5 Myths about CBD

"CBD doesn't get you high it gets you healthy."


On August 8th we celebrated National CBD Day! A day created to recognize the many benefits of the hemp plant and the helpful cannabinoids provides us. To do our part we wanted to dispel the myths many people have about this beloved plant of ours.  

"Cannabidiol (CBD): the most misunderstood compound on earth."
Myth # 1: CBD will get you high.
NOPE! Far from the truth! CBD is just one cannabinoid of over 100 in the hemp plant, including CBG, CBN and by law hemp must be kept to less than .3% THC. The only cannabinoid that gives the euphoric high effects is THC. CBD is best known for its ability to quell inflammation, reduce pain and support us through anxiety and stressful situations. 
Myth # 2 CBD is only sedating.
It's more complex than that! CBD comes from the hemp plant and there are a dizzying amount of these plants which are called “strains”, each strain has its own superpower based on the terpenes which are the aromatic essential oils of the plant.  Some may cause sleepiness while others may lift you up and give you focus. Terpenes like humulene and limonene are the ones that give you more of a boost of energy and terpenes like Linalool, which is also found in lavender will calm your nerves and help you sleep.  Check out our
Hemp Flower descriptions to discover what terpenes are in each.
Myth # 3 All CBD products are basically the same
This is like saying all tomatoes are the same! We know there are a plethora of different varieties and hemp being a plant is no exception. Additionally, you have the variations like where it was grown, if it was grown in or outdoors, who grew it and SO IMPORTANT: was it treated with any sort of chemicals? Always work with companies that offer a “COA” on their website and vow to never spray any pesticides or chemicals on the plants! We, at SOCIETY, are adamant about providing the best quality of clean, craft hemp flower that we can grow.
Myth # 4 CBD is Illegal
This is by far the biggest myth of them all. In December 2018 a farm bill was signed REMOVING hemp plants with a THC percentage of no more than 0.3% from the controlled substance list, so CBD (which comes from hemp) can be purchased and consumed in all 50 states as long as it is grown in accordance with the Act. 
Myth # 5 The best way to consume CBD is through a tincture. 
This answer is more complex. While this is one of the most prevalent options you’ll see on most shelves this is definitely not the only way to consume cannabinoids. The fastest and most effective way to experience instant relief using the plant is through inhalation meaning smoking or vaping.  This method sends the potent relief straight to the brain where a tincture or edible needs to be metabolized by the liver to then cross the blood/brain barrier while this causes a delayed onset the benefits last longer. So our advice, mix up your consumption habits to get the most out of your plant potions. Find a recipe and deal to infuse your own CBD oils here! 

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