CannaDads Inspire Society

More parents are turning to plant medicine to help manage their stress and anxiety while parenting. We spoke with some cannabis-loving dads that LOVE SOCIETY’s Plant - to find out how being a CannaDad has affected them and what products they enjoy? 

Cannaparents use SOCIETY’s Plant CBD Hemp Products

The CannaMoms are not the only parents using cannabis alongside their parenting. Dads are also reaping the benefits of hemp products and also THC products, but oftentimes Dads are not as SOCIAL about their use on social media. This makes us extra excited to highlight these advocates who are utilizing the plant for different purposes while also parenting.  

High Society Mama and High Society Papa advocate for Cannaparents

The founder and owner of SOCIETY’s Plant is Bianca Snyder, but the man by her side, making the plant growing magic happen for SOCIETY’s Plant is Tad Snyder, better known on social media as High Society Papa. While Bianca inspires mothers to confidently consume cannabis at @highsocietyofmamas on Instagram, Tad is NOT just chilling on the sidelines!  Tad works his butt off to ensure SOCIET’s Plant has the highest quality smokable hemp flower imaginable. 

Dads Consume CBD Hemp products, Mushrooms and Delta8

Here at SOCIETY’s Plant, we are proud to offer a wide range of products that Dads appreciate just as much as mothers. We often want to shout from the rooftops when we hear stories of how cannabis helps parents, so we couldn’t be more excited to share these stories. Find out how and why Dads are using SOCIETY’s Plant to stay grounded during the waves of fatherhood!

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This Dad Consumes CBD to Cope with ADHD

Some people with ADHD find that they talk or move at a rapid pace, which can actually lead to some thought-provoking conversations, but it can also cause the people they spend time with to feel overwhelmed with the speed that an ADHD brain runs. In turn, the person with ADHD can feel like they are “too much”, causing unnecessary depression and social anxiety. We spoke to Trent, who is a long-time cannabis consumer and also a CannaDad; he explains how he opts to consume cannabis to combat his ADHD experiences. 

Trent Cooper, Partner at Co-Op Visions @coopvisions I Instagram

"I’m a consumer of cannabis and have consumed it for 18 years. I started smoking to chill out my mind around friends who had called me a talkative person. I found it helped me to feel calm and collected."

We asked Trent when his favorite time is to smoke…

Most dads go out for a beer, while this dad would rather have a fresh bowl loaded for that moment to relax when the kids go to bed.  My favorite consumption method is dabs, which have so many terps, and such great ADHD relief, right away.

Dads need CBD too…

We forget sometimes that Dads help run the household too! Trent is a hands-on Dad that feels the parenting stress daily. Helping to care for 3 kids under 4 gets heavy, he says, “CBD helps me deal with the chaos in certain moments like cleaning up or getting them ready for the day.” 

“My favorite product would have to be the CHILL Mushroom Enhanced CBD tincture. It's simply brilliant medicine that responds well to my anxiety and stress.” -Trent Cooper 

Do Dads face a stigma for consuming cannabis? 

I think fathers face the challenge of the fact that it's still frowned upon as a mind-altering substance and doesn't give you any focus, which is actually what I use it for. Mommas' stigma is way more, I imagine, just because they are looked at like druggies who would be lazy and unmotivated. In this household that is definitely not the case.  I've seen my wife use it responsibly and it has helped the chaos of mommy life.

This CannaDad is Highly Passionate about the Cannabis Plant

Forging your path in any career takes hard work.  The next Dad that we are featuring shows how determination and perseverance pays off. Let’s see how persistently following your passion creates a life you love…

Marquies Coleman- Owner of Canna Brand @CannaDad I Instagram

Website: Canna Brand Excellent Canna-photography Services and Gear!

“I’ve always had an interest in cannabis, but my junior and senior years in high school were when that interest manifested into a passion. I just wanted to know more…more about the history, the anatomy, & most importantly the way it interacts with our bodies. I even went as far as doing my Senior school project on Cannabis! After graduating, I began my official Cannabis journey. I took trips back and forth to California just to network and learn about the business. I would even travel to Colorado and Michigan to interact and meet with like-minded people.”

We asked Marquies some questions about cannabis and parenting…

How does cannabis play a role in your fatherhood journey? 

My two little girls are my world! Being a father comes before anything each and every day. Cannabis helps me with this daily but consuming responsibly with your children is also important. Allocating the appropriate time and space in your house can help out with this! Being a parent can get overwhelming sometimes and that’s okay. Finding a way to cope with those times has only helped me to become a better version of myself. 

