Hemp Flower - Strain: Boax Spectrum

Boax is a fast-acting, hybrid strain with a solid combination of effects that make it unique for the most seasoned CBD users. Many notice the strong scent of sandalwood.

 Baox is known for relaxation and to help relieve both physical and cognitive nuances, Well-being and calm is noticed as well as a heightened level of concentration. This is a favorite for pain relief and to melt your stress away. 

Aroma variances coming soon!


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Customer Reviews

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Simply Amazing

I want to start this off by saying that this shipped incredibly fast, I couldn't believe how quickly it arrived. The product is amazing, looks great, smells great, tastes wonderful. Has a very relaxing and calming affect on me, I really enjoy it. Even got a small sample with my order, thank you Society!

Meghan Gellerson
The best CBD flower

This hemp flower smells amazing right out of the bad! Has a wonderful calming yet focused feeling after smoking it. I do not purchase CBD through anyone else anymore after trying this!

Shelby Sanderson
Love it!

Helps me get through my day! Love it!

jason Ulrich
Pure Magic!

As a budtender, I spent a lot of time talking about the intense importance that CBD, and the Entourage Effect have on a very good time. Boax is amazing. It makes strains I've had anxiety issues a smooth ride, when combined with regular flower. It makes better strains last longer and hit harder. On its own, it has an amazing flavor and aroma, and is an all around booster, that won't psychoactively get you high, but brings all the euphoria and physical benefits of your favorite THC strains. An instant pick me up! It's the move for feeling Monday morning, and a safe, but pleasantly heavy Radurday. This is becoming a regular part of my flower diet.

HIGHly recommend

I bought the boax spectrum along with the blueberry monitor about two months ago. The boax is definitely my fave!!! I noticed a HUGE difference when I took that first hit. I suffer from C-PTSD, Panic disorder, And Insomnia. This helps me so much. I have never been able to sleep for as long as I could remember. Now I smoke a bowl and knock out all night till morning. Get you some! 🙌

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Organically Grown

We control every aspect of the growing process, from seed to flower, ensuring the highest quality. Our hemp flower is grown naturally with no chemicals.

Calming Scent

Many of our users attribute to this product having a strong sandalwood scent. 

3rd Party Tested

All our products are tested and verified by a 3rd party to meet quality standards.


Start a stressful day with a our calming Boax Spectrum strain.  Or use it to fully relax at the end of the day.