Fulfilling 6 Human Needs with Cannabis During Quarantine

The 6 human needs are the invisible force behind why we do what we do and they also play into our level of happiness. During quarantine it is especially necessary to keep our morale high and our needs fulfilled. Let's dive into how some might use cannabis to fulfill those needs, plus other ideas for fulfilling our needs during quarantine.  It seems more important than ever to understand WHY we show up or reacting in certain ways and also to remain as happy and fulfilled as possible! If you are not familiar with this topic, it is worth digging into to understand your needs and how you are meeting them to thrive as an individual!
Cannabis quarantine 6 human needs
This concept was developed by Tony Robbins. In summary the needs (or in this analogy, BUCKETS) are as followed:


1. Certainty: assurance you can avoid pain and gain pleasure
2. Variety/Uncertainty: the need for the unknown, change, new stimuli
3. Significance: feeling unique, important, special or needed
4. Connection/Love: a strong feeling of closeness or union with someone or something
5. Growth: an expansion of capacity, learning, capability or understanding
6. Contribution: a sense of service and focus on helping, giving to and supporting others
Everyone ranks these basic human needs differently, and the way they are ranked are why you are the way you are as a person.  We should work to keep all our buckets (needs) full to be happy, but we have to be careful about HOW we are fulfilling these needs. During a challenging time (like quarantine), it is easy to turn to the most easily accessible vehicles to fulfill our needs. Social Media fills ALL of the human needs, but can we THRIVE if we fill our days and our buckets only with social media??? There is certainty to entertain, variety as we scroll, connection from friends, growth from learning and digesting articles or posts, every post is a declaration of significance and with each comment we fulfill our need for contribution. Is this a long term solution to keeping us happy and fulfilled? Most would agree, it is not.
Here is a nugget of truth: If a vehicle or method of fulfilling a need, fulfills more than 3 needs then it is an ADDICTION. 
We will go through the 6 human needs to discuss how we can cope during quarantine & how some could use cannabis to fulfill their needs. 
Take time to dig into this. How are you keeping your buckets full? Which need is your top priority? 


If certainty is one of your top human needs, you need to feel safe and secure about the future. During quarantine, people are feeling lonely and uncertain, so finding certainty we can count on is important to feel safe. When you use cannabis it could be a method of feeling certain of the same experience.  The ritual of rolling the joint or packing a bowl and the deep inhale followed by a certain head and body feeling, is just what you might need and expect. The outcome is sure to get you feeling a certain way and that is the exact assurance you need to feel fulfilled!  You can even artificially control your environment by changing your expectations of the high. Gaining control over your emotional wellbeing can help ensure you feel safe. Try Society's Plant smokable hemp flower to tap into your zen emotional state. You can also fulfill this certainty need with a morning routine, daily meditation, journaling or workout/yoga. 


Everyone wants some level of uncertainty. Variety is the spice of life to keep it exciting. But, those who have this as a top human need might take it to an extreme. They  frequently change jobs or relationships for the sake of variety, they could also be an adrenaline junkie. They might always seek out new strains or taking consumption levels to new HIGHS.  They are not afraid of taking risks and this could include not following rules or the laws in place. In quarantine, this need for variety could be fulfilled by joining a group with a daily challenge for a workout, creating a piece of art or cooking a different meal everyday. There are 12 varieties of Society's Plant SourBerry hemp flower, so you can try this wide spectrum of aromas. You can add variety by taking a different route each day on a solo walk or talking to a different friend each day with your own 4:20 toking hour. 


If significance is among the top two of your 6 human needs, then part of that need includes receiving recognition. Everyone wants to be seen in some way it is just a matter of how strong the desire to be seen, heard or listened to is!  You base your significance on what you believe makes you unique compared to others and the recognition makes you feel validated. Showing off how much you can smoke or the validation of number of likes of a bong rip video can be just this. Being recognized for growing the best weed, rolling the biggest joint or having the most followers can fill this bucket. But, it is always worth looking at the real value of that recognition, finding a positive source of validation can pay dividends more than social media likes. Does your work give you the feeling of significance? How can you show your uniqueness in a way that fills your recognition bucket? Is there another way you can be of service to others to gain that recognition during quarantine if you are not working? We are all unique, and some may need the outward recognition, while others can find their worth through internal work. Affirmations, "I am worthy. I am enough." 


If connection/love is your top basic human need, you are always seeking closeness from a relationship with someone or something. Love, lights up your life. This can be fulfilling with the right human relationships, but it can also lead you to sacrifice self to maintain the partnership. Or, if your greatest love is WEED then maybe you cast aside friendships or relationships for your most loved ally, cannabis. Is this really healthy? What does a balanced relationship with cannabis look like? Maybe using it as a tool to enhance your loving relationship with your partner or friends, to enjoy the ritual together (even if virtually)! Using cannabis to open your heart and communication channels to family and friends can be a positive use of the plant. During quarantine, we can organize a zoom sesh with friends to stay connected and even bring cannabis into it. 


Those whose primary need is growth are always striving to be better and learn more. Reading books, articles, workshops, and seminars can fill their free time. What we choose to fill the knowledge with is up to us. Quarantine is a unique opportunity for many stuck at home to be fulfilled by absorbing knowledge and working on themselves. Maybe you are learning how to grow your own cannabis or how to roll a joint.  Those who use the plant to dig deeper into self help, will likely build a deeper understanding of the self and the material they are diving into. 


The secret to living is giving. Those who have contribution as a top need know that being of service to others can be extremely rewarding. When you make a difference in your community, it feels really good. However, it is important to not neglect those closest to you as you try to change the world. During this time of quarantine, you can see if any fellow canna- community members needs a pickup when you hit up the dispensary.  You can use the Nextdoor app to offer to pick up groceries for others who can't go out on your next grocery store run. Reaching out to friends in this lonely time can be important to check on others or making a 4:20 zoom smoke date, can be just what a friend needs right now. We can keep the community or friends contribution going digitally. 
In summary, Tony Robbins teaches, "All dysfunctional behaviors arise from the inability to consistently meet the 6 basic human needs mentioned above. But you don’t have to resort to these types of behaviors if you understand your own needs and psychology. By better understanding which of the basic human needs is your driving force, you can set goals for yourself and implement positive behaviors to help you achieve those goals. Understanding these needs, and which ones you are trying to meet in any given moment, can help you embrace the power of growth and create new patterns that lead to lasting fulfillment.“

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