Creating spaces for safe consumption help parents to consume cannabis responsibly.

Did anything change about your cannabis consumption when you became a dad?  

When I had my oldest daughter, it definitely was a bit of a change on when and where I could consume. We made a dedicated smoke room in our house and try to utilize the nap times during the day & bedtimes for a nice nightcap in the evenings. 

What are your favorite products and method of consumption? 

Give me some good flowers, Raw papers, & a good Fronto leaf. I’ll take care of the rest! 

Having my skin color with this as a passion is definitely a challenge, but I use it for motivation.”

We asked Marquies about the stigma that fathers face for consuming cannabis, but the answer was so much more than just that: 

There’s definitely a little stigma that fathers face, but I think it’s more so for black fathers. Most times you’re labeled: a thug instead of a patient and a drug dealer instead of a cultivator. Having my skin color with this as a passion is definitely a challenge, but I use it for motivation. Most times it comes from the people that don’t know you because the people that do know you, know what kind of a person you are already. That’s why it’s important to educate not just yourself, but also the people around you, so that we can all have a better understanding of this plant. 

How is it similar or different from the stigma for mothers? 

Mothers have a different stigma than fathers overall. In some ways, those stigmas can be similar, but moms have the “it’s not lady-like” stigma as well. If I had to compare the stigmas CannaMoms face vs CannaDads, then I would have to say that CannaMoms have a much tougher stigma to fight against. Weed over Wine - CannaMoms are just as awesome as ANY Moms! 

What do you love about SOCIETY’s Plant?

I love the energy and message SOCIETY brings into this industry and community. We can all work together to educate people about this amazing plant and ultimately help end this negative stigma. #EndTheStigma 

Some Dads Consume Cannabis to Win at Health Battles

The next dad that inspires us at SOCIETY, is a man that overcame some major health challenges to be here today to share his story with us…and it is a good one!

Brett Marinkovich, @Gabbingwithgliomas

Brett has worked in the medical cannabis industry in California for 15 years. He says, “Due to heavy regulations, I was forced into the recreational market in 2019.” He worked as a cultivator overseeing 250,000+ square feet of greenhouses. Since I was diagnosed with grade 4 brain cancer in January 2021, I have medically retired and now grow at home for mine and my wife's personal use. 

“First and foremost, it [cannabis] kept me alive and here for my kids!  I also believe it helps me enjoy time doing little things with the family like going on walks and playing games with my kids.”

I grew up around cannabis and smoked throughout my teenage years. In 2005 I had my first grow and fell in love with growing the plant and I haven't stopped since.

I was in the medical cannabis industry in California for 15 years.  Due to heavy regulations, I was forced into the recreational market in 2019.  I worked as a cultivator at Monterey Kush Co in Monterey California and oversaw 250,000+ square feet of greenhouses. 

Since I was diagnosed with grade 4 brain cancer in January 2021, I have medically retired and now grow at home for my and my wife's personal use. 

Brett, did anything change about your cannabis consumption when you became a dad?

I became a dad in a different way than most. I became an instant father of two girls, at the time ages 7 and 11, when I married their mom, @georgia.marinkovich.  Georgia consumed cannabis since before the girls were born, so they knew what cannabis was, but we didn't openly consume it in front of them at the time. So, when I became a father, everything majorly changed. I went from smoking in every room as a single man with a dog and a cat, to living with children in a family house. But, I never slowed down consuming cannabis; I just learned to excuse myself and disappear for a few minutes, to smoke away from the kids. They're older now and considering that cannabis saved my life, we consume more openly in front of them now. 

I think there's a stigma for parents. I don't know what it's like to be a mom because I'm not one, but I do know that just because you smoke weed, that doesn't make you a bad parent.

“My favorite consumption method is flower out of a bong, I love strains that are fuelly and gassy like Jet Fuel Smokeable Hemp Flower and also Rocket Fuel. Now that I am using cannabis to treat my cancer I have integrated CBD and RSO into my daily regimen.”

…And, your favorite SOCIETY’s PLANT Hemp product?  

I like the CBD Hemp Pre Rolls. It’s a nice, relaxing body high. I enjoy smoking them while watering my lawn in true dad fashion!

Shoutout to CannaDads Tackling Major Health Issues.

It is always inspiring to hear people attribute the gift of life to nature’s medicine. We continue with the stories of fathers using cannabinoids to overcome health obstacles! This is a very special one.

