Seeking Product Testers for Artisanal CBD Hemp Products

Wanted: Craft Hemp Product Testers 

Life is basically a big experiment. We are all living breathing experiments in this human experience and the choices we make for how we live, breath, and operate in this meat suit, combined with the inputs we put into our body, culminate into our physical and mental state of wellbeing.  

At SOCIETY’s Plant, we strive to provide high quality plant medicine to assist you in living your best life by elevating your mental and physical state. As a small business and artisanal hemp farm, we sometimes need a little help in experimenting with the products that we offer. That is where YOU come in! 

Trying New Artisanal Hemp Products

Running an artisanal hemp farm provides us with the gift of innovating new products that come from all parts of the plant pipeline. We are continuously brainstorming, trying out new ideas and working to create new products that you LOVE, because they add value to your life. 

Delta 9 Gummies

SOCIETY’s Plant “Adult Gummies” are a 1:1 blend with 12mg of CBD and 12mg of Delta 9 THC, and they are one of the most popular products that we offer. That being said, we hear you loud and clear that our gummies are exceptionally delicious as well as enjoyable, so you want us to expand our gummy offering!  We are not trying to just up the dose of THC in our Delta 9 gummies and call it a day.  Instead, we are branching out to include more cannabinoids in blends that we believe will provide exceptional functional uses to improve your everyday life. 

Microdose Gummies

There are many cannabinoids that we are eagerly waiting to learn more about, but there are some that have uses that are anecdotally shown to be both unique in use and functional.  Here at SOCIETY, we intentionally create products that offer a microdose of THC along with the entourage effect of full spectrum cannabis which is combined with a specific cannabinoid to provide a desired function or effect. Upcoming gummy offerings include:

  • weight loss gummies

  • CBN gummies for sleep

  • Sativa-like Adult gummies for energy

  • CBD gummies for sex

  • CBG gummies

  • gummies for pain

  We are very excited about the new product offering and we want you to be the first to give these new artisanal hemp gummies a whirl!  If this news is already making your taste buds tingle with excitement, then be sure to sign up at the bottom of the page to be a SOCIETY BETA product tester.  

Mushroom Tinctures

Our current offering of functional mushroom products with artisanal CBD hemp, are a fusion of cannabinoids, herbs and mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps and Reishi.  These are a unique way to combine these healing elements together into one exciting product offering.  However, we have some new products in the works that utilize the amazing benefits of these fantastic fungi combined with plant medicine to supplement your wellness routine. Stay tuned and sign up to be a SOCIETY BETA product tester to be the first to try the new products when they come out!

High Society Mama Introduces the best of CBD for Moms

The owner of SOCIETY’s Plant is Bianca Snyder; she goes by High Society Mama on social media. Her goal is to normalize the use of plant medicine for mothers but most importantly, inspire mothers to be confident in their choices to prioritize their wellbeing, while simultaneously being an amazing mom, because that's how we roll! This means that at SOCIETY we prioritize creating products that are both functional in use and effect, while also working with the specific needs of a mother. It is for that reason that many of the products that Bianca creates for SOCIETY’s Plant are crafted with moms in mind.  

Are you a CannaMom that loves SOCIETY’s hemp products?

We are looking for mom’s that want to try out the functionality of our products to be living proof that SOCIETY’s Plant produces products that can be enjoyed by moms because they were created to fulfill the needs of a weed mom. Of course, the products are NOT JUST FOR MOMS, but there is an element of convenience and discretion that many moms seek and we are here to provide that for you. 

SOCIETY’s Plant Offers the Best CBD for Anxiety

We are living in a fast pace, high stress environment, causing anxiety to be at an all time high.  The new products from SOCIETY’s Plant strive to offer the best CBD for anxiety.  This requires finding the right combination of cannabinoids, terpenes and other mushrooms and herbs, in order to meet the needs and uses of our customers. If you are seeking natural alternatives to aid in easing your stress and anxiety, then you might want to sign up to be a beta product tester for SOCIETY’s Plant.  

New craft hemp products that go beyond CBD gummies for stress

SOCIETY’s Plant works to continuously put out new, artisanal CBD hemp products that meet the needs of our customers. This means crafting hemp based products that go beyond just, “take these CBD gummies for stress”.  If you have any product ideas or suggestions - we are always eager to hear what you would love to see from us! Drop us an email at with your ideas or suggestions. 

Artisanal Hemp Product Testers WANTED:

We're on the hunt for passionate individuals to test out our new products before they debut. 

As a BETA product tester, you will receive a massive discount to purchase the new product and give it a whirl. Our hope is that you get a chance to enjoy the experience with the product and you can tell us about it in a review!  Additionally, if you want to share it with friends or on social media then we would love for you to become an affiliate of SOCIETY’s Plant and share your discount code to spread the love of this plant with others!

Sign up to be a BETA product tester here... (We will let you know via this email list about future product testing opportunities) 

We can't wait to hear what you think! 



I just love what you are doing and what you stand for!! Keep it up Mama! We live and support you!

Siobhan Reynolds October 02, 2023

High quality products, excellent customer service. I LOVE all the products from Society’s plant that I’ve tried so far and am happy to see what’s new on the way.

Rachel September 28, 2023

Absolutely ADORE your gummies. I would love love love to test anything new you make!

Dina September 28, 2023

I would love to review these on my YouTube !! I do reviews on there ,Instagram,tiktok (verified 200k!!) ect!! Plus I live trying new things !!

Meechie69 September 28, 2023

Oh I’d love to be a tester! I couldn’t find where to sign up for that.

Cristina September 28, 2023

I love all your intentionally crafted options for different uses! Thanks for working so hard to make the best stuff around. I have been a member of the High Society of Mamas subscription box since the beginning and it is such a delight every time it arrives!

Mari Rose September 27, 2023

I am so excited for this!

Amanda Lewandowski February 12, 2023

This sounds amazing, I heard about this on your chat today. The sign up form is having a error though and I can not seem to sign up.

Shannon November 07, 2021

Can’t wait to try new products

Carol Orellana October 29, 2021

Looking forward to being one of High Society’s beta testers!

Kimberley October 29, 2021

Excited to try some of your products!

Angell October 29, 2021

This is so exciting!! Yay for new adventures and new strains!!

Dwan Benford October 29, 2021

Looking forward to trying out new products

Ryan moore October 29, 2021

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