5 Tips to Enhance Sex with Cannabis Including CBD

High Society Mama and Danielle Simone Brand, author of Weed Mom led a chat on Clubhouse that got down to the details of pleasure and cannabis! We covered everything from using CBD products for enhancing pleasure, sex swings, how to communicate your needs to your partner in the most helpful & loving way, mixing CBD:THC ratios and the best strains for the bedroom. No topic was off-limits if it helped us achieve better sex!
In case you missed it, we compiled 5 of the juiciest of tips below to help you get in the mood with cannabliss.
While THC has the ability to enhance bodily sensations making sexy time with your partner more pleasurable a bit too much may send you in the opposite direction causing anxiety & a racing heart. This is not what anyone wants when they are down to their panties!! So be thoughtful and try a balanced approach to consuming, this typically looks like a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, however for some it may be no THC at all or a little bit less or more. These ladies concluded that Gelato is your go-to girl for a nice body buzz that gives you a sense of peace and well-being while also squashing any pain that you may have down there. We carry Delta 8 Gelato - Lifter flower and also Delta-8 vape cartridges in Gelato!
The terpene limonene actually offsets the anxiety THC can cause and increases sex drive while driving up levels of feel-good hormones like serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter associated with happiness and feelings of wellbeing and dopamine is released by the brain when we eat something luscious or when we’re making love, it also helps to regulate emotional responses which could lead to a greater connection with your partner. Strains high in limonene include Bubba Kush, Wedding Cake Vape Carts, and Rocket Fuel.
All the women spoke and they said, “if you want to have some mind-blowing sex give Grand Daddy Purple a ride!” This Indica dominant bud can treat men and women to a whole-body buzz, melting away insecurities & increasing your imagination. We carry this strain in D8 Vape carts.  It also has the ability to decrease the pain that could be associated with a well-endowed partner or your regular “I’ve had a long day but still want to get laid pain”. Then after an unforgettable night, this strain allows you to drift off into a satisfied dreamland.
We’ve all been there! Your partner really wants to connect with you and you want to BUT, the dreaded to-do list keeps popping into your head. Boax spectrum quiets that “mommy monkey brain”! It's a gentle flower that both stimulates and relaxes, easing you into a state of slow ecstasy with your partner. This may not be the wild sex of GDP but for regular use helping us to get more intimate with our partners, this is an amazing option. If you need a little bit more kick add a little Rock Fuel to the mix.  
Some women like to “sip & smoke” before they get intimate with their lovers or even with their own bodies. Taking time to be with ourselves, our thoughts, our dreams, our inner souls, our very own pussies is such a restorative process that can allow us to give more freely to our companions. So pack a bowl, pour a mug, and do whatever you please during your “me-time”! You fucking deserve it! 

Ok, Ok… we know we said 5 but there is one more quick tip for you from our CannaMom High Society sex chat. Don’t forget to stimulate all those sexy senses! Create the perfect playlist to get down & dirty or slow & sensual to, find a warming massage oil that arouses you, set the mood with some candles and DO NOT FORGET THE CBD INFUSED LUBE!  Here is a playlist to try out!

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