Matthew B., @Gravitymatt815

How did cannabis come into your life? 

I am 4 months shy of ten years heroin free. Cannabis saved my recovery due to my CPTSD and also my fibromyalgia, which took a turn for the worst. I didn't want to go down the big pharma trap again, so I chose my life.

I’ve personally helped people get a second chance at life utilizing cannabis. It's a passion of mine. I believe the gift of my clean time is to be given back to others. 

Cannabis and Fatherhood - how do they work together?

There are many struggles of being a parent, I’ve found that cannabis helps me to slow down and take a moment to go inwards. In turn, this helped me to become a more present parent for my 3 little ones at home. 

I truly love all ways to consume cannabis, but as a father, I love more discreet ways to consume via vape, edibles, or portable mini pipes. 

When I became a Dad, as a cannabis consumer, I honestly had to come to terms with the fact that I will have to smoke less in order to be more present as a father.   I also learned that it's a give and take for me as a medicine. 

Is there a stigma for Dads consuming cannabis?

There truly is an archaic stigma on fathers for using cannabis.  Instead of judgment, I feel we should take a moment to dial into compassion and remember that men struggle with mental health in their own way with alarming statistics on suicide. This is an opportune moment to also segway into the stigma of mothers using cannabis and how it is made out to be shameful. We should remember how many mothers, just like my wife, are stay-at-home moms.  These moms have a full-time job with no sick pay, vacation time, or mental health days either.  Some feel parents who use cannabis are bad parents, but I think it is quite the opposite. I feel cannabis can bring the husband-and-wife paradigm closer, open up healthier communication, and unite in healing the masculine and feminine mental health issues that most of the world struggles with daily.

CannaDads are Super Dads

Every dad that we featured is a Super Dad to SOCIETY. Being a CannaDad is not the norm, but hearing these stories and perspectives of these dads helps to shine a light on the current state of cannabis-consuming fathers.  

Relationships and family do not thrive without a substantial amount of work. This next dad is married to Janelle, the founder of Know Mommy - who is a passionate health and lifestyle coach. Since we know it takes two to work in a relationship, maybe we can look to this dad for how he has kept his marriage strong along with being a father of 4 kids!

David Johngrass, @grizzualz

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am a sound engineer and production manager that has been around this plant for more than 20 years. My wife, Janelle @knowmommy, is a cannabis advocate and educator, so I like to think that I am part of the movement through her. I’m more of a behind-the-scenes type of guy as far as advocacy work goes. I had the privilege to work on the SOCIETY’s Plant Hemp farm last year. I learned so much from Tad in regard to the cultivation process, which was cool.

How does cannabis play a role in your fatherhood journey?

It really helps me manage my ADHD, which I didn’t know I had until I became a father. When I consume, it helps me to feel more focused and calmer, which is hard for my brain to do on its own. And as a father of 4, I appreciate having a natural option.

What is your favorite consumption method, products, or type of products?

I’m a flower guy who sometimes will consume dabs and Raw Hemp CBD tinctures. My wife has me mix CBD hemp from SOCIETY into my THC flower and I enjoy that. She also gives me the Mushroom Enhanced Dream tincture at the end of the day, which has improved my sleep.

Did anything change about your cannabis consumption when you became a dad?

I just think I became more mindful about how and why I consumed it. I started making sure to put my stash up and pieces away, so the kids couldn’t get to them. I also consume less than I used to and now I do it with intention. It definitely feels more medicinal these days, as I use it to help me feel more relaxed and focused.

Do you think there is a stigma that fathers face for consuming cannabis?

Absolutely. No one thinks twice if I were to have a beer and get drunk but smoke a joint and heads turn.

How is it similar or different from the stigma for mothers?

I think mothers face more scrutiny than fathers when it comes to consumption. As a Dad, they see me smoke and it’s more an eye roll than a lecture. My wife on the other hand has experienced a lot of judgment and shame (from family and friends) in her choice to use cannabis during her pregnancies and postpartum periods.  She uses it as a natural option to help manage her symptoms from hyperemesis gravidarum and postpartum depression. It seemed people would rather her take a pill that has negative side effects than a plant that’s been around for thousands of years. The fact that parents lose their kids over this plant because of the stigma is criminal. There is so much misinformation and ignorance.

CannaDads Do Not Conform to the Norms of Society

Being a dad that consumes cannabis already puts you outside the norm.  The next dad is a partner of SOCIETY and an advocate in many forms of non-conformity. 

