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CannaMoms Normalize Cannabis for SOCIETY

A growing number of moms are responsibly consuming cannabis to boost their health and well-being, and many are now advocating for the plant, too. While some consume it medicinally for physical or mental health, and others see it as a healthier swap for alcohol, moms from many different backgrounds are publicly sharing the ways cannabis has helped in their health and mothering journeys. All over social media, and in some IRL communities, cannamoms are also pointing to the unfair biases around cannabis and motherhood that persist—even as the plant is becoming more accepted by the general public. On top of that, cannamoms are advocating for sensible policy changes and legal protections for parents who consume. 

High Society of Mamas brings Cannamom Support

We’re working moms, stay-home moms, entrepreneurs, coaches, nurses, birth professionals, writers, and everything in between, but we all have one thing in common: a love for the plant. We’re happy to say that the cannamom movement is now a thing.

For Mother’s Day this year, we at High Society of Mamas and Society’s Plant are elevating and amplifying the voices of some of the many cannamoms out there advocating for change. Read on to learn about why, in their own words, cannamoms advocate.

Educating About Cannabis Use During Pregnancy

Sydney - Cannabis Education + Birthwork @cannabirth | Instagram 


To safely consume cannabis, especially while pregnant, you need to know the laws where you live. 

You also need to know hospital policy EVEN IF you plan on having a home birth to avoid testing positive.

​If transferring is a possibility, it’s better to be informed than to be caught off guard. NO ONE should have to negotiate/advocate for themselves during labor. (Especially over a medicinal plant-& it happens).

​My #1 tip is to start making anonymous phone calls. Ask about drug testing policies. Post anonymously in a local Facebook moms' group to find out if anyone else has had that experience. It’s more common than you think. It’s okay to seek out extra support if you need it. 

Hemp for Postpartum Moms

Postpartum support for mothers is equally as important as pregnancy and so, I highly recommend SOCIETY’s Plant - Mama’s Abundance Tea to support the mother with herbs to heal postpartum.  This hemp flower tea is wonderful for balancing hormones, improving milk supply, and supplementing mom’s endocannabinoid system all while helping to heal and strengthen the uterus! 


Mindful Cannabis Consumption by Parents…

Alyssa - Health & Wellness | Social Media Manager @alyssasvibes | Instagram

It is just a plant - SOCIETY’s Plant…healing with cannabinoids

This plant has been used by our ancestors for centuries because of its medicinal value. You've heard of THC & all of its psychoactive effects but there are also LEGAL cannabinoids like CBD, CBDa, and CBN that all have their own unique benefits as well. Combining these cannabinoids into your wellness routine can actually help bring that balance into your life.

Many of the High Society of Mamas have expressed how they feel more conscious and connected as parents. Cannabinoids help them to heal through generational trauma and break the bad cycles.  We are all just trying our best to create a safe environment for our children. When I hear of moms consuming cannabis, that sounds to me like women who are taking their wellness into their own hands to create a home filled with love and deeper connections.   

Cannamom & Wellness Coach for Mothers

Janelle Johngrass - Motherhood Health Coach @knowmommy | Instagram

Website: Know Mommy – Healthy Women Healthy Families

I never intended to be a “cannamom” or a cannabis advocate…

Like many, I used it recreationally in my youth. When I got pregnant with my first child I quit.

But then I had debilitating morning sickness - hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) and couldn’t keep any food or water down. I went to the doctor and tried everything they could offer from IV drips to Zofran. Nothing worked. I was tired, losing weight, and scared I would lose my baby. (34% of HG pregnancies end in loss)

A nurse on staff suggested I try cannabis. She said, “Don’t tell anyone I suggested this, but check out a study done by Dr. Melanie Dreher.”

I was desperate. I took one puff. I got hungry. I ate. I kept it down. I felt so much relief, but was scared. What if someone found out?

The fear I felt made me mad. Why do I feel guilty for using a medicine that gives me relief? Why does society look down on a natural tool? Why can they offer me a medication that has negative side effects without batting an eye, but plant medicine is stigmatized and shamed?

