Now is the Time to CBD and CHILL

Who is ready to chill...

Unfortunately, chill does not come easy for everyone. Some people are just wired to go, go, go and even when their body is screaming that it needs rest, it can be hard to relax. This is where CBD and Chill comes to the rescue.
Other people have CHILL running deep in through their soul, but their endocannabinoid systems can use a little refresh of those cannabinoids it craves.
And a good share of people are holding on to a lot of extra unwanted stress and anxiety that doesn't allow their minds to just relax and unwind because it is running through lists, scenarios and possible outcomes. CBD is the express lane to get to CHILL. 
We want to help you out, so here are our best ways to use CBD to get to CHILL...
Our favorite CBD and chill method is to smoke CBD flower. This is because you are inhaling the plant from its purest, full bodied form and the cannabinoids are absorbed through your lungs directly into your blood stream. Which, then travels to your brain, and your brain signals the body to CHILL. The Hempette pre-roll smokes can be a great way to get that unprocessed CBD dominant hemp flower without needing any smoking vessel or joint rolling skills.
Next option is the CBD vape cartridges which can be paired with a Society vape battery for easy on the go doses of CHILL. And our last option is for those who like to sip up their chill, we definitely recommend the Positivi-tea with a little honey added.  
Whatever your reason is, now is the time to CBD and Chill!

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I’ve smoked your purple rain hemp cbd before and absolutely loved it as an alternative to M.Jane!

Victoria Houle October 03, 2023

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