How CBD can help with your 2022 Resolutions

New Years resolutions can be hard to keep up. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with a short list of this year's most common New Year's Resolutions and how our CBD products can support you in achieving those goals. 

1. Create a Daily Meditation Practice 

Meditation comes with a myriad of benefits to include decreased anxiety, greater ability to flow through stressful situations, and better self-awareness. Adding CBD to your meditation sessions increases these benefits by regulating the nervous system, centering the mind & connecting the spirit. Our favorite way to consume CBD during meditation is with our convenient vape pens.

Vaping allows you to sit down your smoke at any point without needing an ashtray, etc. We also find there are none of the negative benefits of “smoking” inside. Our CBD vape options include the strains Sour Diesel and Forbidden Fruit.

Forbidden Fruit is the more relaxing of the two, making it the ideal choice for meditation sessions, however, depending on the length of your session adding Sour Diesel to the end could give you that energetic boost needed to get back to reality. 

2. Save Money

Of course, saving money is a high priority but your health is also. Combine your supplements to get more bang for your buck! Our CBD Enhanced Mushroom Tinctures offer increased benefits with a variety of herbs, mushrooms, and 1,000mg CBD to help you Thrive, Chill and Dream. Each mushroom and CBD tincture works double duty to keep you at your best.
Thrive is an immune-supporting supplement combined with CBD, Chill balances the nervous system and hormones associated with it & Dream takes you to dreamland while calming inflammation and restoring cellular health. 

3. Workout Consistently 

One of the top resolutions is to get in more movement. This can be fun, but it can also lead to pain in muscles you have not thought of in years. Inhaling CBD flower can be a simple fix to calm that pain & inflammation, we especially recommend our strains, Boax Spectrum & Bubba Kush. The most efficient 3-step after a workout routine is a bath with Life Elements bath bomb, one of our beautifully crafted PreRoll CBD or Delta 8, and then a few swipes of our Magical Plant Salve on those achy muscles and joints. 

Want to have fun while moving your body? We suggest Society's Plant Co-Owner, Bianca's workout videos you can do at home LIVE or the recordings. Burn Fit Tribe includes Cardio, Yoga and Dance classes to help you move in a way that feels easy, because you are enjoying it so much. You can sign up for a FREE class and 7-day trial membership.  if you love it then choose from 3 tiers ranging from $40 to as low as $5/month! Check it out here! 

4. Lose Weight 

While working out can help you with weight lossq, did you know that some cannabis strains actually decrease hunger pangs? Studies show that a mild reduction of calories can lead to a healthier weight. Unfortunately, cannabis has gotten a bad rap being synonymous with “the munchies”, this can be true in high THC strains, CBD strains such as Bubba Kush can actually be used to reduce hunger. This is due to the terpene in Bubba Kush, humulene, which does not stimulate the appetite but suppresses the activity in the compound’s satiety pathways, creating a less desire to eat. 

3 Facts about Cannabis & Weight 

  • Cannabis use is associated with lower BMI.
  • Cannabis users as a population generally have smaller waistlines.
  • THC stimulates appetite while THCV suppresses appetite.

5. Quit Smoking 

What we like to say is “keep the habit, change the plant”! Inhaling the benefits of herbs is a practice that has been done by all cultures throughout time, however, tobacco was used very moderately in ceremony and other herbs did not have the addictive nicotine. Nicotine withdrawal can cause headaches, insomnia, nausea, mood swings, irritability, anxiety, and stress. Recent studies show that cannabinoids can even reduce the cravings themselves, as well as the obsessive thoughts. One of the most popular products among past cigarette smokers is the Hemp Smokes we offer in 4 strains: Berry & Cherry Blossom, Rocket Fuel, and Boax Spectrum

Now go slay those resolutions. You’ve got this! We believe in you! 

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