Most people don’t think twice when a parent consumes alcohol.  Mommy wine culture is all over social media and printed on T-shirts and accessories across the world.  Some doctors even suggest pregnant moms have a glass of red wine to relax on occasion, but IF you say you use an herb such as cannabis, then you risk authorities being called.

Women to this day are losing their kids over their choice to use plant medicine.

This is why I am an advocate!

People have a lack of education and awareness.

Did you know we are biologically designed to work with this plant? Our endocannabinoid system is one of the most important in the body, and scientists have found that we have receptors in almost every single organ.

Until women can choose plant medicine without being labeled as a reckless drug addict - I will continue to advocate for our rights.  And if you are uncertain about using cannabis, but you suffer from nausea, then you might want to try SOCIETY’s Plant RAW CBDA softgels - CBDA (the acidic form of CBD, which is non-psychoactive) has been shown to be even more effective than THC at reducing nausea! 

Cannabis Advocacy by the Author of Weed Mom Book

Danielle - Weed Mom Book Author @daniellesimonebrand | Instagram

Website: DanielleSimoneBrand

My relationship with weed, as a mother…

After a rocky start in my relationship with the plant, lady cannabis has walked with me on the path of becoming more and more myself. Writing and advocating about cannabis for moms contributes to my sense of purpose, but I've had to do the work to get to a place where I can tolerate a certain amount of looking silly, being wrong sometimes, and feeling vulnerable.

And I'm hella stronger—hella more myself—for it.

Wine Mom vs. Weed Mom

I’m a mom who prefers cannabis over alcohol, but one day I hope we don’t even need the “weed mom” label.

Yep, you read that right. One day I hope that cannabis is so normalized for adults who choose to responsibly medicate or relax, that it requires no special designation. 

The “wine moms vs. weed moms” narrative is so tired-ass anyway.

Sure, I prefer cannabis, but plenty of my besties don’t. We’re all mamas and artificial separation doesn’t serve us.

For me, it’s all about the OUTCOME: I’m healthier and happier with plant medicine than I was when alcohol took up a bigger part of my life—that’s how I know it’s the right choice for me.

But what works for you may look a little different. There’s just no one-size-fits-all, baby!

CannaMom Educates Kids on Cannabis

Cannabis Content Creator & Founding Partner of Hi-Curious | @ms_krystale | Instagram

Website: Hi-curious Cannabis Content Creators Marketplace

It's so confusing how society treats cannabis around kids.

Educating them on the benefits is taboo, but drinking or smoking cigarettes around them is acceptable.  Asking a child to "hand" you a drink is okay, but talking about a weed or even hemp plant in front of them is frowned upon. Come on, cannabis is a plant with incredible healing properties. Let's teach our kids about the history of the cannabis plant and its benefits, instead of hiding the truth. This is how we break stigmas!  If you don't know where to start - there are plenty of educational resources out there! You just have to seek it out!

The Truth about Cannamoms 


Sabrina - CannaMom Content + Cannabis Events @wholetmebeamom | Instagram

Wesbite: Pass the Blunt: Sabrina Rebolledo on Motherhood and Cannabis - b.Blunt Daily (

I don’t smoke weed to escape my kids. I smoke to relieve my anxiety & be in the moment.

It’s so easy for people who don’t know what being a daily cannabis consumer means or don’t know anything about having a tolerance, to judge us as parents. We aren’t trying to escape, we are trying to be in the moment. I use Cannabis medicinally to relieve my symptoms of PTSD - such as anxiety, irritability, insomnia, etc.

Without cannabis, Postpartum Depression hit me HARD! 

Although I was so in love with my baby, being a new Mom, not having any friends/family near me, and being home all day as a stay-at-home Mom was very lonely. I was sad, angry, irritable, and miserable. Finally, I met someone who not only became a reliable source but also an amazing friend. Once I started using cannabis again I calmed down, I began enjoying the little things, I appreciated my role as a mother, I went to the gym and PPD became manageable. 

