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Today we celebrate the 40th birthday of the FOUNDER/CEO of SOCIETY’s Plant, Bianca Snyder. She is best known in the cannabis industry as High Society Mama and is known for her fun, energetic and entertaining videos on social media, but we will dig a little deeper to learn what drives her to do the work she does for the CannaMom community. 

Cannamom with a Passion for Breaking the Stigma

High Society Mama - Mission for Confidence Using Cannabis

Bianca Snyder, also known as High Society Mama is an avid community builder that invites others to laugh along with her, while we learn about the benefits of cannabis and how Cannamoms contribute to breaking down the stigmas related to cannabis consumption. She advocates for moms to be confident in their choice to consume cannabis, while also being sensitive to the plights of those in states that have not legalized it. She is passionate about those incarcerated for the plant to be freed PRIOR to legalization and is sensitive to the issue of mothers being targeted for consumption during pregnancy and beyond.  High Society Mama, uses her platform to uplift other CannaMoms, including amplifying the voices of BIPOC women of cannabis that are rocking the advocacy work as well. Bianca’s energy is contagious through her platforms and in the live interactions, such as on Clubhouse where she leads the CannaMom High Society of Mamas on a weekly chat covering all things motherhood and cannabis. Lifting up other women lights her up and she is always trying to empower others to be kick-ass cannamoms, strong business owners, and advocates in their own unique ways.

Celebrating High Society Mama

Today, April 16th - is Bianca’s 40th Birthday!  She frequently gives back to others by providing opportunities to help them to grow and continue to continue to learn! To celebrate HER today, we’ve taken some of the best of her teachable moments and combined those with a little journey on how Bianca became the High Society Mama and Badass Mom/CEO of Society’s Plant. Some of the CannaMom community has added in some sweet love notes to surprise her on this special day.

We hope that you get a glimpse into what makes Bianca such a gem to the community of women in cannabis, as well as show how motivated and ambitious she is, to bring you quality High-CBD Hemp products AND move the cannamom community to greater heights. What makes Bianca really unique is that she manages to do this while spreading fun, lots of laughs, and serious advocacy that centers on the fight against the injustices of the War on Drugs. 

Ask a CannaMom…

To kick us off we asked Bianca a few questions that will help us understand why this work is so meaningful to her! 

Question: Bianca! We know that your advocacy work comes from a heartfelt place. What do you feel is one of your main contributions to Cannamoms? 

A. The journey of cannabis use during Motherhood can be the best thing you do for yourself, but it can also be daunting & overwhelming. I frequently receive questions about cannabis use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, how to talk openly to your kids about using cannabis medicinally and how to navigate living in an illegal state. Cannamoms also want to know what strains I suggest and how best to consume them. I do my best to bring as much humor, compassion, and light to these subjects as I can through my social media platforms and through SOCIETY’s Plant! 

I know that not everyone is able to be open about their cannabis use and be a public-facing advocate! I feel all your love & know many posts resonate deeply for Moms... which is my goal! Motherhood is really about what is happening IN your HOME... not on social media! Finding ways for mothers to feel comfortable exploring plant medicine is my biggest contribution to this world, outside of my home. I want to introduce more moms to the tremendous benefits of cannabis. 

I truly believe that CBD and other hemp-derived products can be the perfect steppingstone for Mothers to experiment with cannabis and begin to get comfortable with it. I am so happy to be able to bring quality products to Mothers with SOCIETY’s Plant offerings from smokable CBD hemp flower, tea, vapes, edibles, tinctures and so much more!

Bianca this is one of the love letters we collected to show you how important you are to so many in the Cannamom Community! 


You are a dream of an educator, advocate, mom, friend, dancer, and outright inspiration. I see you because I see me in you. I send you an abundance of love, light, and prosperity on this beautiful day of your earthly/solar return or birthday.

You are a light shining bright within our industry and way beyond!

When it comes to life “you understood the assignment” so keep dancing your way through life and don’t stop no matter what the human meat suit tells you. Oh and 40…darling, love is JUST the beginning. The other decades had nothing on this one!

With all the love in the world -Nydia Ganja Clergy

Question: Bianca, What was your experience like transitioning from a corporate businesswoman to a mom with a cannabis business?

A. The shift from the corporate world to cannamom with a CBD business was a rough transition for me. Just the transition from full-time businesswoman to full-time working MOM took time to adjust to. But, now I own the messiness of motherhood as a mom advocating for cannamoms and building the Society’s Plant brand. Cannabis & our CBD products help me! But, more than anything, accountability helps me! There is nothing more powerful than solving your own problems and fixing your mistakes. Owning my Cannamom attitude and choosing to be positive about where I am in life (as messy as it may be) has helped me to see ALL the challenges as opportunities to get better.

Bianca, you are a force of energy like I have never seen before! Your passion for cannabis and mothers is inspiring to me and I swear you have 8 extra hours in each of your days with all of the things you do for cannamamas!! Happy birthday beautiful!! - Georgia 

Question: What is it like to start a CBD Hemp Business with your family? 

A. Starting a business with my husband was definitely not the easiest! However, we have done a lot of work on our communication and our relationship and I can now say that making that decision to take a stand for our relationship and our commitment to building Society’s Plant together changed the game for us. Interestingly, I attribute the positive shifts in our marriage to cannabis. The plant brought us together in business and we had to figure out how to make US work in all areas of our life and we did! We have created rituals around our communication and meetings and we stick to them. We spend added time together working on the plants and it’s amazing. We laugh together at work and at play! 

Question: What are your views on Big-Pharma vs. Plant Medicine? 

