Parents Quarantine Tasks include Smoking Weed

QUARANTINE TASK LIST: seems fairly straight forward...⠀
Which of these simple tasks are you struggling with? Which are you excelling at as we all do our part to #flattenthecurve ? ⠀
⚡️They say, "most accidents happen in your home," and I believe this! Every day there is some injury with plenty of tears to derail even the happiest and most joyful activities.🤕 I swear my child has injured himself more by going to extreme measures to entertain himself than he ever did on a playground with 20 kids 🤯. ⠀
#iamdoingfinebecause The rest of this list (aside from our record of bumps, bruises and tears), I feel pretty good about. ⠀
#istayhome - We haven't left our property once in almost 3 weeks (today is going to be my first adventure to a store, because I miss salad 🥗 and have eaten all the early spring kale from my garden). ⠀
🌬My joint rolling skills have been escalated to excellent status, as I roll numerous @societysplant hemp flower joints each day to keep me calm and collected for the continued challenges of working with an only child in my house. #quarantineandchill can only be accomplished with kids in the house by calling in a certain plant friend for daily companionship! ⠀
🙏. I have been doing gratitude excersizes to ensure I am reminded of all I have to be grateful for. ⠀
🙌 Ultimately, I am doing GREAT at keeping the kids ALIVE. Despite some bumps, bruises and tears we have been having a TON of fun together with daily lego building challenges, the boys working outside together and great communication! ⠀

🤷🏻‍♀️Which of these tasks are you thriving at the most???? ⠀
A) stay home⠀
B) smoke weed ⠀
C) give thanks ⠀
D) keep kids ALIVE⠀
?????????????????⠀Quarantine Tasks for parents smoke weed

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