Bradley King: Life Coach + Mental Health Advocate @bradleykingcc I Instagram 

Website: CC Life Coaching 

Tell us about YOU?

I am a Gender Nonconforming Father/husband and I work in the cannabis community as an influencer and advocate.  I am a Life Coach that incorporates plant medicine into my sessions if the client desires!

How does cannabis play a role in your fatherhood journey?

Cannabis has helped me gain more control over my mental health throughout the years. I believe it has assisted me with being a calm parent. I have had panic disorder anxiety and PTSD for over 15 years. Luckily I have figured out that cannabis helps, but we still have to always work on our patience and take additional action!

What is your favorite consumption method, products or type of products? 

Lately, I have been enjoying my products that we created in partnership with SOCIETY’s Plant which includes the line of Delta 10 products called: Kings Gold-X.  My routine is that I take 50-100 mg of my King’s GOLD-X edibles first thing in the morning and normally a hit or 2 of my Delta-10 King’s GOLD-X flower!  I take maybe 1-2 more edibles throughout the day and about 5 hits of the flower! I am at a spot where a little is going a long way... it's a blessing, truly!

Did anything change about your cannabis consumption when you became a dad? 

I used plant medicine in my teens (stopped at age 16), and did not try it again until after we adopted our son! I do believe I have slowed down a lot on my consumption due to being a father and I'm so grateful for that!

Do you think there is a stigma that fathers face for consuming cannabis? How is it similar or different from the stigma for mothers? 

I do believe fathers deal with it a little more behind the scenes than mothers, but I am sure we all deal with similar situations. I have just noticed fathers get the "Irresponsible immature stoner" comment more, but I have ALWAYS been a believer in being a PARENT advocate, that we should all be supporting each other!

What is your favorite of SOCIETY’s Plant products?

The Delta10 Kings GOLD-X line are some of my favorite products with SOCIETY’s Plant. I also love the new FLOW CBD & MUSHROOM tincture that helps with focus! Cannabis makes my life feel smooth and calm. I'm happy with how I feel when I utilize these products, meditation, and provide myself the grace and self-care I deserve!

CannaDads that love high CBD hemp flower come to SOCIETY’s Plant

When we grow hemp flower at SOCIETY’s Plant our focus is on the small batch, artisanal quality. That takes extra hands-on care that we can only make happen with the help of our team, who are also fathers. Darryl is a father to two little ones and is of course an advocate of plant medicine for wellness. Darryl has his hands in all parts of SOCIETY's Plant growing and processing of hemp. 

The head of cultivation at SOCIETY's Plant is the husband to our CEO and Founder: Bianca Snyder aka High Society Mama. Let's learn a little more about Tad...

Tad Snyder- Operator at SOCIETY's Plant + Chief of Solar Beatz @highsocietypapa I Instagram 

Website: SOCIETY's Plant 

Tell us about YOU?

I am a Civil Engineer turned Plant Medicine enthusiast. My favorite places to be out in nature and spending time with my son. I got my permaculture certificate in 2015 and have been working with cannabis plants since 2011. Working on SOCIETY’s Plant has been a pleasure to apply horticulture techniques that keep sustainability front of mind while also focusing on producing a great craft smoke.

How does cannabis play a role in your fatherhood journey?

Cannabis has helps me to manage the aches and pains of aging and lots of manual labor on the farm. Keeping up with a 6 year old and getting all the work done takes a toll on my body and use CBD hemp flower to manage my pain and arthritis. 

What’s your favorite of SOCIETY’s products? 

The Mushroom Enhanced CBD tinctures are my go-to. I start my day with THRIVE to get 12 mushrooms in one shot. I’m enjoying the FLOW tincture to help with my focus through the day and DREAM tincture at bedtime helps me to get a solid night’s rest. When I want to smoke, I reach for the READY to ROLL flower to blend into my hand rolled joints. If I’m on the go then I use SOCIETY’s HEMP SMOKES for a smooth smoke.

SOCIETY’s Plant Loves to Advocate for CannaParents

With High Society Mama, Bianca Snyder, as our CEO - we do a LOT of CannaMom advocacy work.  It was such a pleasure to get to know more about some of the CannaDads in SOCIETY. We hope you enjoyed these stories and if you have any questions about what products from SOCIETY’s Plant might pair best with your parenting lifestyle then please drop us a note at - our team would be delighted to help you!  


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