High Society Mama talks Witches and Female plants

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Do I sound like a witch by saying... "Just another day of playing with plant powers and crystals"?????⠀

In this day and age I think there is a certain level of pride and honor in being called a witch. As the women's movement reaches far and wide, I think we can own the term in a way that highlights our natural female and motherly intuition. Men and women are wired differently. We handle situations and emotions in different ways. Business has traditionally been a male dominated world and is still operating from that historical stand point. Women are viewed as weak if we show our natural emotions openly in a business setting. We are expected to wear business SUITS to fit in. While there are many women rising up in the Cannabis industry, we are still trying to dominate in a MALE centric way. I WANT to change this. I WANT to operate in my empowered feminine energy and lead @societysplant with my heart and intuition. ⠀
Women have this natural sense for what needs to happen and the energy needed. These plants we play with also have many feminine powers that we celebrate and appreciate. THC and hemp CBD flowers are female plants! We are celebrating the feminine already with our love for this plant! I want to also celebrate my feminine core energy. Call me a WITCH or a bitch, I don't care. As long as I am following my intuition and taking fearless action to move my life and business forward, then I know I am serving and will be rewarded. ⠀
Can I hear from my fellow WITCHES out there? Who is ready to step into this power???⠀
XOXO- Bianca.

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