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Exploring that Alternative Cannabinoid Lifestyle...

To live an alternative lifestyle means to live in a way that suits your personal desires and needs instead of striving to meet the social norms and current societal expectations.  

This is the overarching concept we will use to examine the Delta10 cannabinoid. It is different from Delta9 THC, but different is NOT bad. In fact, different is really good! 

Different THC Cannabinoids Derived from Hemp

There are some cannabinoids that do NOT quite fit into the typically famed, “THC” mold. These cannabinoids are loved by some, questioned by others, and are sometimes rejected by purists in the cannabis industry as being inferior cannabinoids to THC. We sell these cannabinoids because we want everyone to be able to access the medicine that works for them in a form that is clean and free of toxins. These cannabinoids are different but good, for their benefits vary from those of Delta-9 THC. These are what we call the:

Alternative Cannabinoids Including Delta8, Delta10, and THCo

This article will dig into what it is like to live an alternative lifestyle while confidently utilizing some of these alternative cannabinoids to fully enjoy the benefits of supplementing the endocannabinoid system. Taking charge of our life and living as our authentic selves can be liberating and feel really good! You have to make the choice as to which cannabinoids in what combination, dosage, and ratios are the best for you. That might take some experimenting and learning, but luckily, we have the Cannabis Coach, Bradley King, and the support crew from SOCIETY’s Plant to help guide you! 

The popularity of these alternative cannabinoids, such as Delta10, Delta8, and THC-O, is ever-evolving and rapidly growing. So, let's get started on learning to…

Explore the Delta10 Cannabinoid with Cannabis Life Coach, Bradley King. 

Do you wish to live a normal life or a bold life that lights you up inside? 

Bradley King lives an authentic life that he loves and it shows. You can see his confidence when you visit his social media pages on Instagram and Tiktok. Cannabinoids are an essential part of King’s lifestyle and he confidently displays that through his educational efforts, which is why we are excited to partner with him in the debut of our..

Newest D10 Cannabinoid offering from SOCIETY: King’s GOLD-X  

Society’s Plant has expanded to a number of new products with Alternative Cannabinoids, with our GOLD line. SOCIETY’s GOLD-IX is our hemp-derived Delta9 gummies. SOCIETY’s GOLD-VIII is our Delta8 products for sale which include D8 hemp flower, D8 vapes, and many flavors of Delta-8 gummies. Now, we would like to debut the King’s GOLD-X line of Delta10 products that include:

Get the best of both worlds: a CBD dominant flower that provides all the wellness benefits of CBD, along with the euphoric feeling from the Delta-10. A close molecular relative to Delta-9 THC, Delta-10 offers a euphoric high in a slightly milder psychotropic effect than its cousin D9. Some Delta-10 consumers report feeling very clear-headed, energetic, and less stressed, all at the same time.*

The perfect accomplice for errands or any other kind of work that you need energy to push your brain to work through stress and anxiety. Delta-10 offers a euphoric high in a slightly milder psychotropic effect than its cousin D9 and the effects are much more energetic than Delta-8. This vape pen is equipped with a built-in battery that is re-chargeable so you are ready to take on the go from the time you open your package.*

Some Delta-10 consumers report simultaneously feeling clear-headed, energetic, and less stressed. Delta-10 often provides a completely functional experience that is mood-boosting with an abundant amount of creativity.* Many have described Delta-10 to feel like a Sativa, while Delta-8 has more of an Indica-effect of relaxation. This gummy comes in 50mg dose/gummy for the Delta10 cannabinoid. Be sure to start with half a gummy and wait to see how this cannabinoid affects you before taking more.

This is not only an opportunity to display the new, uplifting cannabinoid, Delta10 that is for sale in SOCIETY’s Plant shop but also to show the synergy of these courageous voices that are shaping the future of what it means to live an alternative lifestyle. 

As we debut this exciting partnership between SOCIETY’s Plant and Bradley King, as King’s GOLD-X, we want to keep in mind that living an authentic life can be challenging, but also very rewarding, just like fine-tuning the benefits of cannabinoids and fighting the stigma of parents using cannabis!

Who is the Canna-Parent, Bradley King?

Bradley King is a beacon for not only the LGBTQ parenting community but also the canna-parent community.  Bradley and his partner are fathers to their 12 years old son. King is non-conforming in many ways in his life and also an advocate for cannabis use during all stages of parenthood. He attributes his healing from multiple mental illnesses to the use of cannabis and personal development work. King offers life coaching for others who would like to learn how to incorporate cannabis or alternative cannabinoids, such as Delta10, into their lifestyles to achieve their own personal goals and healing. 

