WANTED: Beta Testers for our NEW PRODUCTS

We are very excited for a new product launching called: READY TO ROLL. 

Sometimes we just don't have the time to stop, grind, & roll. We need something that is ready to go when we are! So, we've done the work for you and packaged your favorite strains of SOCIETY's Plant smokable CBD dominant hemp flower, that is ready to puff when you need it.
All you need is your smoking tool of choice: papers, bong, pipe or vaporizing device, and our "Ready to Roll" CBD Flower.  There is a Boveda Terpene Shield  included in each jar, which is perfect for scooping out the hemp flower into your device!  Boveda, the original terpene shield, protects your terps from losing everything you love (aroma, flavor, effect), especially when we are sending it to you already ground. Terpenes are critical to your enjoyment of smokable hemp. If they’re not protected with Boveda, your flower will lose 40% of its aroma, flavor and effectiveness within a week of storage or packaging. Only Boveda, the original terpene shield, creates a monolayer of purified water over the trichome which keeps all that awesomeness locked in so you can enjoy a smooth smoke.
Society's Plant CBD hemp flower society ready to roll smoke smokabale boveda
We will have the following strains available in the READY TO ROLL: Rocket Fuel, Boax Spectrum, Cherry Blossom & Bubba Kush. 
But, right NOW, we need your help!
We are getting READY TO ROLL this out, but first we want to get it in to YOUR hands to give it a whirl and leave an informative review, so that others can learn about if you LOVED it as much as we do! ready to roll society's plant
As a BETA product tester, you will receive a massive discount code to purchase the product and give it a try. Our hope is that you find it easy to use and you can tell us about your experience, so that other people can know what you thought of it!
If you want to share your experience on social media, please do! We seriously LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the added exposure! And don't forget to tag us so we can show you some love back!
The current product you will be trying is the 1/4oz (7g) of Rocket Fuel CBD hemp flower. 
Rocket Fuel: CBD Flower is a mix of AC/DC + Harley Quinn Cherry. This strain has very dense buds with a potent diesel but still a very sweet aroma. It is super dense and has an earthy, diesel, spicy aroma. It is an energizing, feel-good favorite strain for daytime productivity, focus, and clarity. 


Sign up to be a BETA product tester here... (and we will let you know about future product trial opportunities as well!)



We can't wait to hear what you think! 



I am so excited for this!

Amanda Lewandowski February 12, 2023

This sounds amazing, I heard about this on your chat today. The sign up form is having a error though and I can not seem to sign up.

Shannon November 07, 2021

Can’t wait to try new products

Carol Orellana October 29, 2021

Looking forward to being one of High Society’s beta testers!

Kimberley October 29, 2021

Excited to try some of your products!

Angell October 29, 2021

This is so exciting!! Yay for new adventures and new strains!!

Dwan Benford October 29, 2021

Looking forward to trying out new products

Ryan moore October 29, 2021

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