ANNOUNCING the Women in Cannabis Entreprenuer of the Year... and the Winner is!

Last week was the first Women in Cannabis Expo! This expo provides a place for women to come together to network to their fullest potential in the cannabis industry. 

There are many women entrepreneurs working diligently in the cannabis space. Every single one of these women needs to be honored for their ability to succeed in an industry that is still dominated by men, today however, we want to move that spotlight to the CEO and founder of Society’s Plant, Bianca Snyder (also known for her work on @highsocietymama & @highsocietybnb

Announcing the WINNER!!

Bianca is the 2021 winner of the Best Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” Award!! To say we are not all that surprised is an understatement, we knew that Bianca’s hard work and consistency were obvious and worthy of an award. Bianca started Society’s Plant in 2019 with the intention to get high quality plant medicine out to society, by bringing whole plant, CBD dominant hemp flower that is grown with care and intention, to market. She also works simultaneously on High Society Mama to give other mothers the confidence to use cannabis freely & without judgment. This has been accomplished through dedicating herself to fulfill on her life's passions doing work that she loves. Of course this comes complete with some of Bianca's favorite dance moves! 

Why Society’s Plant? Because Bianca and her partner in life & business, Tad from @highsocietypapa, believe that ALL of society should have the ability to access the healing benefits of the cannabis plant. 

One of the key ways that Bianca has made her vision a reality is by leveraging the power of social media, specifically Instagram. At High Society Mama, she inspires moms to be confident in their choice to use cannabis. Doing this kind of work takes passion, consistency & drive. She shows up every day for the Canna-Mom community with her contagious spunk, because she knows it is making a difference in destigmatizing cannabis use in motherhood, which is a key component for normalizing it for all of society.

As a key panel speaker Bianca WOW’ed the crowd with her feature topic of Leveraging Social Media for Cannabis Business. If you are struggling with  building your own inspirational platform on Instagram then this talk is for you! Bianca gives her insights on how to work smarter, how to be friends with the algorithm, and creating a one-of-a-kind community. 

You can watch her Social Media Talk here! 

One last picture for the road! 

Thank you, to the Women in Cannabis Expo for recognizing that hard work this woman puts in for the Cannabis Community. 

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We love this blog post and we love that you were our first online voting winner for the “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year”! Congrats on all your hard work. What you have done and continue to do to help pave the way for women. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Brooke Westlake November 29, 2021

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