With 1.5 million followers on Instagram, King’s social media fame can be attributed to courageously living his authentic life, not conforming to gender norms, boldly using plant medicine as a father, and of course his ability to entertain us with hilarious skits that also educate new CBD, hemp products, cannabis accessories and what it’s like to live authentically. Bradley is a magnificent resource for those that are living an alternative lifestyle or to be more comfortable about opening up educational conversations on plant medicine. 

Two Very Different Canna-Parents on a Mission. 

Bradley King’s work also aligns with the advocacy of our CEO, Bianca Snyder (aka High Society Mama), and the Cannamom movement.  Just as Society’s Plant advocates for the ability of all of society to make lifestyle decisions that align with their personal beliefs, Bradley King proudly adorns his authentic lifestyle for others to learn from. Both Bianca, and Bradley continue to break the proverbial mold of what it looks like to be good parents while advocating for a lifestyle that many others don't agree with. 

Bradley King and High Society Mama, both show up every day covering very different genres, but they also share similarities in their advocacy and have great respect for one another’s mission. They’re able to create a dynamic and powerful partnership to push forward initiatives such as cannabis use during parenting, the right to body autonomy, the use of plant medicine, and the fight to free those still behind bars for non-violent cannabis crimes. 

Who is this Cannamom, High Society Mama? 

Bianca Snyder, also known as High Society Mama, is the Founder & CEO of Society’s Plant and also a mom advocating for cannabis legalization and working to normalize mothers who use cannabis, also known as a “Cannamom”. The Cannamom community that works with Bianca to normalize the use of cannabis by mothers is known as the High Society of Mamas. They cover all sorts of topics on motherhood and cannabis from using for nausea during pregnancy to using in lieu of harmful prescriptions while breastfeeding to the ups and downs of parenting. 

The Cannamoms of the High Society of Mamas, feel that normalizing the use of cannabis among mothers will be the ultimate goal to seeing it normalized throughout our entire society. Why is this? Moms carry the burden of society’s unrealistic expectations of being pure, of muscling their way through the complex challenges of pregnancy and breastfeeding with little to no support, to bear the weight of being a picture-perfect mom while hiding the stress, anxiety, and even depression that comes along with parenthood. Cannamoms like High Society Mama, Danielle Simon Brand - author of Weed Mom, and Janelle Johngrass of Know Mommy, aim to show the realities of motherhood and educate how cannabis can be consumed in a conscious way that offers healing and support during the motherhood journey. 

Bradley King and High Society Mama work to Normalize Cannabinoids and Delta10 For Sale

These two advocates work together to bring you, KING’s GOLD-X - the line of Delta10 products sold in the SOCIETY’s Plant shop.  Bradley and Bianca both work to normalize plant medicine and they educate their community in ways that are authentic and unique to them. This is why we see such great synergy between these two. They are not afraid to live their life on their terms and advocate for the lifestyle and choices they believe in, even if it looks different from the rest. 

What is Delta10 aka King’s GOLD-X by SOCIETY?

Delta10 is very similar to Delta8, being that they are both isomers of Delta9 THC (which is more commonly referred to as just “THC”). To get a little bit technical for a moment, the difference between these THC variations is the difference in where the bond is on the carbon chain. Delta9 has a double bond on the 9th carbon chain, and Delta8 has a double bond on the 8th carbon chain, which means that Delta10 has a double bond on the 10th carbon chain. All of them interact with the endocannabinoid system in slightly different ways. 

Does Delta10 THC get you high? 

The short answer: yes, it does.  The longer answer: Delta-10 is a form of THC, although it is said to be less intense than Delta9 THC and Delta8 THC.*  Many say that Delta10 is more of a head buzz than a full-body high. from what we know, Delta10 THC tends to have a weaker affinity for binding to the CB1 receptors, resulting in milder psychoactive effects. Delta10 is thought to be more like a Sativa high (with less anxiety or paranoia) versus an Indica high.*

Delta10 Feels Like a Sativa High

What do people mean when they say it feels like a Sativa strain high? The effects of a Sativa strain tend to be more uplifting and cerebral, which is why many believe it is best suited for daytime application.*  When you compare the effects of Delta10 to those of SOCIETY’s GOLD-VIII Delta 8 Gummies, which tend to provide more of the sedative or couch-locking effects, which are usually associated with Indica strains.*

Can Delta10 make you fail a drug test?

Most testing facilities are not yet able to distinguish between various THC isomers. This means you could potentially test positive for D9 THC. If you are subject to drug tests, then you should avoid using delta-10 THC products.

King’s GOLD-X Delta10 D10 Product Launch

SOCIETY’s Plant, in partnership with Bradley King - is excited to kick off this new offering of a full line of Delta-10 THC products. Check them out:

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