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The journey of cannabis use during Motherhood can be the best thing you do for yourself, but it can also be daunting & overwhelming. I frequently receive questions about use during pregnancy, breastfeeding talking to kids, living in an illegal state, what strains to use, how to consume and many more. I am doing my best to hold down this fort & bring as much humor, compassion and light to these subjects as I can! I get lots of messages & always try to respond (a little bit backed up on unanswered msgs right now 🙃)...
One friend, @keri_kimblack wrote “Love your page. Thank you for keeping it real & making it easy for Mamas like me to keep it real too!” This hit home for me...I know that not everyone is able to be open about their cannabis use! I feel all your love & know many posts resonate deeply for Moms... which is my goal! Motherhood is really about what is happening IN our HOME... not on social media!
Finding ways for mothers to feel comfortable exploring plant medicine is my BIGGEST contribution in this world.
I want to introduce more MOMS to the tremendous benefits of cannabis. I think can be done with CBD flower & pre-rolls as the steeping stone! Weed in the 80’s had 2% THC versus 25% THC now! @societysplant CBD flower has .3% THC, which results in a very mellow, uplifting feeling & very strong anxiety relief! The Boax Spectrum strain on societysplant.com gives a great body tingle while melting away our stress!
CBD is legal to ship across the country & the @societysplant CBD pre-roll smokes make it easy to spark up with out any smoking accessories!
CBD is legal, so if you are a Mom & in an illegal state this is a product you can advocate with to normalize. There are moms & friends that would love to hear from you with your experience!
I’m running a special offer for Moms to use code: MamaBOGO to buy one CBD product & get one free! After checkout you can sign up to refer friends... using custom link you get 30% back on all sales & a 30% off discount code. 😱👍
So, if cannabis helps you & you want to help the process of normalizing this medicine, then help a Mama out and join my mission, I appreciate your support! 😻 xoxo- Bianca


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