The Basics of Decarboxylation




 Decarboxylation or to "decarb" is the process of heating plant matter to a certain temperature for a certain amount of time to “activate” the cannabinoids you want the most benefit from. There are blogs & sites that offer more in depth information on the science of this process but for basic preparations this post will get you started on your own DIY creations.

Methods of decarboxylation include:

  • smoking/vaping
  • heating in the oven 
  • sous vide method
  • microwaving (we never recommend this method)
  • special decarboxylation device like the Ardent FX or Nova

Note! Decarboxylation naturally occurs when you combust (smoke) or vape your hemp flower but when you are creating an edible, topical or other preparation you must use one of the methods above to activate the cannabinoids, like CBD. Our focus will be using either the oven method or the Ardent FX/Nova


  1. Simply place your hemp flowers in the vessel and turn on appropriate setting, allowing for 1-2 hours to fully decarboxylate. 

It's really that easy and the most accurate way to get the most medicinal benefits from your plant. The accuracy comes from Ardent's use of precision heating cycles to achieve fully decarboxylated cannabis without loss or degradation.

Interested in purchasing an Ardent? Use this link for $60 of your purchase or use code: SOCIETY. 

Want to learn about common decarboxylation myths? Check out this blog post by Ardent! 


Tools for Oven Decarboxylation 

  • *a calibrated oven
  • cookie sheet the *correct size for the amount of plant , covered in parchment paper 


  1. Grind (or not, read tip #2 below) your hemp flower and spread on cookie sheet in thin layer, without excess space. *Excess space can cause higher temperatures. 
  2. Use our Cannabinoid Activation Chart below to learn what temperature & timings to use for desired results. 
  3. Flower should break up easily as it becomes decarboxylated. 


  1. Decarb enough for a few of your favorite recipes and store in a jar with tight fitting lid. Check out this article on 11 ways to use Decarbed Cannabis.
  2. Grinding is a matter or opinion! Some say grinding your buds will leave allow more chlorophyll to end up in your final product causing it to taste more "green". This really becomes a matter of preference.
  3. Try not to open your oven through the process as it can cause the temperature to fluctuate. 
  4. Remember plant material will off put a strong smell! If smell is a big factor in your home you will definitely want to use the Ardent FX or Nova. 
  5. Cannabinoids are only soluble in fat! So make sure the recipe you use your decarbed flower is a fat such as butter or coconut oil. 

We hope this helps you get started on your DIY with Hemp Flower journey! 

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