Every day can be a PARTY... a CBD TEA PARTY!

Everyday can be a celebration... so let's PARTY
We are having a Party over here... and by party we mean TEA PARTY!
We have 3 amazing CBD teas sold on our site: Wake & Caffeinate (Pu'ehr high caffeine tea mixed with Society CBD), Positivi-tea (heartwarming with a little spice and caffeine free) and Mama’s Abundance Tea for PMS or post partum/breastfeeding.  Each day is a fresh start to be your best self. Each day is a new day to celebrate and have fun. CBD is great to keep your body in positive alignment by nurturing your endocannabinoid system, so that your brain and body functions as best as it can. 
We love to start our day with Wake & Caffeinate Tea and finish our day with GRATITUDE for this life & a cup of Positivi-tea.
Wake & Caffeinate Tea has a mega boost of caffeine from the Pu-erh tea, which is fermented black tea. Combined with CBD which takes the edge off the jolt of caffeine. This tea can be steeped up to 6 times, or until it is a very light brown. 
Positivi-Tea is an herbal, rooibos tea blend with Society CBD. This tea is meant to uplift your spirits, but is also wonderful at bedtime to wind down with a big dose of Positivi-Tea to finish the day. 
Mama's Abundance Tea is intended to support breastfeeding mamas, postpartum or to ease PMS symptoms. 
Tea is a delightful way to add CBD to your wellness regimen or just as a way too boost your mood during the day. Please email us at contact@societysplant.com if you have any questions. We would love to help you find the right product for your needs.

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