Cannamom Shaming - When Moms are Criticized for Cannabis

Mom Shaming Cannabis issue hemp CBD motherHave you ever felt the wrath of mom shaming? ⠀
We are beginning to move through the war on drugs, but we face new issues with this plant, such as CannaMOM SHAMING! ⠀
The general issue of mom shaming has dramatically increased in the past decade with the boom in social media mom judgment, advice and sharing. Sometimes, it sadly happens with the best of intentions. 😔 As we are doing our best to handle all of life's demands, (and IT IS a LOT) we can get caught in our own story and some where in the crevas of our differences we unknowingly give other moms a swift kick in the emotional gut. ⠀

Mom-shaming is bullying other moms for their parenting choices in subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) aggressions and comments. When you feel a comment that subtly screams, "YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG," then THAT is Mom Shaming. On the flip side, we know that it "takes a village" and sometimes we ASK for help/assistance. When we do this in a forum for moms or on social media in general, we put ourselves out there in the zone of solicitating advice. I find it is best to ask in a group you feel safe in, or one that aligns with your beliefs/values. The Facebook group @mothersmary_hq is a very supportive group for cannamoms to share and get advice. Or maybe a natural mom or attachment parenting group might be a fit. Try to find the group that aligns for you to feel safe and supported asking for advice. ⠀
Cannamom shaming is any instance of feeling shame or judgement for using cannabis as a mom. If you feel the hate, especially of strangers, it's OK to walk away, delete a comment or remove your post that brought it on. Your personal emotional well being is more important than taking a stand for a movement. You don't have to tolerate the shaming. Removing yourself from harms way will go much further for YOU. ⠀
Please check-out my IGTV video on this topic for more of insights and sharing my personal experience. ⠀
Have you experienced mom shaming or cannamom shaming? Please share below and know I am also sending so much love and support your way! #cannamom ⠀

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