Weed Mom Guide to SOCIETY's Plant

Weed Mom & Society’s Plant: A Double-Win for the Mamas 

By Danielle Simone Brand

In the first few pages of Weed Mom, I tell the juicy story of graduating from a cannabis-skeptic to an advocate in mere months with the help of a handy vape pen and my yoga mat. I discovered (better late than never!) how helpful cannabis is to my mothering journey—so of course I wanted to try ALL the weed and tell everyone about it!

Journey of a Mom to a CannaMom

As a freelance writer, I began learning and writing about the plant that mysteriously helped me relieve pain and stress—and found that it’s actually not so mysterious after all. Cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG, and many others fit neatly into receptors in the human body and even mimic naturally occurring compounds, known as endocannabinoids.

Through extensive self-experimentation (hey, I’m not complaining), interviewing cannabis experts, writing cannabis content, and meeting tons of other women and moms who’ve benefited in some way from the plant, I’ve come to a see it as a genuine health and wellness tool that moms like you and me should really know about.

Personally, I sleep better with the right dose of cannabis at the right time—and I have fewer migraines now that the plant has replaced alcohol as my go-to for chilling out. I’m also much calmer and more present with my two kiddos, which has helped shift the tone in my household toward greater connection as a family.

As I discovered these benefits of cannabis for moms and began to identify as a “cannamom,” I realized that the community lacked an all-in-one book made just for us. Thus, Weed Mom was born. 

The Weed Mom Book Message for CannaMoms

With Weed Mom, I sought to create a primer containing everything moms need and want to know about consuming cannabis and shopping in the legal marketplace. The book covers smoking, vaping, vaporizing, edibles, tinctures, topicals, lubes, and more—along with what to know about THC, CBD, terpenes, and dosage.

But Weed Mom is more than a guide to consuming cannabis safely and effectively as a mom. I wanted cannamoms—from newbies to OGs—to get an up-close look at cannabis prohibition’s terrible toll, and how the failed drug war contributed to senseless mass incarceration and injustice. This matters because, today, we can help right some of those wrongs by shopping small, supporting women and people of color in cannabis, and helping shape the emerging industry for the better. Knowledge is definitely power.

Weed Mom also takes a close look at this changing moment in our culture. With legal access to cannabis opening up on a broad scale, more and more moms are consuming and benefiting from it. But how do we talk about cannabis with kids, partners, parents, friends, and others in our lives in a responsible (and unscary) way? Weed Mom offers numerous conversation starters along with relevant facts and resources to keep you and your loved ones informed and empowered.

For Moms, It’s Not ALL About the THC

Drawing on scientific research, extensive interviews with cannamoms, and my own experiences, I’ve come to understand that this long-demonized plant has many benefits. From pain-relief, to enhancing sex and intimacy, to making bedtime with the littles a whole lot chiller, THC—the most well-known and celebrated cannabinoid—can do many wonderful things for a mom. But THC isn’t the only star in the cannabinoid show. In fact, some of the non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBDA, CBGA, and others found in artisanal hemp may help soothe anxiety or take the edge off a stressful moment without getting you high.

I supplement my THC routine with ample amounts of CBD in smokeable and tincture forms for many reasons, including the fact that I enjoy the relaxed-yet-alert-and-clear-headed feeling CBD brings. Plus, research is showing that—in addition to its well-known anti-seizure effects—CBD may help soothe anxiety and depression, boost sleep, and even offer brain-protecting benefits. * (Sign us up, right?)

Why CBD Flower Helps Me, As a Mother

Gummies and tinctures are solid choices for consuming cannabis because they’re discreet, smell-free, and available in many varieties. But nothing beats inhalation for quick effects, and smoking cannabis is what hits that sweet spot for me (and a lot of other cannamoms, too!).

Smoking also hits differently from edible forms of consumption, so if gummies are your go-to, it might be time to switch it up! However, if gummies are where you are comfortable then SOCIETY’s Plant offers a full range of gummies available in various cannabinoids, including my favorite SOCIETY’s GOLD-IX THC:CBD 1:1 Gummy.

For a daytime mental reset, I use “Ready to Roll” Boax Spectrum flower from Society’s Plant. Just a couple of puffs of this piney-smelling, pre-ground bud helps me re-center and ditch the anxiety that’s pretty much endemic to modern momming. (If you’re a mom, you definitely know.)