Cannamom, Sabrina: “ I’m using cannabis to live a fulfilled life”

With the combination of cannabis, coping skills, and doing things I enjoyed I climbed out of that dark hole. I don’t think I would have had the motivation without Cannabis. Someone recently made a comment saying “It’s a gateway drug. Not recommended during postpartum”. Although I do believe there have been people who started with cannabis and then moved on to hard drugs,  I also believe those people have other underlying issues that led them to want a hard drug to escape reality. I know for myself and for many women, cannabis helps us to be in the moment, find joy in the little things in life, provide comfort to those dealing with chronic pain, and relieve symptoms of mental health and chronic illness. I'm not using cannabis to escape or to forget, I’m using cannabis to live a fulfilled life because pharmaceuticals don't work for me. So, regardless of other's opinions, I'm speaking from experience and I’ll be using cannabis, coping skills, and therapy for PPD this next time around.

CannaMoms - Get High & Mom Boss

Davone - Women + Events + Advocacy | @kookingwithkushshow | Instagram

Website: Kooking With Kush – Kookingwithkush

The “HIGH” me is always happy, not anxious, creative, and productive.

The “MOM” me if not “HIGH” is sometimes easier to be agitated because I’m juggling a million things at home so when my daughter calls I’m busy.

The “WORK” me if not “HIGH” is overwhelmed with running a business, creating new ventures, and social media - battling the algorithm and I do all that while keeping a smile on my face and being a supportive and loving partner.

Three different people and outcomes!

This CannaMom Dispels Cannabis Parent Myths

This CannaMom Dispels Cannabis Parent Myths

Abby aka The OFFICIAL CANNAMOM (@abigailsydni) | Instagram

Website: The Official CannaMom & CannaBrand Photography

For some adults… the term “cannabis” can be scary.


It’s time to unlearn what we’ve been taught and honestly dig deep and try to understand WHAT cannabis is ALL about.

I’m a conscious cannamom, which means I’m responsible, I PUT MY KIDS FIRST and I smoke ONLY when IT’S CONVENIENT FOR THEM… meaning, I consume when they sleep, nap, or when they are SAFE and occupied by something else or someone else that I TRUST. All our products are kept safe and out of sight.

I educate my girls on cannabis and plan to continue to do so in an AGE-APPROPRIATE way as they grow. It’s not a topic pushed on them… it’s just a part of our everyday life. It’s normal. Daddy grows it LEGALLY for the state of Ohio and mom previously worked at a grow/ processing facility for almost 3 years. We wear shirts with a pot leaf and it’s considered “just another plant” like anything else you’d see with leaves growing on it. I’ve read age-appropriate books about plant and medicine-related topics.

I once was uneducated and thought weed was horrible and so were the people that used it.

I was wrong.

I watched this plant save lives - from infants to the elderly, in many different scenarios. The info is out there to learn about it, it just needs to be sought out and found.

Is cannabis a gateway drug or CannaMom support tool?

Some believe that cannabis is a gateway drug, but there is no way. Cannabis has made me not want to drink alcohol and not consume many man-made pharmaceuticals. I have never wanted to consume anything more than just my plants - whether that is THC flower from a dispensary or SOCIETY’s Plant Ready to Roll Hemp Flower. There are so many different strains, potencies, and terpenes that work differently but also work together to result in different effects or feelings for me. That’s all I need.

Blunt Blowin’ Mama Advocates for Moms to Consume Cannabis During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Shonitria Anthony @bluntblowinmama | Instagram

Website: Blunt Blowin' Mama Cannabis, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding - Workshops  

I used cannabis during pregnancy and my son is now 4 years old. 

He is VERY smart. He was talking AND walking before he turned 10 months old. He can spell his first and last name. He has INCREDIBLE emotional intelligence and was sleeping through the night by the time he was 12 months old in his bed. I could go on and on… cannabis kept me well and at peace during pregnancy. And I totally credit it for taking care of my beautiful son, too. Visit my website to learn more via BBM Workshops about pregnancy and weed. You’re not alone. You’re not a bad mom. Trust yourself. Listen to the podcast and watch the workshops for guidance on best practices and support. You got this mama! 

Weed is a Mom Friendly Plant

Bri - Cannabis Content Creator @blazinwithbri_| Instagram

No one should feel demonized for choosing plant medicine over pharmaceutical drugs!

