Cannabis Dad Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner!  If you are looking for the perfect cannabis gift for dad this year, then look no farther, you’ve come to the right place for all the answers…

2022 Ultimate Gift Guide for Cannadads  

These recommendations for gifts for CannaDads apply to ANYTIME you want to do something special or give the gift of CHILL to that special person that you love, and if you want to be inspired by a few amazing CannaDads, check out our article, CannaDads Inspire Society

CBD Flower is Not Just for Mom - Dad likes CBD too!

Let's face it when you think of Father’s Day you typically do not think about flowers as a gift for Dad. We’d normally agree if you are referencing the standard bouquet of rainbow flowers but here at Society’s Plant we are here to ditch that narrative and tell you dads DO want flowers for Father’s day. The flowers we are referencing are terpene-rich cannabis flowers that help release the pressures of the everyday grind of work and life. 

Let’s normalize giving Dad the FLOWERS that help to release the pressures from work or those stressful days, so they can unwind and enjoy their time with family.

Cannadads like CBD & Functional Mushrooms for Health & Wellness

Just as dads have stopped hiding their smokin’ and tokin’ ways for health benefits, ‘shrooms have sprouted out of the dark and are the cool kids of the wellness and health scene!  Life is filled with an abundance of stresses, so we love the combination of functional mushrooms with herbs and CBD to help heal and restore wellness from these natural inputs.* 

Father’s Day Shrooms and Blooms - Mushrooms + CBD 

We’re here to break up the static of the normal Father’s Day gift guide and invite you to question your idea of what the perfect Father’s Day gift should be? We have some suggestions to help you pick out something to bring out the little kid in Dad again. 

Mushrooms with CBD for the Canna-Curious Dad

Is the Dad that you’re shopping for a little skeptical of the benefits of plant medicine? Don’t let that stop you from shopping; take this as a great chance for you to show them that plant medicine is varied in not only how you consume it, but also the benefits you can get from it!

SOCIETY’s Mushroom Enhanced CBD tinctures are orally ingestible and taste great!  These bottles of plant magic combine the synergistic effects of mushrooms, herbs, and CBD to offer an easy entry to plant medicine benefits for Dad.

THRIVE has 12 mushrooms along with 1,000mg of CBD, so we like to consider it our mushroom multivitamin, which can help Dad to avoid the man cold. Does Dad seem stressed and frazzled lately? CHILL is the tincture for him to beat stress and chill out! DREAM will help your man hit the pillow when the pending house projects and video game quests might otherwise keep him up.

High CBD Cannabis Hemp Flower for Cannadads 

When we hear people say “I don’t like CBD” or “CBD doesn’t work for me” our question to them is ‘have you SMOKED CBD?’ The experience of smoking CBD versus ingesting a CBD tincture is very different. When you inhale CBD smoke you feel immediate effects and they are usually more noticeable. There’s no wait and see factor. People report that they feel instant relaxation throughout their body with some psychoactive effects; compared to THC flower the psychoactive effects are significantly less, but many love CBD flower for the instant effects or for combining with THC flower for a more even keeled high. This is great for a round of disc golf with buddies or a night of family board games!  

Smoke CBD Hemp Flower for a Happy father

SOCIETY’s Plant smokable hemp flower that can be purchased by the ounce (or grams). Pick out your favorite strain of Society’s Plant Smokable Hemp Flower, a grinder, rolling papers, cones, or a smoking device such as a bong or pipe and GET YOUR SMOKE ON!

SOCIETY’s Plant Ready to Roll CBD Hemp Flower is EASY

Want to make rolling joints easier for Dad? We’ve got you covered with our Ready to Roll pre-ground CBD flower in 4 different strains:  Boax Spectrum, Bubba Kush, Cherry Blossom, and Rocket Fuel. 

Boax Spectrum CBD Hemp Flower

This is a great strain for the athlete or very active father in your life. Our customers love this one for pain relief and help melt stress away.* 

Bubba Kush CBD Hemp Flower

Does Dad have sleep issues but not down for tinctures? This is the strain for you! Known to help sooth the mind and body it’s also great for dads who have pain, anxiety, muscle tension, spasms, inflammation, joint pains, and even migraines.* 

Cherry Blossom CBD Hemp Flower

A cross of “Cherry Wine” and “Wife”, two of the most desired hemp varieties, this potent CBD hemp strain provides a tasty palate of sweet berries and fresh earth to accompany its piney musk. Very calming strain to smoke. Mood boosting and relaxing effects are felt almost immediately. Great strain for when extended family is in town or when dad has had an extra tough week at work!

