510 Thread Battery


Preheat 510 Thread Vape Pen Battery

Use with our CBD Vape Cartridge or Delta-8 Cartridge. NOT INCLUDED 

Adjustable Voltage

Cbd Oil Vape Pen Battery

With Button Control Adjustable Voltage Cbd Oil Vape Pen Battery

The battery comes with a micro USB charger, but NO USB charging base. You can charge this cl battery with any micro USB and can plug the charging cable into any USB base. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great little guy

I love this battery. I used to use a small square one with VV but it was too easy to accidentally burn the coil. I really recommend this battery.

Chhris Mess
Not too shabby.

I’ll admit I didn’t really know what to expect from this having never tried Delta 8 before, let alone THC-O. I took small sips throughout the day and had a great buzz and was pleasantly surprised by how much it was like Delta 9, but without making me feel paranoid or “guilty” I was high. I know it sounds strange to feel guilty, but that’s the only was I can put it. I don’t smoke or vape or eat cannabis because when I do it doesn’t make me feel good. When I use this vape of hemp, it doesn’t do that to me. The package also came with a Delta 8 gummy and I tried that on a separate occasion without any vape. I was really blown away by how strong the 25mg was. It was almost too much, but again, no bad feelings.
I think I found my new DOC(drug of choice) and I will be getting more vape carts and gummies.

Thank you for helping us out with all you do, SP!

Perfect hitter

Love this!

Kelsey S
Works great!

The battery life lasts a long time and works perfectly!

Raven Elise Geraghty
Best Ever

I am such a fan of not only this product but the company overall. Everything I have purchased from the flowers to the pens have been wonderful. Even down to the personal touches.

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