Why new users should try smoking CBD hemp flower

What is your definition of truth?  Have you ever considered that your truth could be different from someone else's truth? And that from each person's perspective, we're all right?! Trying to change someone's views on cannabis may not be easy. But, we have some ideas to ease the pain. 

In David R. Hawkins book, Letting Go, the scale of consciousness is described and calibrated and I recently learned so much about PRIDE. While it's easy to focus on pride as a good thing, when examined more closely, we can see that pride is what actually causes each of so much heartache. When we have too much pride about an idea, a product, a substance etc., then we are likely too attached to what other people think about it and want them to see OUR perspective as their truth. Rather than focusing on how much pleasure the item or idea brings you, we can easily get caught up in being "right " and needing to prove ourselves to others. This can lead to defensiveness and even turning our backs to those in need or who may not yet be able to see our point of view. But when we focus on something being "an idea that we like" or "a plant medicine that we love and appreciate and feel grateful for" this can often diffuse challenging conversations in a way that makes them more palatable for everyone.⠀

Have you unknowingly turned your back on someone who might be CANNA-CURIOUS, but they weren't yet 100% open to your POV? ⠀

When we consider that not everyone has tried cannabis, or maybe they have not had the most pleasurable experience with the plant. Then we can better understand and assist in their ongoing exploration of cannabis. It is possible that smoking CBD hemp for the fast acting effects of CBD might be an excellent starting place for experiencing cannabis in a gentler way. 


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