Which terpene profile of Society full spectrum CBD vape carts should I buy?

Which terpene profile of Society CBD Vape should I try?
All of our vapes use the new “free formula,” which is free of any fillers and we removed the small amount of MCT oil from the product. We are now using the full spectrum Boax Spectrum strain of extract in all of our vape carts and they hit HARD (like GOOD).  
Tangie Sunset and Lemon Cake are more uplifting and energizing, similar to a sativa. Gelato and Peaches and Dreams are hybrids. Guava Berry is the most like an indica.
AROMA: Earth, citrus, sweet
MAIN TERPENES: Myrcene (36%). Humulene (15%).  beta caryophyllene (14%)
EFFECT: Energizing, creative, soothing. Giving a rush of euphoria that lifts the spirits to power through daily tasks and adventures.
AROMA: pungent citrus, fruity and a smooth buttery finish
EFFECT: A potent energy boost, to combat stress, uplift spirits and aid in minor physical discomfort. The body likes to MOVE on these terpenes.
AROMA: Berry, Creamy, Floral
MAIN TERPENES:  Beta caryophyllene (24%).  Limonene (21%). Myrcene (12%).  Linalool (10%)
EFFECT: This hybrid leans toward an indica with effects primarily centered around improving your attitude. From general happiness to having a bout of the giggles to euphoria, Gelato is known to provide a bit of each while helping soothe consumers. Some note feeling more creative after using Gelato.
AROMA: Sweet, tangy, peach, blueberry, fruity
MAIN TERPENES:  myrcene and pinene.
EFFECT: hybrid with heavy relaxation for introspective thoughts. Aids in sleep, anti-anxiety and a powerful muscle relaxant.
AROMA: Kushy, tropical, berry.
EFFECT: The relaxation game is strong with this one. Plan to be happy, euphoric and relaxed with extra help to drift off to snooze land.

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What are the main terpens in Lemon Cake?

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