CBD and more ORGASM secrets

Here High Society Mama is going to spill the beans on how best to reach an ORGASM as a MOTHER. 
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As a PARENT, spontaneous sex (aka a quickie) is usually not going bring a Mom to an incredible orgasm. Yes we can squeeze one in, but it is NOT going to be that white knuckle, pillow over my face to muffle my screams kind of sexy time. To reach that amazing release of an orgasm takes a JOINT effort...
Here are the secrets High Society Papa and I have discovered...
  1. PLAN IT OUT. That way you are both clear on the game plan (ie to get the kids to bed early enough and neither of you accidentally fall asleep during story time, obviously this has happened more than a few times)
  2. SMOKE CBD or a blend of CBD and THC with MUCH MORE CBD to keep the anxious thoughts at bay, clear your mind and help you to relax into the process. If I don’t smoke Society's Plant CBD dominant hemp flower right before we get it on I will be thinking about if we took out the trash, what I am going to make for dinner on Tuesday, the last item on my to do list that I have procrastinated for a month and if I moved the laundry in to the dryer.
  3. Give yourselves enough TIME. Female orgasms take TIME. It takes some sweet talk (sincere compliments help), a little foreplay and a LOT of time DOWN THERE. And if steps 1 and 2 were skipped you can basically wish that big O goodbye.
  4. Feedback. If there was something you liked, mention it afterwards so he can do it again. Or if you are not enjoying something give him a pretty direct hint that it isn’t quite right.
  5. Set the MOOD: dim the lights, light candles, put on perfume/cologne, play some music. Stimulate your senses to get you ready for action. Yes, this should actually be step number 2, so please don't downplay the importance here just because it is step number 5 on this list. 
 I know it can be hard to make sex a priority when you are Mom. I know it might not EXCITE you as much as it once did. But, reinvigorating your sex life will definitely make your significant other happy and it just might help to pleasure you as well.  Getting that full body release can be a form of THERAPY! 
And, so... if you haven’t tried CBD flower before sex go to www.societysplant.com and give it whirl!  It really helps!


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