Rocket Fuel CBD CBD Hemp Flower

This strain has a potent diesel but very sweet aroma along with dense buds. Known to be energizing, and is a feel-good favorite strain for daytime productivity, focus, and clarity. This would be a perfect wake up call for when nights get hectic with the kids or dad decides to stay up too late watching the new in show. 

CannaDads Love Hugs & Delta8 Nugs 

We'll deliver the Delta8 nugs and you can receive all the hugs on Father’s Day. Known for hitting just right to chill out and everything suddenly feels ok when you smoke Bubba Kush hemp flower with Delta-8.*  It is a perfect smoke for when dad needs help to let go of life's worries.*  The Delta8 gummies can take a little longer to hit, but when they do dad will feel relaxed and ready for a movie night.*  Delta8 provides a new level of relaxation that some say is similar to the body high and deep calm of indica strains of cannabis. Hemp derived Delta8 is a great option for those dads with anxious minds and will help to tuck the dad in your life into bed for a wonderful time of REST. 

On the go CannaDads need a Vape! 

Vapes are discreet, and bring less heat! Vapes are a great option for when the family is out and about for the day, whether that be shopping, hiking, enjoying a day at the beach, or anything that keeps your family on the go. Vapes make for an easy and fast option to help dads keep their cool when stress is high. Also vapes can easily fit in  Dad’s pant pocket so less stuff to carry around, which we’re pretty sure every dad is a fan of less stuff to carry! 

Society’s Plant vape cartridges make sure that you are covered for all the options for vapes regardless of what cannabinoid you prefer. The vape cartridges are available in CBD, Delta-8, THC-O/Delta-8 and our newest King’s GOLD-X Delta-10 vapes.  

Cannabis Gummies make Dad Funny

If the dad in your life is a gummy lover then you will have plenty of options covered on what you can gift him. 

SOCIETY’s Plant CBD Gummies

Not all dads want to have the head high that some cannabinoids provide, SOCIETY’s Plant 25mg CBD gummies are a great option for those dads that just want a gummy to feel at ease. 

SOCIETY’s Plant Delta-8 Gummies

We have two strengths: 25 mg and 50 mg of Delta8 Gummies and they come in a variety of flavors: watermelon, peach, blackberry, blueberry and mango. These are a great option for the dad that needs aid in relaxation. 

KING’s GOLD-X Delta10 Gummies

We partnered with Bradley King, Cannabis Coach to bring you King’s GOLD-X our Delta10 line. Our KING’s GOLD-X Delta10 gummies are great for a little pick me up or for when dad needs a little jump start to his day, to kick it off on a HIGH NOTE (if you get what we are saying). 

SOCIETY’s GOLD-IX is our Delta9 THC and CBD 1:1 Gummy

We combine 12 mg of Farm Bill Legal, Hemp derived Delta9 THC with 15mg of CBD for SOCIETY’s GOLD-IX. These are a great option for the dads that may not have legal options for THC in their state. 

Cannabis can help to relax an overworked Dad. 

Most dads when they leave their job they come home to be Dad and they want any of their worries of the job to melt away, so they can play with the kids. Smokable hemp CBD flower can be helpful with this mind switch, by easing Dad into relaxation mode without the stoned feeling. It can help Dad to focus on the details that matter in the moment and not about the upcoming meeting or other work woes. It can help bring out the kid in Dad, again. (And maybe give Mom some alone time, so Win-Win). 

Some Cannadads like to Sip and Smoke

Whether it’s the early morning sesh before heading to work, reading comics, playing video games, or using power tools (ok, these stereotypes are getting out of hand)- some dads like to sit back and relax with a cup of tea and a preroll.  Don’t fret, we have options for all sorts of dads! Society’s plant offers two teas that are both full of healing herbs & organic hemp parts that dads can enjoy. Our artisanal CBD Hemp Preroll “Smokes” are great to have on hand when dad wants to grab something easy and not have to put in the work himself. Sipping and puffing is a great option for dads who like to get the day started with minimal effort. Find the full selection of Society’s Plant Loose Leaf Herbal Teas here

CannaGear for Dads that Love Cannabis

We offer a few options for dads who want to be out and proud about their use of our products and that they use cannabis in their life. Check out our full line of apparel here. 

Gift of Plant Medicine from SOCIETY

You’ve hit the end of the line of our suggestions. If you’re still scratching your head and need any help deciding on a product or figuring out what the dad in your life would find rad, please don’t hesitate to reach out at 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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