Trying out CBD as an intro to Cannabis

Let’s normalize explaining to the Karens & people who think that CANNABIS is a terrible, dangerous DRUG, that CBD is federally legal according to the 2014/ 2018 Farm Bill. You can even have this great medicine shipped to your door EVEN if you live in a state that medical marijuana is ILLEGAL.
We make really awesome CBD products here at Society. We have CBD pre-rolls that are easy to pick up and smoke and also CBD tea that is easy to sip your blues away. 

First, to clarify: Cannabis is the genus of flowering plants, which includes a few (debated) species: Cannabis Sativa (aka hemp which GENERALLY speaking produces more CBD and lower THC), Cannabis Indica (which produces more THC) and Cannabis Ruderalis. Any plant producing more than .3% THC is defined by US government as marijuana. Note: Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica are different from the frequently used references to “Sativa”, “Indica” and “Hybrid” used in the vocabulary of describing strains in a dispensary setting. 
I KNOW we eventually need to convince them that all cannabis is medicine and not drugs, but we have to start somewhere and CBD is LEGAL and does not have as intense psychoactive effects as THC... so it can be a good stepping stone.
I get asked WHY people would want to smoke CBD if they already use THC? Here are my thoughts:
- you can extend your THC to last longer by blending it with CBD flower (which is less expensive), plus you get the benefits of the entourage effect from more cannabinoids compounding together.
-many find CBD to be better for stress/anxiety (gives mental relief when you still want to have a clear/focused mind) versus THC is better for depression and has a much stronger psychoactive effect.
-CBD and THC are both good for pain, but CBD reduces inflammation in the body.
-THC in the 60’s-80’s was about 5-10% THC, now it is more like 18-25% THC. CBD has less than .3% THC, so smoking an entire CBD pre-roll NOW is similar to taking 1 hit of a THC join in the 80’s (tell THIS to your parents, to give them a better perspective on trying CBD).
This is just a few reasons, but sharing this information and your personal experience with people who are opposed to cannabis, can help to shed a light for them on the benefits of the plant, with an easy trial into cannabis use by trying CBD.


I appreciate the info and the help with better understanding what the products are for! The breakdown is very helpful for me as a beginner!

Didi M December 15, 2023

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

sttnegbpoi March 17, 2021

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