Updates on SOCIETY CBD vape carts & new regenerative packaging

There is a MAIL BAN coming starting April 4th on vape carts so you might want to stock up on your supply while we navigate the new rules and figure out ways to get our carts that you know and love into our happy customers’ hands. We suggest you to stock up using one of the following discount codes:
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If you receive a cartridge with a white mouth piece after Monday March 22nd then you are the proud owner of our new “free formula”. This new formulation was created to remove the small amount of MCT oil that was previously used to make the user experience more pleasant. Vape carts are a challenge to perfect and the appropriate viscosity (thickness of fluid) is a challenge to master. We believe MCT oil greatly reduces those challenges. It also does things like allow your cartridge to flow properly, empty completely, not leak, produce adequate vapor for all users profiles and provide a less harsh vaping experience.
However, MCT oil has been roped into the controversy around vaping additives and lung health. It’s kind of like how marijuana is a Schedule 1  narcotic with heroine and crack cocaine. MCT oil is currently banned as a vaping additive in the State of Colorado and until there is adequate scientific information available, all we have is fear and caution to rely on.
So, we’re being cautious with our decision to change our formula.
This might be great news to you already but let me sweeten the pie for you. Not only is the new formula “less dangerous” or “healthier”, it also contains 5% more CBD and twice the flavor profile!  This new formulation is also based on our Boax Spectrum extract profile, whereas previously it was based on the Sour Berry. You may notice that this formula is a bit darker in color. This is simply the difference in strain profiles and the oils they produce.
NOTE OF CAUTION:  This new “cart” hits reasonably harder so be cautious. We advise users to take no more than one 3 second drag in a 15 minute interval to acclimate to the new formulation. And, reminder, that a proper hit is achieved by holding down the battery button for 3 seconds BEFORE you take your 3 second drag. This prevents the need from operating your cartridge coil at hazardous temperatures, which is one of the main health concern with vaping cannabis. You should be able to achieve adequate vapor at a battery setting of LESS THAN 3.6 volts. (Note: do NOT vape on the HOTTEST setting, only use the middle or low heat battery setting. All our batteries use 3 button clicks to toggle through the temperature settings).  Along with a large compendium of scientists, we strongly advise against operating your battery at its most powerful setting!
A recent article called out a handful of additives to be removed from vape carts. The only ones that were highlighted with significant data to suggest they were scientifically-harmful (aside from the suspected killer Vitamin E acetate) were “natural terpenes”. There are now TWO flavorless and odorless “natural terpenes” that were widely used as “thinning agents” for adjusting viscosity/thickness of the cannabis oil.  These would be used at percentages from 10% (conservatively) and up to 60-80% (outrageously by scumbags preying on the cannabis consumer).
We are happy to let you know that we have never used those “thinning agents”!  Further, we have only ever used terpene “blends” that are found in nature to provide the desired aroma and flavor profile.
If you are stocking up in preparation for the vape “mail ban” please be aware of these recommendations to prevent failure/leakage of your cartridges.
  • Keep cartridges in their original package in the refrigerator or other dark, cool location.
  • Keep cartridges vertical and UPSIDE DOWN
  • When ready to use stored cartridge remove it from the refrigerator and allow it to warm to room temperature BEFORE you turn it upright.
  • For the smart asses, do not attempt to lie down to use the cartridge in the upside down position right out of the fridge. If you do this you will probably taste a burning coil and destroy its future performance and quality of the expert or the life of the cartridge.
  • The above is a best practice. Do not fret if you cannot figure out how to keep them vertical or upside down. As long as they are in the refrigerator they should be fine.  However, these best practices are the most sure fire way to protect your investment.
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Sustainable packaging, GOODBYE plastic vape packaging:
We adore that some of our customers have applauded our efforts to achieve “natural” packaging. We have hated using a plastic vape cartridge package and have been hunting to find a solid sustainable solution.  Truth be told it was impossible just a year ago to easily access truly sustainable packaging that created the look and feel we aimed for. So like most great companies we temporarily compromised our sustainability goals. But, unlike most, we have sustainability and land regeneration at our core. Still, we restlessly search for better alternatives and will be offering some to you as soon as possible. Our main goal currently is to eliminate petroleum based products. We are closing out the plastic Vape cart packaging and moving to a regenerative 100% plant based, Hemp Plastic! 

In the future you will see us offer other packaging made of aluminum for its value as a recyclable as well as hemp based plastic. Some might ask “Why use plastic at all?” and the answer isn’t too complex. Our philosophy is that we need to support the industries that are reinforcing the need for regenerative agriculture. Buying a hemp plastic comes with the guarantee that the plastic will biodegrade rapidly and our money will help develop the hemp industry. Some might say “Why not use paper/cardboard instead?” and this one is only slightly more difficult to address.  In a nutshell, paper technically comes from a renewable resource, trees.  However, paper certified by the Forestry Sustainability Council (FSC certified) is not widely used in cannabis packaging.  Yes, that’s right, this is another sustainable and economic goal to overcome!  Paper made of hemp would be a fabulous option and we plan to incorporate that as soon as it is available and can meet our needs. So stay tuned as we evolve and do our part to set the sustainability standard in cannabis packaging.

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