Delta-8 1g Vape Carts D8 Delta8


Delta-8 THC, like its cousin delta-9, provides a euphoric effect but to a lesser degree, often people like the subtleness of this high over the more impactful high of traditional THC. 

Unlike our previous cartridges, these are 1 gram sized. Purchase our vape pen battery! 

Not sure what D8 cartridge is right for you? Read below for the differences of each variety. 

Tangie is the most energizing. Gelato and Wedding Cake are hybrids. Grand Daddy Purple is the most sedative.

AROMA: Sweet, pungent, berry-like, creamy
MAIN TERPENES: Caryophyllene (24%). Limonene (21%). Myrcene (12%). Linalool
EFFECT: Uplifting, creative, calming, antidepressant. Releases aches and pains and elevates the mood offering temporary relief from anxiety, depression & PTSD. 

Grand Daddy Purple:
AROMA: Sweet, floral, earth
MAIN TERPENES: Linalool (40%). Humulene (35%). Myrcene (17%). 
EFFECT: Provides peace from racing thoughts bringing calm into your world, perfect for winding down after a long day providing deep sleep. 

AROMA: Earth, citrus, sweet
MAIN TERPENES: Humulene (15%). Caryophyllene (14%). 
EFFECT: Energizing, creative and soothing. Use before housework or spending time in nature.  

Wedding Cake:
AROMA: Sweet, vanilla, earthy
MAIN TERPENES: Myrcene (40%). Caryophyllene (25%). Linalool (9%)
EFFECT: Creates an uplifting, creative focus that is perfect for lifting your spirits and doing artistic work. 

These cartridges need to be used with a 510 thread vape battery. The vape battery pen does NOT come with the cartridge, so you need to have a 510 thread vape pen to go with the cartridge. 

We DO carry 2 vape batteries. Search for: Vape Battery, in the search field at top of the page.   

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mackenzie Norlander
Tangie Love

The Delta8 vape "Tangie" is so lovely! Nice little lift. My husband especially absolutely loves it!!

Michael Sewell
Mind Blown

After months of not sleeping, I ordered the Grand Daddy Purple. The day it arrived I was having an awful day of work and was at my breaking point. Came home,showered and gave the Purple a try. Not only did it ease my mind, I slept like a baby that night. Have felt refreshed since. Highly recommend.


Huge fan of the CBD carts - love the discreetness & accessibility. Gelato is my daily go-too & Grand Daddy when I need the extra relaxation, especially at the end of the day. They do tend to clog, but I've found running it under warm water clears it up.

David Baker
One of the better tasting carts I’ve tasted.

The Tangie had great flavor profile. I enjoy painting and it definitely put me in that head space when I sometimes can’t get myself up to want to no matter how inspired I am. It’s actually allowed me to finish to paintings I’ve been working on. Definitely felt creative and uplifted.

Alisha Holmes

Delta-8 1g Vape Carts D8 Delta8

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