CBD Flower Purple Rain Strain


This varietal expressed over a dozen variations in our field trial, all generating dense round buds with an exciting flavor profile likely to summon nostalgia (without the adrenal wrecking sugar rush).  The aromas range from Banana Foster, Mandarin Spice, Berry Chill and most popular: Purple Rain - these are certain to satisfy your palette.

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Customer Reviews

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Jasmine Walker
Didn't feel anything

I'm not sure why but I didn't feel anything with this strain or the rest to roll flower. I have a low tolerance so that says a lot. I used a joint, bowl, bubbler and bong and felt nothing. It sucks because I really thought this would be good. For now I'll just use my thc vape ☹️

Colby Moore
New best !!

I had my go-to always strain , until I tried the purple rain sour berry. It's a very smooth and mellow smoke.

Ariana Valez

Excellent flavor, aroma. Helps me relax. 10/10.

Tasty and potent!

Thank you for the amazing flower, lovely packing, and genuine, caring service!!! ❤️

Tammi Hefley

Hemp Flower - CBD Strain: Many Aromas of SOUR BERRY

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Get it now !

The aroma was on point and the taste was a sweet mellow note which was PERFECT for times like now.

Nino D

This flower was so beautiful. It looks amazing and tastes amazing. I was so relaxed and very happy. I can't wait to get more.

Jordana Zabitsky

The best - service, quality, you name it!