Why this Mama is not afraid to use cannabis and have fun with kids!

Hey there, this is High Society Mama here, bringing your an important message.
In case you need to hear this today...

YOU are NOT a bad Mom for using cannabis & having fun with your kids!

And, YES I am letting my kid be in my pro-Cannabis post! He wanted to AND we had FUN, so WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?????
Cannabis can help to calm down a stressed out mom. Smoking CBD does not make you feel stoned, but it still helps to relax and bring out your happy face while releasing some anxiety. Cannabis can help you to slow down and appreciate the tiny moments. It can help to stop worrying about getting the to do list done and be playful with our kids. It can open up our imagination, so we can connect with them.
Family or close friends might try to shame you or openly tell you their judgement, but what you do in your house is your business.
Yes, I understand concerns of CPS. This is a real thing, not denying it. So, be smart and keep your plant medicine locked away from kids reach and have no areas of negligence. Responsible use of any medicine or substance (including alcohol) should always be part of our practice as a parent.
I like to get my anxiety relief during the day from smoking Society’s Plant CBD, so I can be clear and focused without my stress and worry taking over. In the late afternoon I love a 1:1 CBD:THC blend so I can get silly and play with my little dude for a bit before bedtime. And reading books can be a blast with a little more THC to go with our story telling voices!
I know we have been told Moms should not use cannabis. We have been told it is bad.
We have to live our life the way we want. Starting today!

Who is with me?

Let’s use cannabis with no guilt or mom shame!

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