SOCIETY's Plant HHC & Delta9 THC Gummies


HHC Gummy is the Best High Experience 

SOCIETY’s Plant HHC Gummies are delicious, long-lasting, and HIGH-ly effective. You might notice an uptick in your mood, a flood of creativity, or more focus when you consume these delicious gummies. Compared to the high from THC, the effects of HHC gummies appear to be longer lasting. Not to mention, SOCIETY’s HHC Gummies are the best-tasting HHC gummies we’ve ever experienced!

The high from HHC is like the best of both worlds, bringing together a nice hybrid high with no paranoia and a little nudge of energy if you choose to accept it.  The high is similar to Delta8, in that NEITHER Delta8 nor HHC has the anxiety experience that people get from Delta9 THC. But, Delta8 does make some people want to go to SLEEP.  

Most consumers report that the high from HHC is about 70-80% of the high from Delta-9 THC. This is often the same description given to Delta-8 THC versus Delta-9 THC. Both Delta8 and HHC produce a mildly euphoric high, with a relaxed feeling that does not typically include the anxiety or paranoia that some experience at the onset of Delta-9 THC highs. 

A huge difference between HHC and THC is the duration of the high feeling. Most feel the euphoric high effect from most of these gummies to varying degrees. However, the duration varies between the cannabinoids. The HHC high is touted to last up to 12 hours! 

Benefits of HHC Cannabinoid Gummies

  • Euphoric high that is discreet, convenient, and smoke-free
  • Reviews tout: anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, pain relief*
  • Energy Level: Slightly Energizing
  • Expect focus and mild euphoria*
  • Long Lasting - up to 12 hours
  • Vegan/Plant-Based
  • Infused with full spectrum, psychoactive cannabinoid: HHC
  • 3rd party Lab Tested
  • Farm Bill Compliant 
  • Check out this article to learn about Alternative Cannabinoids; Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10

HHC Cannabinoid Gummy Effects and Dosage 

  • MIXED BERRY HHC Gummy has 25mg of HHC
  • GREEN APPLE HHC Gummy has 25mg of HHC + 10mg THC
  • 20 gummies per tin. Total HHC/tin = 500mg.
  • DOSE: First-time users should split the gummy for a smaller dose & build up as desired/needed
    • HHC Edible Gummy = 30-90 min onset & up to 12 hours Duration
    • D9 THC Edible Gummy = 30-90 min &  3-6 hour Duration
  • INGREDIENTS:  Vegan / Plant-Based Cane Sugar, Filtered Water, Pectin, Hemp Extract, Artificial Flavoring, Sodium BicarbonateSOCIETY’s Plant products are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, containing less than .3% Total THC
  • Our Green Apple HHC Gummy is a blended of hemp derived Delta9 THC & HHC cannabinoids. It is sure to lift you off to new elevations, offering a greater sense of well-being and a feeling of euphoria.* These special Green Apple gummies contain 25mg HHC and 10mg Delta9 THC, both derived from hemp. 
  • The balance of these two cannabinoids HHC+D9 is not for the beginner consumer, so dose low and move up slowly to determine your unique comfort level. This means START WITH A HALF OR LOWER GUMMY.

How to Buy HHC from an Online Artisanal Hemp Shop: 

Delicious Cannabinoid Gummies or Your Money Back

Have you ever had plant medicine gummies that taste so-so?  Yes? Us too! That’s why we decided that no one should have to eat mediocre-tasting cannabinoid gummies! To say that our gummies taste DELICIOUS is an understatement! 

DELICIOUS OR CREDIT BACK GUARANTEE: We promise that our gummies taste DELICIOUS. If you do not agree, then email to receive a store credit refund for your gummies. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Maura F. O
Love at first bite

This is honestly the best edible I have ever had. I’m still very much learning about cannabinoids and everything I can about this amazing plant. But something in this Green Apple thc/hhc combo has been a saving Grace for me lately. It’s like it turns down the volume on my stress levels. Agitation and stimulation is much much better. I think I have made 4 purchases in the last month because I keep handing out samples to my mom friends and getting them their own. The best.

Barbara Snyder
Top Quality Products, Great customer service

Every product we have received from this company has been the highest quality one could ever expect. The customer service and fast shipping are also to be commended.

Happy Gummy Treats

These gummies are the perfect for a nice happy high! I'm so excited to have these for those rough days with the kids. I love the Delta9 THC gummies with HHC.

Darcel Waller
Long lasting

This gummy is very long-lasting and it gives you a really nice buzz. Nice flavor. Give it a try!

Bonnie Miller
These are fun! :)

Relaxing yet not in a sleepy kind of way, more in a "contented chill" kind of way. My friend tried one at work and said she made some extra sales that day and was making jokes with her customers on the phone, and didn't seem to hate being there as much that day, lol

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