Delta-8 Gummies D8

Great tasting and the perfectly discreet relief you have wanted.  Each gummy is 20mg.  There are 20 gummies per pack. Total Delta8 = 400mg.

Delta-8 feels like a warm comforting blanket when it kicks in. Unlike CBD gummies, these are just slightly psychoactive. You will feel a mild and relaxing high without the anxiousness that some experience with Delta-9 THC. 

PSYCHOACTIVITY: This product is mildly psychoactive and should not be taken while driving

DOSE: 20mg First time users should split the gummy for a smaller dose & build as desired/needed


D8 Inhaled Onset = 5-15 min / Duration = 2-4 hours

Consumed = 30-90 min / Duration = 4-6 hours

Δ8 THC: 85-96% D8

Δ9 THC: None detected or under legal limits

INGREDIENTS:  Vegan / Plant Based

Sugar, Corn Syrup, Filtered Water, Pectin, Hemp Extract, Artificial Flavoring, Sodium Bicarbonate



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jackee Harrop

Delta-8 Gummies D8

Alissa Pracht

Excellent flavor, little to no after taste. Half a gummy gets me through the day by taking the edge off. Will purchase again.

Tara Harrington

Great product gives me a boost of energy then slowly comes down. Allows me to emerge from a lazy day and be somewhat productive.

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