How to become an Affiliate Referral Partner - Earn and Recommend to Friends or Followers

We love our happy customers to spread the word of our products to friends, family or followers. We offer a great referral program where you receive 10% back on anyone purchasing using your custom link and will keep cookies history for 90 days, in case they return to purchase without your link. 

Refer over $500 in sales and you'll move up a level and receive 15% commission! 

Here is where you can sign up:

We also offer a discount code for 10% off for customers that you earn from purchases using your discount code as well. 

If you need to access your account you can log in to change your code, link or check on earnings here: Society | Login ( 

We are so excited that you love our products so much that you want to refer friends our way. Please know that we do a sincerely excited happy dance every time an order comes in and we appreciate you so much! 

Thanks for joining our Society! 

With Immense Gratitude,

Tad & Bianca 

High Society Papa & High Society Mama


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