Challenges of Starting a Hemp Business as a Couple

High Society Mama and High Society Papa start hemp businessI'm going to be EXTREMELY HONEST here and I say our relationship has not always been easy. @highsocietypapa and I have been together for 15 years and we have had some very rough roads. Cannabis kind of brought us back together, but NOT in the way one would think. We have both changed a lot through the years and so has our relationship. Add in having a kid and suddenly the dynamic of our relationship is a completely different landscape! ⠀
My husband got started in the cannabis industry 9 years ago. I worked in wine and spirits. Eventually, working in the alcohol industry no longer aligned with my personal values. I figured when legalization hit, I would make the switch to the magical plant biz. A year to 2 years ago, I could NOT see how we could EVER work TOGETHER, because we could barely be happy in our relationship, much less in a business setting. But, our life goals were aligned and we were committed to making not only our relationship work, but also creating a hemp business together Society's Plant @societysplant . ⠀
We have done a lot of work on our communication and our relationship and I can now say that making that decision to take a stand for our relationship and our commitment to the family we have built and to each other has changed the game for us. So, interestingly enough I can attribute this shift to cannabis. The plant brought us together in business (we both had the same goal to have our own company in the industry) and we had to figure out how to make US work in all areas of our life and WE DID! We have created rituals around our communication and meetings and we stick to them. We spend added time together working on the plants and it is AMAZING. We laugh together at work and at play. ⠀
I just want to put this out there because I believe that anyone can create the life they want. It takes work and commitment. There ARE SACRIFICES and some of them are NOT EASY. But, it can be done. We are living proof of that.⠀
I would like to thank @staceymartinordo for the spectacular program she teaches with her husband that truly changed our lives!(obviously for the best)

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