Society Positivi-TEA

Staying positive never felt so easy! What's the secret? Positivit-TEA. This blend of Cannabinoids and curcuminoids reduces inflammation while boosting the mood and easing stress. Lemongrass, ginger root, black peppercorns and tumeric, combined with our artisinal CBD keeps you feeling positive and elevated all day long.


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Love it

Yummy tasting and so calming. I feel focused when I drink this tea but I can also use it for winding down at the end of the day. I love that I can drink this and actually get stuff done around my house without being a spazz! I’ve been choosing to drink this tea instead of an alcoholic drink in the evenings and it’s been really helpful. Thank you for making this awesome tea!

Jessica Bates
This tea is amazing

Thank you Society’s Plant for creating such delicious and intentional products. Your customer service and products are always on point and I appreciate this company so much!

Mariah Ftacek

This tea is delicious!!! I'm so happy with it I will be ordering more. Please make more flavors so I don't ever have to buy tea without cbd in it! The first cup I made I didn't let it steep as long just to get a feel for the tea with the 2nd cup I let it steep longer and it was more spicy so you can do less time if you are worried about the spice from the peppercorn.

Sharissa Bradley
Love my tea

I’ve been making sun tea with this product and using a tiny bit of honey, it’s so delicious and I can feel the healing!!

Jealousy Arnett


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