can roll a joint with SOCIETY’s Plant smokable hemp flower that can be purchased by the ounce. This is a great way to connect with the plant medicine with intention and get your hands sticky!  All you need is your favorite strain of Society’s Plant Smokable Hemp Flower, grinder, rolling papers, or cones, or a smoking device such as a bong or pipe. This is also the perfect opportunity to blend in some THC cannabis flower along with our high-CBD hemp flower. 

SOCIETY’s Plant Ready to Roll CBD Hemp Flower is EASY

We make rolling joints even easier with our Ready to Roll pre-ground CBD flower in 4 different strains, Boax Spectrum, Bubba Kush, Cherry Blossom, and Rocket Fuel. 

Boax Spectrum

Known for relaxation, supporting both physical and cognitive nuances. Well-being and calm is noticed quickly with smokable hemp flower as well as a heightened level of concentration. This is a favorite for pain relief and to melt your stress away! 

Bubba Kush 

Soothes the mind and body perfectly for people who have difficulties sleeping, have pain or just anxiety. It even helps with muscle tension, spasms, inflammation, joint pains and even migraines. 

Cherry Blossom

Delightful flavor of sweet berries and fresh earth to accompany its piney musk, this potent CBD hemp strain provides a tasty palate. is a cross of “Cherry Wine” and “Wife”, two of the most desired hemp varieties. This strain is very calming and easy to smoke. Powerfully relaxing and mood-boosting effects are almost instantaneous.

Rocket Fuel CBD 

This strain has very dense buds with a potent diesel, but still a very sweet aroma. It is super dense and has an earthy, gassy and spicy aroma. It is an energizing, feel-good favorite strain for daytime productivity, focus, and clarity.

Moms Love Hugs & Delta8 Nugs. 

You deliver the hugs, and we’ll deliver the nugs! When you inhale the smoke (or vapor) of the Bubba Kush hemp flower with Delta-8, it hits just right and everything suddenly feels ok.*Sometimes the Delta8 gummies take a little longer to hit, but when they do, it feels like you’re engaged in a heartfelt hug with mother nature.* Hemp derived Delta8 can feel relaxing and soothing for those with an anxious mind.*  Similar to the body high and deep calm of an indica strains of cannabis, Delta8 provides a new level of relaxation that will help to tuck yourself into bed for a wonderful time of REST. 

Super Cannamoms deserve Capes and Vapes! 

Vapes are discreet, so you get less heat! Moms are under enough heat as it is: they wake the kids, feed the kids, get the kids to school… When does it end? When do these superheroes get a cape and a vape? (we mean a cape and a break?)  

The act of showing up, as a mom and seeking out the best plant medicine to help a mom to feel her best makes all those Moms superheroes to us! 

We know how challenging motherhood is! When you don’t even have a moment alone to poop, finding a lighter to fire up a joint may feel far too overwhelming. It is at those moments that a vape cartridge and battery becomes mom’s helper! A puff off a CBD vape cart can be just what you need to restore the endocannabinoid system back to homeostasis, so you can get back to caring for yourself and your family. 

Society’s Plant vape cartridges are available in CBD, Delta-8, THC-O/Delta-8 and our new Delta-10. 

Cannabis Gummies make Mommy Funny

We are excited to sell a full range of hemp gummies that are suitable for all sorts of Moms depending on what their needs are. The SOCIETY’s Plant 25mg CBD gummies provide the exclusive benefits of CBD as a stand alone product. The Delta8 Gummies come in a variety of flavors and also in two strengths: 25mg and 50mg.  King’s GOLD-X is our Delta10 line that is in partnership with Bradley King, Cannabis Coach. SOCIETY’s GOLD-IX is 12mg of Delta9 combine with 15mg of CBD - into one delightful gummy!

High Society Mama Works to Normalize Moms Using Cannabis to Play & Have Fun! 

Hey there, this is High Society Mama, bringing you an important message…

“In case you need to hear this today... YOU are NOT a bad Mom for using cannabis & having fun with your kids!”

Cannabis can help to calm down a stressed-out mom. 

Smokable hemp flower does not make you feel stoned, but it still helps to relax and bring out your happy face while releasing some anxiety.* Cannabis can help you to slow down and appreciate the tiny moments. It can help to stop worrying about getting the to-do list done and be playful with our kids. It can open up our imagination, so we can connect with them. Our families or close friends might try to shame us or openly judge us, but what you do in your house is your business.

Yes, there are concerns of CPS (Child Protective Services). This is a real thing, and we are not denying it. So, we like to ensure the parents out there are smart with their cannabis and keep the plant medicine locked away from kids' reach in order to have no areas of negligence. Responsible use of any medicine or substance (including alcohol) should always be part of our practice, as a parent. 

Locking Smell-proof Fashion Clutch

SOCIETY brings the hottest new addition to the cannabis fashion front…High SOCIETY Fashion Clutch gives the bling along with the assurance that cannabis goods are not only stashed away, but also locked up! This gorgeous smell-proof and lockable clutch is a perfect gift to accessorize any plant loving mama!  It comes in the fashion forward Leopard (faux fur) print or in a faux Black Alligator material. 