Later in the day, I’ll grind a smidge of Society’s CBD flower into my bowl of THC flower when I need a jumpstart to the creative process. With this combo, CBD again shines as an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety agent) by helping mitigate the excess mental energy that THC occasionally brings. Like Yin and Yang, it’s all about balance.

Why I Love Society’s Plant Hemp Products

SOCIETY’s products all start on an artisanal family hemp farm in Southwest Michigan, run by my favorite cannamom influencer, Bianca Snyder (@highscocietymama). Her husband and grower partner, Tad Snyder (@highsocietypapa), cultivates the lovely and versatile hemp plants that you get to see waving happily in the breeze on social media. This past summer, I visited Bianca and her family on the farm, helped transplant a few of their hemp babies, and—naturally— danced at sunset in a field of sun grown beauties. It’s definitely a vibe.

Like me, Bianca is on a mission to inspire mothers to feel confident in their choice to use cannabis. I deeply resonate with the way she educates about the plant, inspires other moms to bring cannabis into their healthy lifestyles, and celebrates the diversity among women in the weed world.

Having seen the farm up close, I feel even more confident consuming SOCIETY’s Plant CBD flower and telling other moms about its benefits. At SOCIETY, they live by the ideals of treating the plants and the earth with care and helping people—especially moms—live happier and healthier with a little help from hemp. In other words, Society’s Plant and Weed Mom are definitely on the same vibe.

Choosing Your Strains of Hemp Flower

CBD flower, like THC flower, comes in many varieties or strains that vary in terms of cannabinoid ratios and terpenes. (Terpenes are compounds found naturally in cannabis that give buds their distinctive aromas and help influence how you feel when you consume).

Like I mentioned, I love the ease of the Ready to Roll flower. It comes in a few different strains, so I can easily choose what the moment calls for. Society’s Hong Kong CBD flower, dominant in the terpene caryophyllene, is a good daytime pick, as is Boax Spectrum.

For deep relaxation, it’s a tossup for me between SOCIETY’s Bubba Kush and Suver Haze. With 12.5% and 12% CBD content, respectively, the terpenes make the difference: Suver Haze is dominant in the relaxation-heavy terpene called myrcene, and pain-relieving humulene makes Bubba Kush a great end-of-day choice. If sleep is what I’m after, I’ll pair this smoke with an edible and it’s off to dreamland.

CBD Tinctures are the Best In-Between Moments

Even though I prefer smoking for its quick effects, I have a bunch of other remedies up my sleeve when smoking—for whatever reason—isn’t in the cards. Tinctures, like SOCIETY’s Thrive Mushroom-Enhanced CBD, hit differently from smoking, and even from other edible methods, because the good stuff starts to absorb into the mucosal membranes of your mouth before you swallow; that’s why it’s important to keep a tincture dose under your tongue for anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute before swallowing. The goods will start working within as little as 15 minutes, and you can expect results for 2-3 hours.

Tinctures are easy-peasy to consume and discreet AF. That’s a #momwin in my book, both literally and figuratively.

Bundle Weed Mom and Society’s Plant CBD-Rich Smokable Hemp

Whether you’re a canna-curious mama or a longtime cannamom, SOCIETY’s Plant and Weed Mom are here to support you in your choice to consume cannabis and embody your most unique, confident, and kickass self.

And while it’s true that the stigmas around cannabis (especially for moms!) are lingering a bit longer than we’d all like, thankfully we now have enough research, alongside thousands of years of human-cannabis history, to know that there’s absolutely no reason to be ashamed. Used properly, cannabis is a health and wellness tool of the, ahem, highest order. 

Grab a copy of Weed Mom to guide you through the ins and outs of consuming cannabis for wellness and fun—and pair it with SOCIETY’s smokable hemp to help address symptoms or take the edge off in a safe, natural way. Weed Mom and Society’s Plant are like two peas in a pod. They just work.


I am here for this and breaking the stigma of women and cannabis. Thank you for a stellar giveaway (fingers crossed I get to proudly wear one of the jackets) and choosing to keep on rolling through the adventure of bringing this message to so many women.

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