1- Trust your intuition. If you’re feeling called to lean more toward cannabis for whatever reason while you are pregnant, trust that your spirit is leading you on the right path and wouldn’t bring any harm to you or your baby.

2- Tobacco isn’t considered a healthy option when you are consuming weed so try to cut that out and switch to a healthier alternative such as paper, glass, or vape. If you want to preserve your lungs, you can even consider edibles, tinctures, or topicals.

3-  No matter how many people will say cannabis consumption while pregnant is immoral/bad for your baby/etc, they will look at you as crazy if you ask them for data that backs this up. Hint: there is not any. Most research finds there is a direct correlation between tobacco & birth defects rather than cannabis alone.

There are many reasons why someone will choose plant medicine as a more holistic approach. Pills & injections should only be offered if absolutely necessary.

CannaMoms Use Cannabis for Mental Health & Wellness

Missy - Pothead Parent® | @potheadparentofficial | Instagram

Website: Pothead Parent®

Plant medicine has been shown to be an effective treatment for various mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, and PTSD. As a cannabis mom, I feel it's my duty to spread the word about the potential benefits of this plant. I want other moms to know that they are not alone in their journey and that there is help available.   

To all the moms, making shit up as you go, gentle parenting, or checking it old school - you are not alone! As we grow and evolve to create a revolution of moms who consume - we spread the message that you can use this plant to be present, patient, and just fucking be. I am here to say: I want to be nothing more than to support you on your journey. 

I’m proud to say I am a Pothead Parent®️ and am honored and thankful to be a part of this beautiful group with the High Society of Mamas - a community of amazing women that support other moms in normalizing cannabis. Pura Vida to all my new friends! 


Supporting Moms in Exploring Confidently Consuming Cannabis - THC & Hemp

Just a Mom Inspiring Cannamoms (@highsocietymama) | Instagram

Website: High Society Mama 

When we normalize cannabis for mothers, that is when it will be normalized for all of SOCIETY. 

It is so NORMAL for Moms to hide their cannabis use that most people don’t even think twice about it. We have NORMALIZED hiding cannabis to the point that companies are marketing products to women with the are discreet. 

Ya know the thing about being NORMAL?  Change does NOT happen from being NORMAL. Change happens from being BOLD & COURAGEOUS; from doing things DIFFERENTLY! 

I know plenty of ways that I hide my cannabis use!  I carry a vape pen like my G Pen Elite II Dry Herb Vaporizer or my SOCIETY’s Plant CBD Vape Cart, in my purse because it’s discreet for a puff when I am out & about. I quietly ask others if they want to share some of my stash to not let anyone overhear us. Many moms are fans of edibles like the SOCIETY 1:1 Adult Gummies (I am too) because there is no smoke, so we can easily have a nibble when we want to elevate.

Most moms that use cannabis at home would not bring a joint to a company/work dinner or a PTA meeting at that seemingly perfect point-on Mom President of the PTA’s house. Many won’t rip their bong in front of family members and lots of Moms have not been open about their use with the people living under the same roof as them. 

Normal is COMFORTABLE. And that is where most moms are at with their cannabis use.  I want to break the mold from being part of the norm to being part of the change. But, it first starts with an awareness of what is so. It won’t happen overnight, but awareness is key. 

Looking at how we are hiding our use right now is the only way we can know what areas we want to change on this topic. I know that I am privileged to live in a legal state and also that Moms of color are disproportionately tested and targeted by CPS for their cannabis use, so I believe everyone needs to act in a way that they are comfortable with. 

Part of my mission is to assist moms with feeling confident in their cannabis use, so I think how we are hiding it is an important awareness to have. 

Weed Moms Advocate for Normalization of Cannabis

We hope the words of these cannamoms will inspire and uplift you on your own cannabis and mothering journey. Raising humans—being “mom”—is a wild and wonderful ride, and cannabis can help. Just like every family is different, every mom’s plant medicine needs differ, too.  There’s no one right way to do all of it. Just do you. 

Need a guide? Grab a copy of Weed Mom: from the Society’s Plant shop.

Lots of love and Happy Mother’s Day!


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