High Society Mama Smokes CBD for her Anxiety

If you are buying a gift for a Mom with anxiety, then take this advice from High Society Mama:

 “I like to get my anxiety relief during the day from smoking Society’s Plant High-CBD smokable hemp flower, so I can be clear and focused without my stress and worry taking over. In the late afternoon, I enjoy a Delta-8,9 or 10 gummies, so I relax, loosen up and get a little silly while I play with my little dude for a bit, before bedtime. If you’ve never read kid’s books while enjoying plant medicine, then you are missing out! Using storytelling voices with your kids is a blast!


I know we have been told that Moms should not use cannabis. We have been told it is bad, but when plant medicine is consumed in a responsible and conscious manner, parenting and plants can be a great combination.  Lastly, to manage my anxiety, I take 2-3 RAW Hemp Soft gels every night before bed. The CBDA in the Raw gel caps work wonders for my anxiety!” 


Some Cannamoms like to Sip and Smoke

Whether it’s nap time, bedtime, or while someone else is keeping the kids alive - even the busiest of cannamoms would love to find a quiet corner to sit down with a cup of tea and their preferred way to toke.  We are here for this kind of gift giving/relaxation advocacy!  We’ll be there with our tea infusers full of healing herbs & organic hemp parts and our artisanal CBD Hemp Preroll “Smokes”.

Society’s Plant teas and hemp smokes are a luscious combination of acidic cannabinoids from the steeped hemp and cannabidiol from puffing on the beautiful charcoal filtered hemp smokes. Our loose leaf teas are a blend of whole herb and tea leaves that are intertwined with all natural hemp from our artisanal small batch grown hemp plants! If you want to offer the perfect little touch LOVE - then add on a heart shaped loose leaf tea steeper. Find the full selection of Society’s Plant Loose Leaf Herbal Teas here

Cannamoms Rock the Bling that starts Canna-Curious Conversations 


1: Passionate mothers advocating for the right and option to utilize cannabis in the care of their own critically ill children. 

2: Self-aware mothers that stand up for their own rights to utilize plant medicine to stop negative self-talk, ease anxiety, and be a fun and playful version of themselves with the kids they love. 

The Cannamoms in our community are avid educators of the benefits of plant medicine and there is not much better way to start up a conversation than to wear some bling or apparel that proclaims their Cannamom status. 

CannaMom AF Gear for Moms that Love Cannabis

CannaMoms have a lot to be proud of. With every advocacy action and conversation that we have, we are opening the door to spread awareness of the healing benefits of the cannabis plant. The CannaMom AF hat is a perfect gift for a Mom to keep the sun out of her eyes on the beautiful summer days. It even has an opening on the back of the cap to pull her hair through in a HIGH ponytail. 

The jewelry selection at SOCIETY’s Plant also includes a CannaMom AF necklace that is the perfect bling and also a great conversation starter. If curious younger kids ask what CannaMom AF means, we like to say it stands for: CannaMoms ARE FUN!

Check out our full line of apparel here.

CannaMom Shirt: Wear your Weed Mom Normalization Advocacy on your Sleeve.

Show your support for the normalization of cannabis or raise awareness about the benefits of plant medicine use by wearing your love of weed on your sleeve with these Cannamom Normalization Tees. If you’re bold and confident about your choice to consume cannabis by wearing a cannabis advocacy shirt, you may hope to spark conversations and promote education and understanding about the plant and its potential benefits. Additionally, wearing a cannamom shirt is an expression of your personal beliefs and values related to social justice and individual freedoms.

Weed Mom Book - Guide for Parents & Cannamoms 

Weed Mom is a guide to consuming cannabis safely and effectively as a mom, but actually, it’s more than that! Danielle Simone Brand, the author of Weed Mom Book, wanted cannamoms—from newbies to OGs—to get an up-close look at cannabis prohibition’s terrible toll, and how the failed drug war contributed to senseless mass incarceration and injustice. This matters because, today, we can help right some of those wrongs by shopping small, supporting women and people of color in cannabis, and helping shape the emerging industry for the better.

Weed Mom takes a close look at this changing moment in cannabis culture and the opportunity to get comfortable with consuming cannabis for well-being. With legal access to cannabis opening up on a broad scale, more and more moms are consuming cannabinoids and benefiting from them. Weed Mom Book reviews how we speak about cannabis with kids, partners, family, friends, and others in our lives in a responsible (and unscary) way. Weed Mom offers numerous conversation starters along with relevant facts and resources to keep you and your loved ones making informed and empowered decisions around cannabis consumption.

High Society of Mamas - CannaMom Community Jacket

This one-of-a-kind jacket made exclusively for the High Society of Mamas is designed for the cannabis consumer, that likes to advocate LIKE A MOTHER!

This faux fur leopard jacket is perfect for the mom that is comfortable with subtle cannabis advocacy.  The soft fur-like feel is cozy and lets you make that cannamom statement in style! The High Society of Mamas patch is clearly displayed on the back, so you can let the world know you are proud to be a Cannamom that is part of the High Society of Mamas.

What to get a CannaMom for Mother’s Day?

With all of these options we know it will be hard to decide WHAT to get that special CannaMom for Mother’s Day. So, the best option we can come up with is to give her a GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING. The CannaMom SOCIETY Subscription Box is shipped out quarterly with an awesome assortment of goods that Mom can enjoy! There is more info and you can sign Mom up for the CANNAMOM SOCIETY Box here!

Give Mom the Gift of Plant Medicine from SOCIETY

That about sums up our suggestions. If you need any help deciding on a product or figuring out what would be best to give to your mom, please don’t hesitate to reach out at

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