A. I believe one is centered around driving profits for the bottom line while keeping people sick, the other is dictated by Mother Earth providing PLANTS TO HELP US THRIVE. ⠀⠀

Big Pharma = band-aid on sickness & big profits ⠀

Pacha Mama = plants for wellness & longevity.⠀

There are two sayings that mean different things: a round peg in a square hole and a square peg in a round hole. A round peg in a square hole means “a person in a position, situation, etc. for which he or she is unsuited.” Which I think fits her (the Cannabis plant) perfectly in this instance. Literally, a round peg CAN fit into a square hole if it is smaller, but does it belong there is the real question? Cannabis does not belong in the classification of pharmaceuticals.

“Cannabis has a bigger purpose in this world. This plant is the gateway plant to more people seeing the healing power of Plants. Its purpose reaches far beyond its own healing properties.” - Bianca Snyder, High Society Mama

My purpose goes far beyond advocating for this ONE Plant species. I want to assist Cannabis in opening up more people to the possibility of healing the natural way and sustaining wellness through plants.  This is the mission and purpose behind Society’s Plant.  We started this smokable hemp company for more people to have access to smokable cannabis across the country.

Bianca, Words fail to express the total brilliance of you—but I'll try anyway! You're an incredibly inspiring, hardworking AF, smart, fun, and mega-talented cannamom + entrepreneur who I'm lucky to call a good friend. (Not to mention the 🔥🔥 factor, but everyone already knows that! 😉) Happy Freaking 40th!! Thank you for what you do for the cannamom community every day... there's truly no one else like you. I'm looking forward to smoking those rose petal joints in our beach houses in about 30 years, babe! 'Till then, let's raise a joint to toast your brilliance... keep shining that incredible light! - Danielle, Weed Mom 

Question: What do you think is the best way to “End the Stigma” of consuming cannabis? 

A. Communication seems to be the best tool to change the narrative about cannabis. How often do you talk about cannabis? Or who do you avoid discussing cannabis with?  Fear remains strong amongst non-users even in legal states. Talking about cannabis is important to open dialog and begin educating. A key to normalizing cannabis is eradicating the fear associated with it and replacing it with open-mindedness, and credible education.  

To contribute to changing the narrative we can all help spread this message. It can be challenging when the other person has heard so much about the perils of cannabis their entire life. I recommend preparing yourself for these conversations by researching these topics: why cannabis became illegal in the first place, the science of cannabis and how the plant works with the endocannabinoid system, and the known positive benefits and medicinal uses that cannabis and CBD hemp products have. 

Bianca, You are such a BEAUTIFUL light in the community and my personal life! Your hard work is not going unnoticed. Thank you for being so damn brave and paving the way for us cannamoms. We love and appreciate you! Happy 40th birthday, you rock star, you! 💚💚💚Love, Renae 

Question: What advice would you want to give to moms that are concerned about Child Protective Services coming for their cannabis use? 

A. I hear people say how much they appreciate the Cannamom community on Instagram, which I totally understand and personally appreciate as well, as I play a role in it. But I have concerns over the groupthink happening to normalize the plant, that there is beginning to be a lack of precaution being taken. Even as a medical patient in a legal state, in America, the plant can still be used against you in certain cases. Traveling to states that are not legal with the plant can still result in harsh sentences and in most states even a medical card it can be used as grounds for an issue when it comes to Child Protective Services involvement. 

If you feel this would never happen to you, consider if that is part of your privilege… yes, that is a huge factor. But being a white female does not make anyone immune to the legal repercussions of a federally illegal substance. It may provide some shelter, but not full immunity. To think even harsher judgment is being placed on parents based on the color of their skin is sickening to me. Separating kids from their parents is traumatizing to the children, and the fact that it is all over a plant with healing benefits seriously blows my mind.

I know this topic is harsh. It’s not fun and light. But, it is REAL. I love playing with the fun side of this plant. Making funny memes and videos that moms can laugh together and relate to. But, I also feel it’s my responsibility to state these reminders as well. Our kid's safety and being with their parents is always the MOST IMPORTANT priority - MUCH more important to me than normalizing plant medicine.

Love from the CannaMom HIGH SOCIETY OF MAMAS Community & KnowMommy

We need to give a major shoutout and happy birthday to the founder of High Society of Mamas community - the one and only High Society Mama!  Bianca, you are a true example of what it means to be a powerhouse mother, wife, friend, advocate, and boss babe! You wear many hats from advocating for Mothers to have equal access to plant medicine to building healthier bodies with Burn Fit Tribe, to cultivating high-quality artisanal hemp and CBD lifestyle brand with SOCIETY’s Plant. One bonus that we love about SOCIETY is that, not only do you offer plant medicine goodness that is safe and effective, but you also care about the earth and create sustainable practices. 

In addition to all of that, you are an incredible Mother to your sweet son, Tage, and a devoted wife to High Society Papa (Tad).  

Your energy, drive, determination, infectious joy, and loving heart are only a few of the reasons people love and admire you so much!

Keep shining bright! We are so lucky to have you in this fight for change and to help us stay healthy, focused, and entertained along the way!

- Love you, Janelle from Know Mommy

Happy Birthday, High Society Mama! 

Allow time to celebrate yourself and for others to celebrate you!

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Happiest of birthdays my darling! I look forward to seeing your manifestations into reality!

Lauren April 19, 2022

Wishing you the most beautiful 40th year! Thank you for all you do for the cannabis community! Lots of love ❤️

Barbara Struss April 16, 2022

Love that you’ve made such beautiful friendships with all of these ladies! Turning 40 is empowerment. This is your time! Happy Happy Birthday!


Jean April 16, 2022

Such a fan! Thank you for all that you do! Happy New Decade to you!!!!

Toni April 16, 2022

Happy 40th Birthday, may you have a wonderful day!!💛💛

Tara Harrington April 16, 2022

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