Blend CBD Hemp Flower with THC Weed

Blend weed THC CBD Hemp FlowerWe call the joints we roll with HEMP + THC = BLENDS...

Adding CBD hemp flower to joints helps to ease my anxiety and lightens the THC load from each puff, keeping me more level headed for productivity.

Have you ever blended your weed? I'm not going to lie, I have quite literally done this before and it was NOT for the photo opp! When you need to grind a LOT of weed or hemp, then a food processor can get the job done quick! When we roll a ton of joints for Society's Plant then out comes our industrial grinder... Aka blender!

Have you used any household items to assist with your Cannabis use?

While on the subject of being in the kitchen, check out kitchentoke for all sorts of info on cooking with Cannabis!


Have you ever blended your weed?

Photo credit @papas.herb


High Society Mama

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